Detained: Chapter 15


Holy shit.

Her pulse hammers against my palm. Her sweet taste is fresh on my tongue.

I don’t know what I expected to happen when I followed her into this room. It certainly wasn’t the words, “fuck me”. I groan just thinking about all the ways I could make her come, if she were mine. I’d have her chained to my bed, forcing her to climax over and over until her body finally gives up.

Her hands fumble around my boxers in desperation.

Just how I need her.

I’m in two minds about whether to stop before she comes to punish her for defying me at every turn. But, I think I’ll save that for later. Now, I want to give her a taste of what I can give her.

I can use her and in return bring her to life. I squeeze her neck and she releases her hands, her eyes wide behind the black lace, filled with lust as she bites down on her bottom lip.

This is on my terms. It is always on my terms.

“Please.” The desperation in her voice, begging for my cock, sets off a new wave of pure fire within me.

I yank down my zipper, freeing my throbbing length from the tight confines of my pants. Dropping her ass down slightly, the tip presses against her soaking entrance. She’s going to hate how she’s dripping for me. Her nails dig into my shoulders through my jacket. I grunt, stopping myself from thrusting into her, instead tightening my grip on her throat. Enough to add that pressure she needs to add that euphoric feeling.

“Come on.” She rolls her hips in frustration. If only she could see herself. That perfect flush on her pale skin, her nipples begging to be sucked, clamped even. Desperate for one thing… my cock.

I suck in a ragged breath and slide her down the wall so she’s on her shaking legs.

She looks up at me, exasperated. “W-what are you doing?”

“Be a good girl and suck, dolcezza.” When I fuck her, it won’t be a quickie in an office. It will be so much more.

She doesn’t move, her eyes focused on my raging hard dick, licking her lip I help her make her decision.

“On your knees, I won’t ask next time.”

I grab the bottom of the mask and go to pull it over my head, to show her I am not joking.

“N-no. Leave that on,” she says.

If that’s what it takes to get her plump red lips around my cock, then so be it.

She sinks to her knees in front of me and takes the tip in her mouth. My head tips back as she licks and takes me in like a goddamn angel.

Lacing my fingers through her soft hair, I take control. Pushing her to take as much of me as she can, looking down on her as she chokes on my cock. It’s a perfect picture.

“Mmm, that’s it, angel. Show me how much you want my dick.”

She increases the pace and I can’t contain myself. Her nails dig into my thigh. Those little gagging noises she’s making as I thrust into the back of her mouth are too much.

Without giving her a warning, I coat her throat with my cum. Like the filthy girl I knew she would be, she swallows every last drop.

“Fuck, Zara,” I pant out as she cleans my shaft with her tongue, looking up at me through her lashes. “A good girl dressed as the devil,” I rasp, stroking her cheek.

She sits back on her heels with a satisfied grin.

I tuck myself back in my boxers and zip up my pants. She brings herself up to stand and tips her chin.

“You’re joking,” she mutters, shaking her head. I grab her jaw and force her to look at me. Those bright green eyes bore into mine and my heart races.

“There is only one way you get to come, and that is all over my cock, over and over again.”

“What the hell?” she spits out. Moving my hand to her neck, I wrap my fingers around, feeling her heart rhythm match mine.

“Good work, detective.” I drawl out every single word.

Her body shakes, probably with rage.

I take a step back, brushing the strand of hair out of her beautiful, shocked face. There she is. My demon.


“It’s only fair I get to see you now.” I hook my index finger under her black lace mask and slide it up. I want to capture her expression forever. Furious at me. I freeze when I see the dark purple bruise under her right eye. The pure desire that flowed through me quickly morphs to rage.

“Who. The. Fuck. Did. This. To. You?” I grit out through clenched teeth. She closes her eyes as I brush my thumb along the angry blemish. She flinches and I am murderous. Someone marred her perfect skin. The only marks she should ever have are the ones I will give her on her ass.

“My dad,” she whispers, trying to lower her face.

“I’ll make him pay, angel. Don’t you worry about that.” My hand shakes as more guilt rushes through me. I should have stopped her games before the shipment. I need to clear my head, so I turn before I do anything stupid. I stop as she clears her throat behind me, my hand resting on the door handle.

“I’ll never forget you couldn’t manage to get me to come.” There’s teasing in her tone.

I bite down on my tongue to hold back the groan.

“Oh, you know where to find me, dolcezza,” I say, leaving her cursing under her breath at me.

That nickname has an entirely new meaning now I have her sweetness on my tongue. She has to come to me. That is how this works.

As I open the door, I hear her pulling out another drawer.

“Wait,” she calls out. “Fuck, Frankie, look at this.”

I rush back over to her and rip off my mask so I can peer over her shoulder at the little leather black journal open in her hands.

Dates, Russian names, and addresses.

I quickly scan the page; every single one leads to Vegas. She has seen quite enough.

I pluck the book from her fingers and pocket it, despite her protests.

“Thank you, baby,” I mutter against her cheek, placing a kiss. I can feel the heat radiating from her skin.

“Fuck you,” she whispers sweetly. I can’t hold my laughter.

“Maybe one day,” I tease back.

There is no maybe. I will be coming back for my woman as soon as I deal with this shitshow.

I close the door behind me and head out the back.

Dammit, I left my disguise behind. I have what I need. I need to leave pronto.

I pass Alex as he comes in from the fire escape. I keep my face away from him and carry on walking until I reach Jax’s car.

“Find anything, boss?” Jax tears his awful mask off his face, sucking in a lungful of crisp fresh air.

“Damn right,” I reply, willing my cock to stop throbbing.

I hold on to the side of Jax’s ridiculous car, as the consequences of what I’ve just done sink in. I know my fiery angel will come back with a vengeance. And I’ll be waiting for her.

Jax pauses before opening his door. “You okay, boss?”


Zara is mine.

She was made for me, and there is nothing stopping me from going after what I want.

There are very few things I live with regret over.

Leila, Rosa, Eva, and not killing Romano sooner.

There is one more to add to that short list.

Not letting Zara come on my cock.


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