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Damaged Goods: Chapter 21


Miserable Fa…ah, screw it. Nothing is miserable about what’s happening right now.

I should stop this. I know I should.

Not because Bailey doesn’t know what she’s doing—she does; she’s completely sober—but because she is in a vulnerable position and I would do anything to take her mind off detoxing from drugs.

Temptation was designed to be yielded to, especially when it comes to the woman I love.

Especially when the woman I love is on her knees between my legs, tits out and pushed together by her rolled down bra, looking at me like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

“You shouldn’t do this if it feels wrong.” My voice is thick and husky and lying. I want to be a gentleman, but I also want this girl to vacuum my cock into her mouth like the country’s welfare depends on it.

Luckily for me, Bailey doesn’t give me time to play hero.

She curls her graceful fingers around my wrist and shoves my hand into her panties. She’s slippery with juices and snow, still pulsating around me.

“Does this feel like I’m unsure?”

My command of the English language evaporates, along with my IQ when she reaches to lower my sweatpants.

I help her, rolling my ass up, and my cock bobs out of the elastic. It is painfully dark and hard. The crown is purplish, the shaft engorged.

I’m as thick as a fucking Smartwater bottle. Fuck my life and best of luck to Bailey. Because once she welcomes me into her mouth, I am going to fuck it until she can taste me for years to come.

Bailey reaches to hold me by the root before her blue eyes widen comically. “A Prince Albert?” She looks up, her sweet mouth falling open. “Plot twist!”

I shrug, mumbling, “You like shiny things.”

“You did it for me?” She stops.

Who else? Other girls weren’t even on the menu until recently. And the one that did manage to become a snack was tossed away promptly.

“Well…” I shift uncomfortably. “Yeah. Remember that one time you said you love jewelry on the body?”

“I was fourteen!”

“I have a good memory.”

She lowers her head and swipes her tongue across the precum decorating my crown.

It’s a simple hoop with a small diamond. I’d actually seen Bailey wearing similar earrings—and yes, I’m aware this is all completely twisted.

“Does this feel good?” She flicks her tongue back and forth, tossing the piercing from side to side on the tip of my cock.

I gather her beautiful face in my rough palms.

“Baby, you could bite this shit off and it would still feel good. I’m such a goner for you.”

She grins with the tip of my cock inside her mouth, and I swear it is the most gorgeous smile I’ve ever seen.

If I could snap a picture of this moment and put it as my screensaver, I would die a happy man.

Unfortunately, I would also die a young one, once Jaime found out.

“Okay, now, sweetheart.” I stroke her hair, and it feels so good, being here, with her. The subject of all my desires. “Don’t worry about the length. Just suck on the tip a little, all right?”

She does. She only sucks on the crown, batting her lashes at me, nibbling like the good girl that she is.

I don’t expect the head she’s giving me to be mind-blowing.

To be fair, I don’t even care what she does as long as she does it to me.

Apparently, though, I’m not the only one with the plot twists.

She sheathes the base in her fist, then slowly brings my dick into her mouth an inch at a time until I feel the warm texture of the back of her throat.

My balls immediately tighten, and I let out a hiss. She slowly tautens her lips around my dick, measuring her breaths to control her gag reflex.

God, she feels so good. So right. So Bailey.

I don’t know if it’s the new her or the old her, but I know that it’s her, and for now, that’s enough.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t…” I startle when I see tears leaking from her eyes, but I stop myself, because she looks up, a shut your fucking trap expression stamped over her angelic face.

Alrighty, then.

I start lazily thrusting into her mouth, already dangerously close to coming.

In an ironic twist of fate, maybe I should be imagining someone else so I don’t blow my load before she even gets accustomed to the size of my dick.

“Marx, Lev. What were they feeding you? Why is it so big?” Bailey complains as she starts jerking and sucking me off at the same time. “There’s big dick energy, and then there’s this. This is Royal Pipelines territory.”

I choke on her name, concentrating on not blowing my load. She is so good at this.

She is going down on me like it’s her favorite thing to do, spitting and sliding her hand up and down my cock, then taking me in her mouth again and letting me hit the end of her throat.

“Dove,” I groan, running my fingers through her golden hair. “Whose dick are you sucking, baby?”


“That’s right. Your smart, 152-IQ mouth is wrapped around my dick. How many hands you got?”


“Take the spare one and play with your nipples for me.”

She does. I can ask anything I want from her and she’ll do it.

And maybe this is the wrong time and the wrong place, and I will definitely regret the way it happened in the morning, but she needs a distraction, and fuck, I need her.

Bailey angles her mouth sideways so my dick hits her inner cheek, then she sucks on it so hard I tilt my head back, stars exploding over my eyelids.

My crown is all tingly, and I swear I’m about to detonate in her mouth before I even get to fuck it properly.

“Who taught you to do that, baby?”

Do you really wanna know, fucker?

“You think you’re the only person in the world who watches porn?” she moans. “I’ve seen this done before—online.”

Should’ve known she was going to make sex her bitch, just like every other aspect of her life: research, practice, and nail it.

“I’m going to come, so if you don’t want me to…” I trail off, hoping it’s not too late and I still have time to pull out.

“Come in my mouth,” she prompts.

My stomach bottoms out, the climax clenching my balls, and I feel the thick strings of cum coating her mouth. The linen beneath me is damp and all I can see is Bailey, sucking every drop out of me like a pro.

Holy shit.

She doesn’t stop sucking for twenty seconds after I come, making sure I’m all juiced out. Then she tips her head back and smiles at me.

“Did you swallow it all?” I ask throatily, stroking the hair out of her face softly.

She opens her mouth, and it’s pink and clean. “Can you fuck me now?”

“I wish I could,” my voice breaks. I hate to deny her. Deny myself. Deny us. “But I’ll never forgive myself. I have another way to distract you, though.”

She smiles. “As long as it’s not fun facts, I’m in.”


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