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Cottonmouth: Chapter 2

The men all gathered at the Hade’s Demon’s Clubhouse. Cobra’s and Cotton’s father, Python ran this MC.

Thunder and Rambler from the Brothers of Chaos MC parked their cycles and sat.

Same with Pappy and Dewey from Hell’s Fire Riders, sat on their hogs, and waited too.

Jet and Thor came out the front of the clubhouse to greet them, though they said nothing aloud.

A black SUV came in almost silently, along with Python, Cobra, Cottonmouth and 7 other Hade’s Demons, as their loud cycles became a roar. Boone from Savaged Souls traveled in with them.

Finally, Shay Montross got out of the SUV. He turned gave them all a nod and headed inside.

Then all the men on bikes dismounted and went inside as well. Followed by Cobra’s VP, Thor. Jett and Boone also followed.

Finally, as they all sat down, Python spoke, “We killed too many of them, but that’s the way the chips fell.”

Shay looked up at him. “We are waiting on identification from my team. But I feel like we only just scratched the surface here.”

Thunder looked over at him. “You mean that maybe we did not cut off the head of this dammed snake?”

“Whoa…” Cotton, Python and Cobra stated at once.

Thunder stared at them all then seemed to get it. “Oh…snakes. Sorry.”

Python chuckled. “We sorta revere them here, man.”

Thunder gave him a nod then turned to Shay again. “I thought this would take care of that faction?”

Pappy spoke up, “I hate to say this Thunder, but it is never over with the cartel, man.”

Python nodded. “Had my war with them years ago and several small skirmishes since.”

Thunder looked pissed. “Then how can I go back to my woman and say, well we sort, kinda got them?”

Shay let out a sigh. “Brago was a big part but we aren’t even sure we got him.”

Rambler now spoke, “What the fuck? Isn’t that why we came down here?”

Shay nodded. “Our sources had the man meeting someone today at that warehouse, yes. But Brago has never been photographed that we know of.”

“What?” Thunder, Pappy and Python asked in unison.

Shay knew this wasn’t going to be easy. “See, this is my work. I’ve been at it for longer than I care to say. There are always more.”

“Yeah, like fucking roaches,” Python muttered. “You come up with one chemical to kill them, then they evolve and that chemical won’t work anymore.”

Shay shook his head at him. “Yeah, and us exterminators have to constantly evolve our tactics.”

“What does that mean?” Cotton asked. “Exactly?”

Shay looked over at him. “Our inside man gave us this info 4 days ago. Brago was to be there. Yet, I feel he may have not been. I’m just not sure yet.”

“God dammit!” Thunder roared as he stood. “So, where do we find him?”

“As of now, I don’t know.” Shay looked into his eyes with regret on his face. “It may be that he is among the dead we got today and if so, I will call and let you know.”

“If you don’t have a face then how will you know?” Boone asked.

Shay stared him down. “We have good intel that he has an identifying mark that makes him unique.”

The men all stared at him.

He did not elaborate.

Pappy shook his head. “Damnit Shay. You aren’t going to tell us?”

Shrugging, the captain shook his head. “If we speak about it, he may get wind of it and change this mark.”

“So what happens to the Chaos MC? And my family?” Thunder asked.

“I have 24 hour surveillance on your entire compound,” was all Shay had to answer.

Thunder stood bracing his hands on the table. “So we just wasted our fucking time?” His voice rose in octave.

Shay gazed up at him. “No, we took out at least 25 cartel. That is not a waste of time.”

Thunder looked frustrated.

Rambler stood now. “So, how are we gonna know if Shelby is safe?”

Shay slowly shook his head. “I can say that I won’t stop and I won’t be retiring until the entire Brago organization is gone.” He stood up and looked Thunder right in the eyes. “That is my promise to you.”

Thunder stared back his glittery blue eyes looking electric in his rage. “I suppose that’s all I can ask.” He looked around at the men. “It was great working with you all. If you ever need any help or assistance, the bikers of the Rio Grande will be at your assistance if we can.” His gaze met Python’s, Cobra’s, then Cotton’s.

Rambler raised a fist up in agreement.

Then both men went out the front doors.

Shay let out a long breath.

Pappy slapped him fondly on the back. “Don’t worry Captain, Hells’ Riders will help, and then you will finally be free.”

Shay looked over at him. “Thanks Stone, that means a lot.” He then looked around at all the men. “If you have any altercations or get any new information.” He slid his card onto the table. “Or you need help with the local cartel. Call me.” He turned to Pappy and Dewey giving them a formal quick salute.

Pappy and Dewey instantly went into Marine mode and smartly saluted back.

Shay then strolled away and out the doors.

Tory had pulled her truck behind the line of trees just outside of the clubhouse. She studied the building and the compound carefully. She looked over at her dog and reached out to scratch his head. “Well Woflie, what do you think?” she whispered. He had been her only companion for the last year. Before then, he had been her dog, a pet. The animal had never left her side since she rescued him when he was a puppy.

Wolf nudged her hand. The huge black beast on the seat beside her was probably half wolf but she knew his mother was Boerboel Mastiff. His silky black hair and face denoted the wolf in him but his body and muscles were all Mastiff.

When she first found him in the woods at the back of her parent’s home, she’d been told by a dog breeder that he might be the runt of the litter but Wolf was anything but a runt. He stood almost as high as her waist and was more powerful than she wanted to imagine. No one messed with her when he was beside her and she could count on him to protect her. She had trained him to obey her hand commands as well as voice commands.

Looking back at the clubhouse, she noted the carving on the door. It almost appeared to be a patch and it read, Hade’s Demons.

As she stared at the patch, she could see the skull in the center. It was painted white while the crossed guns below the jawbone were painted silver and black. The words Hade’s Demons were painted blood red and looked like blood dripping. Wound through the holes in the skull was a huge snake. The snake’s mouth was open and she could see venom dripping from the fangs.

It was a picture meant to inspire terror but she just stared at it dispassionately. For the last year or so, she’d felt no fear, no terror. Those kinds of feelings had gone into hibernation the very day she buried her brother. Her parents didn’t understand her journey but this was something she had to do. She had found the first two and now, she only had one more to find.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she closed her eyes briefly before she looked at the message. She knew who was sending her a text. She glanced down at it and tears welled in her eyes when she saw her mother’s words. Victoria Grace please come home. Let God judge those men for what they did.

Tory hung her head. Her mom didn’t understand she couldn’t let this go. She had to find all three of them. She had to get justice for her brother. She had to be able to look into the eyes of Jeff’s nine year old son, Travis and assure him the men who took his dad’s life had paid for their crime.

Travis had been in shock since the brutal attack on his dad. He hadn’t spoken a word in over a year. She made the boy a promise before she left the farm. She would bring him proof the men had paid for what they did. She had to do this for him and herself. Nobody does what those three men did without some kind of justice or karma coming their way and that was why she now sat parked outside an MC compound, of all places.

She had to get her pack back. Soon, she would find the last man and get justice for her brother then she could finally go home.

Now, after the SUV left as well as a couple of other bikers, Tory waited for the lights to go out and for the men inside this clubhouse to go to bed. Tears prickled her eyes and she reached out for Wolf. Hugging him close, the dog nuzzled closer. She shed a few tears, then took a deep breath and wiped away the wetness on her cheeks. There was no use in crying now.


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