Company Vacation (Office Toy #3)

Company Vacation (Office Toy #3)

“The travel agent just dropped these off,” Jonathan said as he handed Elle an envelope with her name scrawled across the front.

Elle turned the envelope over. So this was it. Now she had to go on the trip … no pretending she didn’t get her tickets. When she realized that Jonathan was watching her, his handsome face confused, she plastered a smile on her lips. “So now you’re the mail boy?”

“I once was, you know.” Jonathan shoved over stacks of folders so he could lean his tall, athletic body on the edge of her desk. “To keep me out of trouble during summer break.” He picked up the cheesy snow globe she’d gotten from her Secret Santa and turned it over, then reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, which was vibrating loudly.

Elle opened the envelope with a little sigh and looked at the documents. First-class ticket to Aspen, Colorado, via Denver. A hotel reservation in her name. And, unfortunately, everything was spelled correctly.

Behind the tickets and confirmations was a paper with itineraries for everyone who was going. Elle frowned as she scanned the dates. “We aren’t flying together?”

Jonathan slid his phone back into his pocket. “Cunningham and I are stuck here until Monday afternoon. Nolan will be here most of the weekend, too. But it’s an employee’s dream … a whole weekend without the bosses crowding you. Speaking of which—” He leaned in and lowered his voice to a throaty growl. “I’ve been so busy that I’m forgetting what my cock is for.”

It hadn’t been that long. Elle rolled her eyes playfully, but she couldn’t stop from blushing; he knew how to make her feel wanted. And thank heavens for that because Nolan’s cocky behavior frustrated her, and half the time Cunningham acted like he didn’t care if she lived or died. If she wasn’t completely and totally addicted to Cunningham’s cock, she’d have … Oh, who was she kidding? It wasn’t just Cunningham’s body she was addicted to; she was in love with him, and everyone damn well knew it. But they didn’t suspect her secret, that she was falling for all three of her lovers, flaws and all.

Jonathan stood and pulled her to her feet, his eyes hooded as he drew her in close. Even after working at Cunningham & Associates for six weeks, Elle was still amazed at how unbelievably gorgeous Jonathan was, with his messy blonde hair and carefree, playboy demeanor. He looked like an A-list actor, and she’d heard stories of people shyly asking him for an autograph. It was inexplicable that such a man showed any interest in her. Not that she was an ogre … she was pretty in a girl next door way, but no one would ever mistake her for a celebrity.

“Know what I can’t stop thinking about, Elle? You in tight ski pants, wiggling your sexy ass all the way down the mountain,” Jonathan said breathlessly. “I’m going to be behind you until they kick us off the slopes.”

Elle gulped. Jonathan had this crazy notion that she was good at everything. When the trip was announced, he’d just assumed she was a consummate skier, and she hadn’t corrected him.

And now that she had the tickets, it was too late to back out. She tried to think fast. “Yeah, so … I was thinking I’d snowboard. I mean, I haven’t done it since I was a kid, so I’ll be pretty rusty.” Liar, liar, ski pants on fire. She couldn’t ski or snowboard. At all.

“It’s muscle memory. Within an hour, it’ll all come back,” Jonathan said. “I should know. I used to be an instructor. Suited me better than mail boy.” His voice lowered as he traced her lips with his thumb. “God, I bet you’re killer in the half-pipe.”

Former instructor? Crap. And what the hell was a half-pipe?

He leaned in to tease her mouth with his full lips, and thoughts about embarrassing herself in Aspen flew out of her head. The things he did with his mouth … He gently ran a hand down the curve of her waist, then pulled her in close and cupped her ass. Elle sighed happily when she felt his cock, stiff and ready, straining against the confines of his pants.

Jonathan stepped back. “I need to see you in my office, Miss Girdley.”

Elle fought back a moan as she flushed bright red. Being summoned to his office was exactly what she needed.

The lights in Jonathan’s office were dimmed, but Elle immediately recognized Cunningham’s broad silhouette behind Jonathan’s desk. When they entered, Cunningham stood, his muscular arms crossed over his broad chest. His dark eyes glinted in the shadows. “Elle,” he rumbled as he came around the desk. “We’ve been neglecting you.” As Elle’s eyes adjusted, she noticed his jacket tossed over the back of one of the overstuffed office chairs, that his tie was loose, and that his sleeves were carelessly rolled up, revealing what she knew to be tan skin.

Cursing the tight skirt she’d put on that morning, Elle sank to her knees. Cunningham buried one hand in her reddish-brown hair, piled atop her head in a loose bun. A moment later her hair tumbled down around her shoulders, and the scent of her honey-lavender leave-in conditioner floated in the air.

Cunningham forced her chin up. “I hear you’ve been spending time with Nolan,” he said.

“Yes,” Elle whispered. Was that bad? Was she in trouble?

“Good.” He slowly unbuckled his belt. “Open your mouth.”

Elle opened wide. Her blood hammered through her veins as she tried to be restrained and obedient for the man she had fallen hopelessly in love with. All she wanted was to please him, just like she did in her fantasies every night.

Cunningham unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper. A second zipper lowering behind her meant that Jonathan was ready to join in the action.

Cunningham pulled out his long, very thick cock. Elle loved how he looked, still clothed, completely respectable … except for his enormous erection. He pressed the back of her head, urging her even closer, and Elle shuffled forward on her knees until the broad head easily reached her waiting lips. She nearly purred as she savored the first taste of him, but Cunningham didn’t have patience for that. He tightened his grip in her hair until she obediently wrapped her lips around the base of his swollen shaft.

Jonathan stripped away her silky blouse. Her nipples hardened as he possessively ran a hand from her neck down to the top of her skirt. “You get sexier by the day.” He straightened, and the engorged head of his cock bumped against the side of her face. She continued to suck Cunningham obediently; he had a firm grasp on her, and he wouldn’t relent until he was good and ready.

The door opened. It had to be Nolan; only he or Cunningham would walk into Jonathan’s office without knocking.

“It’s so dark in here, I’m liable to grab the wrong ass,” Nolan said, that familiar, sarcastic edge in his voice.

“You’re late.” Cunningham’s words were choked. He had extraordinary self-control, but it had been several days since he had made time for her. He must have been as horny as she was … no, hornier … because Jonathan had stolen her away for a quick romp the morning before.

Nolan grabbed her waist and raised her up so that she was standing, bent over. Instead of trying to pull the pencil skirt down, over her hips, he tried to shove it up, over her curvy ass. But the bottom was too narrow.

“Shall I rip it, or will you undress?”

If she thought Cunningham was going to let her stop servicing him so that she could remove her skirt, she was wrong. With a guttural moan, he slowly pulled himself out until just the tip rested between her lips, then he pressed deep inside her mouth.

Elle tried to regain her composure as she fumbled with the clasps that held her skirt closed, but Cunningham fucked her mouth harder and faster, making it impossible for her to concentrate.

Nolan grunted and pulled her legs straight out. Cunningham gripped her shoulders, and Jonathan wrestled the skirt off. They didn’t remove her silky panties … apparently they couldn’t be bothered. At almost the same moment that her feet touched the floor, Nolan yanked her panties aside and pressed his thumb into her slick entrance.

Elle moaned, and she felt Cunningham’s cock swell.

“Man, I missed this.” Nolan pressed his wet thumb into her unyielding ass, and Elle stopped breathing for a second, her body going rigid.

Her resistance only turned Cunningham on even more. He pushed so deep that when his cock throbbed, it massaged her throat in a dark, naughty way.

Jonathan moved forward, and when Cunningham slowly pulled out of her mouth, Jonathan entered. She never understood how they choreographed this dance, how Jonathan always knew when he was allowed to take her, and how far he could push it. Maybe Cunningham nodded his permission. She’d have to ask Nolan …

Who apparently considered her tight ass ready for fucking because he was forcing himself into her. Tears of discomfort sprang to her eyes as Elle struggled, but it was futile. These dominant men had her alone in a dark, soundproofed room. No one knew where she was. Even if she could scream for help—which she couldn’t, not with her mouth full of the largest cock she’d ever seen—no one would hear her and come running … in fact, in that office, there was always the chance that they’d be invited to join in.

The burning in her ass turned, suddenly, to a sweet, joyous agony that was utterly addictive. Thoughts about trying to get away disappeared.

“It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it, Elle?” Cunningham asked.

“Mmmm.” She was trying to answer him, but it sounded like she was desperately begging for more. Funny how that always happened when her body was taken for their pleasure.

Nolan thrust deep and held himself there for a moment before quickly pulling all the way out. He loved to pound his entire shaft into her, stretching her tight, resistant hole before withdrawing and surging again. The days when she was first thoroughly lubed up were long gone. Gone, too, were the days when Cunningham prepared her by slowly pressing his enormous cock into her ass, to gently open her. Now Cunningham was as brutal as Nolan. But Nolan … she and Nolan had become closer, often lunching together, and it was a bit unsettling how he could just turn around and dominate her like this, so easily changing gears. Maybe when they were talking about television shows or how none of the nearby eateries served good cheesecake, he was really thinking about this, the moment when he would come to Jonathan’s office and do indecent things to her.

And it was indecent how he did it, taking advantage of Cunningham and Jonathan fucking her mouth.

Jonathan didn’t have Cunningham’s self control, and he relinquished his turn in Elle’s mouth after only a minute or so. Cunningham was happy to reclaim the position, plunging into her for several swift strokes … then Jonathan surged into her again. Every few strokes, the other cock pushed into Elle’s mouth, and she had trouble constantly adjusting: Cunningham was long and as thick as two average men; Jonathan wasn’t as thick (what man was?), but he was long and more curved.

They also thrust at different speeds, making it harder to time her breathing.

“Stop.” Cunningham’s command was immediately obeyed. When Nolan released her hips, Elle knelt. No hands came to caress her, no deep voices murmured that she was a good girl, that they were pleased. Those moments of tenderness from Cunningham had fed her love for him, but he’d been giving her less and less. She assumed that today she would get none.

No doubt about it, her apprenticeship was over.

“Look at me,” Cunningham ordered.

Trembling, she raised her eyes. Cunningham and Jonathan fisted their swollen cocks, and Nolan came to stand next to them.

“Open your mouth.”

“Please, sir—” The first salty spurt caught her off guard. She swallowed as quickly as she could, but more hot liquid splashed over her lips. Masculine grunts filled the room as the men emptied themselves all over her face, and Elle used her fingers to scoop the delicious treat into her mouth.

“What do you say, Elle?” Cunningham gasped as he squeezed the last few drops out of his cock.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Good girl.”

She couldn’t help but smile saucily as she licked her fingers clean. Maybe he wasn’t as detached as he pretended.

“Damn,” Cunningham roared. He threw himself on her, rolled her onto her back, right there on the floor, and ripped away her panties before roughly parting her thighs with his hands. When his tongue touched her wet sex, she arched up, silently begging him not to stop, not when she was so close to coming. She needn’t have worried; he feasted on her, grunting his enjoyment. Within seconds her pussy quivered and shook, and Elle cried out as her entire body submitted to his kisses and licks. She clutched at his dark hair, begging for a reprieve, but he couldn’t be controlled. He sucked her clit into his mouth, then flicked his tongue around the tight bud until she came again, her hips pulsing as much as his dominating grip would allow.

He sat up and licked his lips, and for a brief moment, he looked at her as if she were something more to him than a sex toy. Then someone turned up the lights, and the spell was broken.

Elle paused the video on her tablet. With a yawn, she massaged her temples and stretched in the luxurious hotel bed. Her sore muscles protested loudly, and she reached for the ibuprofen that she kept nearby ever since arriving in Aspen two days earlier. The sun was starting to come up, and she’d barely slept. Her final, private snowboarding lesson started in a couple of hours, and she knew she wasn’t even close to good enough to fool her lovers, who would be arriving that day.

She washed down the pill with some cool, mountain water, then grabbed her tablet and watched, again, as the instructor explained how to turn the snowboard simply by shifting one’s body weight. Her weekend of private lessons meant that she was able to make it down the easiest hills without falling … usually. She dug her fingers into her palms. Why had she told Jonathan that she knew how to snowboard?

Maybe because she didn’t know how to say “no” to him. She didn’t want to chance losing esteem in his eyes.

A light knocking at the door startled her. She slammed the cover over her tablet and dropped it into her tote bag, then stood. Her joints ached from having fallen on her butt and knees a million times over the last two days. As soon as she had her bathrobe tied securely, she looked in the peephole. Nolan stood impatiently on the other side, his longish dark hair enticingly messy. Even though he wore a bathrobe, he managed to look stylish.

“I see your light on,” Nolan called. “I can hear you.” He started opening his bathrobe, and Elle flung open the door, to pull him out of the hallway before he scared someone.

But Nolan was wearing swim trunks. Elle had to clench her fists to stop from punching him in his gorgeous, smug face. “Feel like getting wet?” he said teasingly. It just annoyed her even more. Nolan had never come to her of his own will for anything remotely sexual. She’d once thought Cunningham had forbidden it, but Jonathan had told her otherwise. Nolan’s behavior was starting to make her paranoid … like he only participated because he didn’t have anything better to do.

Elle glared at him. Nolan crossed his arms and lazily leaned against the doorframe.

He was so exasperating. “I didn’t bring a bathing suit. Call me crazy, but ski resorts don’t exactly make me think of swimming.”

Nolan’s eyes narrowed. “You’ve been out here for two days and you didn’t take a dip in the hot tub? You can wear a t-shirt and underwear.”

Elle shook her head, but she was already considering it. Steamy hot water would feel so good on her aching muscles. Besides, now that they were far from the office, it was the perfect time to grill Nolan about Cunningham. “Ok.” She shut the door in his face, and Nolan laughed.

Luckily she’d packed some boy-cut panties. She pulled them on and dug through her suitcase, looking for an appropriate shirt. Everything was made of thin fabric that would be completely transparent when wet. She opened the door with a sigh. “No shirts,” she said.

“I’ve got extras.”

Elle grabbed her key and followed Nolan down the hall. It was strange seeing him wearing something other than a pricey suit. “You look like a musician.”

Nolan ran his fingers through his tousled hair. “I need a haircut?”

“No. It’s … hot.” She suddenly felt uncomfortable. What, was she trying to start something with Nolan? These last few weeks of eating lunch with him, of sometimes grabbing dinner after work … it offended her female pride that he never made a move. But there was something about the way they bickered all the time, a sexual tension that wasn’t released when he fucked her with the others.

Nolan didn’t seem to have noticed her sudden discomfort. He dipped his keycard into the slot and swung the door open. “Ladies first.”

His room was bigger than hers. She wondered if Cunningham had given it to him or if he’d paid for it himself.

He opened his suitcase and pulled out a fistful of undershirts. Elle grabbed a black one. “Thanks.” She shucked off her bathrobe and pulled the shirt over her head.

Nolan watched. God help her, he watched like any red-blooded man, his appraising gaze slipping down her body. But he didn’t look horny. Just … patient. Like he was watching simply because she was there.

And to think that she once believed he had feelings for her. Thank goodness she’d kept that to herself.

He reached in the closet and tossed a pair of disposable slippers to her. Elle ripped off the plastic and stepped into them, and Nolan reached for her elbow when she wobbled.

“Thanks.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and tried not to think about how close he was, and how the bed was just behind him. He could fuck her if he wanted to … but no, he was already heading for the door.

As they walked silently through the halls, Elle wondered what it’d be like alone with Nolan. She knew that Jonathan, despite his carefree nature, was attentive and gentle, but could turn dominant quickly. And Cunningham was never anything but dominant. Part of the reason she loved when they shared her was that they balanced each other out.

“Why do you do it?” Elle blurted as they entered the deserted sauna and hot tub area. “Share a woman, I mean.”

Nolan frowned. “Why do you do it?”

Elle blinked, suddenly taken aback. “Because it feels amazing,” she said. She headed for the largest tub, grabbed the railing and descended into the hot water. The skin on her arms and legs tingled pleasantly at the temperature change. “Not only physically. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like something better is just around the corner. It’s like … all the buzzing in my head goes away, and all the uncertainty about the world and the future just doesn’t matter. I know it sounds really New Agey, but when the four of us are together, I feel like I’m in the present. In the Now. Like I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

She sat on the tiled ledge and raised her eyes to his. His expression was blank. Maybe she was saying too much, but he had asked. And frankly, she was tired of how none of the men ever talked about it apart from reiterating the One Rule all the time: don’t get attached. But things had been going on long enough that it was silly to think it was casual.

Nolan stepped into the tub. “Really? I assumed it was all about the orgasms.” He paused. “So how come you’re in love with Cunningham? What makes him so irresistible?”

“It’s complicated.” She slipped deeper into the hot water until only her head was sticking out. She wasn’t about to tell Nolan that she daydreamed about a relationship with all of them. “You didn’t answer my question.”

Nolan exhaled and leaned back. He was quiet for so long that Elle kicked him. “Fair is fair! I asked first, plus I answered first.”

“I know,” Nolan said grumpily. “I’m trying to put my thoughts together.”

“Just spit it out. You know women. We pretty much disregard what men say and search for the deeper meaning behind it.”

“If I say it the right way, you won’t have to dig around to figure out what I mean.” His blue eyes started to darken, just like they did whenever he was angry.

Elle narrowed her eyes. “You didn’t think I’d answer, did you?”

“Sometimes I wish you weren’t so smart.” He shook his head. “I figured if you gave me a superficial answer, I could give you one back. But you were much more forthcoming than I anticipated.”

“Keep talking.”

“Geez.” Nolan raised his eyes to the ceiling in exasperation. “All I wanted was to relax a bit.” His smile, while genuine, was guarded. “What was the question again?”

“Why do you do it? All of it. Rumor mill says you’re loaded, so why work the receptionist’s desk when you clearly hate it? Why work for Cunningham at all? And why share a woman with him when you’re not even attracted to her?”

Nolan’s face went blank in shock. “That’s what you think? That I hate my job, hate my cousin? That I’m not … attracted to you?”

The door opened and two silver-haired couples walked in. What rotten timing, and damn Nolan for dragging this out. It had probably been his plan all along. But he was wrong if he thought she’d just drop it. “I don’t think you hate sex with me,” she said quietly. “But if Cunningham and Jonathan didn’t make you participate, you wouldn’t.”

“They don’t make me do anything,” Nolan growled.

Elle eyed the two couples as they settled into a hot tub at the other end of the room.

“But you’re right that it’s not something I’d have gone looking for. Especially with Cunningham in the mix.” He shook his head. “Cunningham has a way of messing things up because of his own demons. Seems like the harder he tries to make a relationship work, the more he screws it up. His rules and boundaries are saving you, Elle.” The final way he said the last bit made it clear he wasn’t going to discuss it further.

“What demons?”

“Those aren’t my secrets to tell.” Nolan twisted to look at the large clock over the door. “We’d better head out if we’re going to make first tracks.” He stood, pulling Elle up with him.

“But you didn’t answer my questions,” she protested as Nolan wrapped a fluffy towel around her shoulders.

He abruptly tightened the towel so that she couldn’t move. His irises had gotten so dark, that scary midnight blue that meant something had made him royally angry. “How could you think I’m not attracted to you?” He kissed her roughly, possessively, and he didn’t let her go until she trembled from head to foot.

By 11:00, Elle was so jumpy that her poor instructor finally tossed a handful of snow at her. “You aren’t paying attention,” he said for the fiftieth time. James was probably in his thirties, though he might have been younger and just never bothered wearing sunblock. He’d told Elle at the first lesson that he’d been a real estate lawyer, but once he realized he worked hard only so that he could afford ski trips, he ditched everything to work at the resort.

“Sorry, James.” Elle smiled apologetically. They were waiting for a lift to try a new part of the mountain. The trails were a lot less crowded than they had been on the weekend, and Elle couldn’t stop scrutinizing every group of tall men. Cunningham and Jonathan should have arrived hours ago, and they were surely somewhere on the slopes.

“Elle, this lift is different from the ones you’ve been on. Pay attention.”

“Sorry. Really, I’m listening.”

James grabbed her shoulders and pretended to shake her. “Woman, you are taking years off my life. The lift is faster, and the dismount is steep. Now I’m going to sit behind you, and you just focus on riding that snowboard. You won’t fall, but if you do, try to fall backward, and I’ll keep you upright. Just focus on going straight ahead.”

Elle nodded. “Got it.”

“You can do this. I have to say, up until recently, you’ve been the most fearless, most motivated student I’ve ever had.”

Elle grinned as she skated her snowboard forward. “You know I can’t afford to hire you all week,” she said teasingly. But she still blushed at his compliment.

“Rock on, homegirl,” James said. Elle assumed he was trying to be funny when he said stuff like that, but she wasn’t sure.

A pair of tall skiers carved down the hill, and Elle watched appreciatively. She couldn’t imagine what it was like to grow up doing these things. She didn’t envy her lovers their money, but the life experiences that went along with that money? Yeah, she was a little green about that.

She pulled off a glove and fished a bag of tissues out of a pocket.

Behind her, someone said, “Looks like your hat’s trying to escape.”

Elle froze, then stuffed the tissues back in her pocket. She knew that self-assured voice. It was Jonathan. She guessed he was far enough behind her that it might be ok. She faced forward, praying she hadn’t been spotted.

“Thanks. I’ve lost three hats this winter,” a female voice said, her tone sugary as honey. Elle’s jaw clenched. She hadn’t had to deal with women throwing themselves at her lovers very often because she usually saw them at the office. But those men were gorgeous, so she knew it happened a lot.

To her relief, Jonathan didn’t reply beyond a neutral, “No problem.” Maybe it was because the woman was ugly. Curiosity overcame her, and she sneaked a glance back. The woman was definitely not ugly, and Jonathan wasn’t alone. Cunningham and Nolan stood next to him.

And Nolan knew what she was wearing because he’d insisted on walking with her from the hotel to the bottom of the mountain. She skated forward and ended up bumping into the skier in front of her. The skier turned and glared.

“Sorry,” Elle whispered.

James made a chiding, tsk tsk sound. “If you don’t pay attention, you’re going to eat snow at the top of the lift. You want them to have to shut down the entire lift while you get up and out of the way?”

Elle shook her head, her eyes wide. She definitely did not want that. She and James loaded onto the lift, and Elle turned to look behind her as soon as they were in the air. Nolan was staring at her, but he hadn’t told the others; they were deep in conversation.

Nolan. Such a mystery, that one.

She focused and managed not to fall at the top. To her relief, a sign pointed the way to other, higher, chairlifts … and the black diamond trails. That was surely where the guys were headed.

James steered her toward an intermediate trail. Finally the trail merged onto the beginner trail that James had made her do over and over that morning. Elle’s confidence soared.

“You got this,” James called. He gave her a thumbs up. “I’m right behind you.”

Elle grinned and relaxed into the ride. It was like the snowboard was doing all the work and she was just along for the fun of it. It was over all too soon, though, and she coasted to a stop.

“That was great!” she said when James smoothly stopped exactly parallel to her. She threw her arms around him. “You’re the best!”

James returned her squeeze. “Are you kidding? Days like this are what I live for.” He pulled his goggles up on top of his knitted cap and unbuckled himself from his board.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

Elle twisted, but because her feet were still strapped down, she fell on her ass, knocking her breath out of her.

“Whoa.” James nimbly jumped over and grabbed Elle’s wrists, but Cunningham had tossed his ski poles aside and was reaching for her as well.

“I got her,” Cunningham growled, his hands on her upper arms. James straightened, his eyebrows rising.

“It’s ok, James. I know him.” Elle wanted to dust off her powder-covered pants, but Cunningham still hadn’t released her. She’d never seen Cunningham like this before. Even when he’d walked in on her with four other men, he hadn’t been exactly … jealous?

Jonathan didn’t look very comfortable either. Nolan gracefully skied over, smirking so hard that it was a miracle he kept his balance. “I told you that was Elle,” he said. “Looks like dinner’s on you.” When he made eye contact with Elle, he winked.

Elle turned to her instructor. “Thanks, James. Maybe I’ll spoil myself and see you tomorrow.”

“That’d be swell. You got my digits.” He walked off, whistling.

Cunningham finally let her go. “Who the hell is that?”

“I believe that was James,” Nolan said. Elle smiled despite herself; it was nice to see, for once, Nolan being infuriating to someone other than her.

She crossed her arms. “I’m a little rusty, so I hired an instructor.”

“You don’t need an instructor.” Cunningham retrieved his ski poles. “We’ll take the gondola to the summit for lunch, and we can talk about it there.”

He went off, and Elle freed herself from her snowboard. Take a gondola up and down? Seemed pretty safe.

But two hours later, Elle was staring at the big map of the resort, trying to figure out how to get down without snapping her neck because Cunningham insisted that they ski down together.

“We’ll take this one,” Cunningham said, indicating a trail marked with a black diamond. He turned to Elle. “It’s not very steep, and with all the snow last night, it’s more like an intermediate trail. You’ll probably find it too easy.”


He skied off, Jonathan and Nolan right behind him. Elle chewed on her lower lip. She’d done an intermediate trail that morning. She could do this.

She set off, channeling the voice of her instructor as she navigated the first part. Not steep? Cunningham seriously had no clue. This trail was a black diamond for a reason.

Elle whimpered. It was too late to turn back. She babied herself, going at a snail’s pace, but it was ok. Just back and forth, back and forth.

And then she saw the three men waiting for her around the first curve.

Jonathan pulled up his goggles. “You are rusty.” He sounded perplexed.

“Yeah, well.” She looked away.

“Elle, what’s going on?” Cunningham demanded.

“It was a misunderstanding.” She shrugged helplessly.

“I see.” Cunningham pulled a folded map out of his pocket and studied it. “We intersect with a green not too far away.”

Jonathan tapped on the map. “These trees shouldn’t be hard to get to, and since the upper part is closed, it’ll be empty.”

Cunningham nodded as a smile spread across his face. Nolan looked at her and slowly licked his lips, and Elle gulped.

“What are you going to do to me?”

Cunningham stared at her as he stuffed his map inside his jacket. “You’re going to learn that there are consequences when you lie to your bosses.”

Elle put her hands on her hips, but there was nothing she could say to defend herself. All she could come up with was, “Nolan’s not my boss.”

Nolan moved in, his blue eyes darkening. “Wanna bet?” He stared at her mouth, and Elle blushed, remembering the hot tub kiss.

“We’ll settle this in the trees,” Cunningham said firmly. He motioned for Jonathan to go first, then he and Nolan flanked Elle. She couldn’t help but notice that they weren’t even using their poles; each man held an arm out, ready to catch her.

Geez. She looked like an idiot, and the people who passed them—which was everyone because she was going so slow—glanced back.

“I’m fine,” she hissed. “I don’t need you guys hovering over me like human training wheels.”

“You just started snowboarding a few days ago, and you’re on an advanced trail,” Cunningham said. There was a dangerous tone to his voice, making it clear that he wasn’t going to back off.

“We’ll protect you,” Jonathan said. He was trying not to laugh. When Elle gave him a dirty look, she forgot to keep her feet in the right position, and she fell … right into Jonathan’s arms.

“Elle!” Cunningham sounded anguished.

“I’m fine.” She pushed away from Jonathan, who couldn’t stop laughing.

“This is so hot,” he said. “Seeing you helpless like this is getting me worked up.”

Nolan had stopped at a nearly invisible trail that disappeared into dense woods. “Here?”

Cunningham nodded as he pulled a black ski mask over his face. With it on, his body seemed even larger and more intimidating than usual. “You go first, and after you pick a spot, make that phone call. Jonathan goes second. Then I’ll bring Elle.”

“What the hell does ‘bring Elle’ mean?” Elle demanded.

“We’ll have to do something about your potty mouth one of these days,” Cunningham said as he tossed his ski poles to Jonathan, who tucked them under his arm and plunged into the trees after Nolan. “I’m learning all sorts of things about you during this trip.”

Elle glared as he straddled her board with his skis, but when his arms came around her waist, her blood thundered in her ears. Even though she had the sniffles, she could still smell his hot, masculine scent, and his strong body was so firm and solid behind her that despite how humiliated she felt, she was definitely getting wet. She arched back against him, and his embrace tightened around her.

The next thing she knew, she was moving forward. Technically her body was facing sideways, but she was going straight down a steep, narrow path, branches whizzing by either side of her.

“I’m gonna die!” she wailed.

Cunningham’s laugh made them both shake, and Elle tensed up and closed her eyes. Then Cunningham let her go … and she plowed into Jonathan.

“Hello, gorgeous,” he said as he caught her easily. “You know, you’re sexy when you’re terrified.” He and Nolan had taken off their skis, and they were both wearing black ski masks. The effect was a little eerie, and Elle shivered. She knew she was safe with them, but still …

Nolan freed her feet from the board, and Jonathan threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the trees, but not before Elle noticed that the snow surrounding them was untouched.

So they were the first ones to come down there that day. At least she probably didn’t have to worry about someone happening upon whatever was about to happen.

By the time Jonathan set her down, they were so deep in the forest that she couldn’t see the path at all. Jonathan used the side of his stiff boot to scrape the snow away from the base of a large, sturdy evergreen, then he moved back while Nolan trampled the remaining snow until a little area had been carved out.

“You could have told me,” Jonathan whispered as he caressed her cheek.

“I … I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to disappoint you.”

Rough hands grabbed her, and Elle found herself pressed up against the trunk. Cunningham’s dark eyes were frightening as he grabbed her jaw and kissed her possessively. After having been so safe in his arms, it was strange to be afraid of him.

Cunningham grabbed her throat and squeezed just a little. “Too bad the air’s so thin here,” he said. “Choking you while you suck our cocks would teach you a lesson.”

“Yes, sir,” Elle breathed. She couldn’t meet his unwavering gaze, so she glanced at the others. Jonathan had one hand in his pants. Even the mask couldn’t hide how sexy he was when he stared at her like that, like even an avalanche would be insufficient to stop him from fucking her. Nolan’s arms were crossed, and he was trying hard to look uninterested, but Elle saw the bulge in his pants.

“First, you’re going to suck us off while we each spank you. Then you’re going to get us hard again. You are not to orgasm. Understood?”

“Yes,” Elle whimpered. She fell to her knees and pawed at his pants. If she could just get him in her mouth, she could make him forget.

“No. Jonathan first.”

Elle nodded and shifted so that when Jonathan approached, his cock hard and in hand, she was able to take him without wasting a second. She sucked him the best she ever had, twisting her head as she moved up and down on him as she gently caressed his balls. She would have thought that the cold might put a damper on his enthusiasm, but being outside seemed to make him even more excited.

Cunningham pulled her pants down, then her long underwear. She shivered as the air nipped at her exposed flesh. But a moment later a sharp smack warmed her right up.

She moaned, and the vibration seemed to get Jonathan even more worked up.

“How upset are you, Jonathan?” Cunningham asked.

Jonathan’s hand came to rest on the top of her head as he urged her to take him even deeper. “I think,” he gasped, “that I can’t be mad at someone who does this to my cock.”


“I’m devastated,” he said cheerfully. “Make sure to warm her pussy up for me. I want it burning hot when I fuck her.”

“Stand up, Elle, but keep sucking,” Jonathan said.

Cunningham made an approving noise as Elle struggled to obey, then his hand connected with Elle’s exposed buttocks so smartly that it drove all of the air out of her lungs. “You have been very bad, Elle,” he said. “You could have been hurt.” He smacked her again. She wanted to throw herself on his mercy, but she had to attend to Jonathan, whose cock was swelling up as she squirmed under Cunningham’s furious palms.

Unexpected tears made everything blurry. The worst part of the punishment was knowing how angry Cunningham was. Nolan came forward and pressed hard on her neck, holding her still so that Jonathan could fuck her mouth as hard as he wanted.

Her entire body was warmed, now. She wanted Cunningham to, just for a second, slip a finger inside of her. To give her pleasure. To show that he didn’t hate her.

But all he did was spank her harder.

Jonathan groaned and rammed his hips forward, and with Nolan’s firm grasp on her neck, Elle could do nothing but take every drop right into her throat.

Then he and Cunningham switched places. “Make sure you spank her hard,” Cunningham said.

“Sure thing.” But first Jonathan did something even worse. Two fingers slid into her tight sheath, and she cried out as her pussy clenched involuntarily around him.

“Hold me in your mouth,” Cunningham rasped. He grabbed her neck and forced her toward his erection, already glistening, almost glowing in the light that filtered through the snow-covered trees. He pushed past her lips, and Elle opened wide to accommodate him.

No matter how hard she tried to ignore Jonathan finger-fucking her, she couldn’t. Whenever the four of them were together, she got so horny. They were every fantasy she’d ever had and then some.

Jonathan withdrew his fingers and tartly slapped her ass. “Don’t you come.” Then Nolan was fucking her pussy. She knew it was him because he was rough, always, his knees brusquely opening her legs wider. Nolan’s cold hand slid under her coat and pushed up her sweater. Elle jerked and squealed.

“Don’t move,” Cunningham growled. Nolan’s fingers teased around her nipples, but instead of numbing her, her skin got hotter and hotter. Nolan flicked at the erect buds as he pounded away. Elle tried to beg for mercy, but her mouth was full of Cunningham, and he wasn’t trying to come. He was holding back, taking his time.

This was about her punishment, not his pleasure. He would make her suck him until her jaw fell off if he thought that was what she needed. Elle grabbed at his legs, trying to pull away from the pounding of her mouth and pussy, but the material of his ski pants was slippery. The men had things just how they wanted, and they would stop when they felt like it, not because she was uncomfortable.

“Are you crying?” Cunningham’s voice was gentle, but Elle knew better. If her lips were stretched around him, then her tears would only serve to turn him on. She nodded and looked up at Cunningham as best she could without yielding an inch of his cock, but when she saw the ski mask, she squeezed her eyes closed. She was used to seeing him in expensive suits, not dressed like this. “Fuck her hard,” Cunningham snapped.

Nolan rammed into her even harder, each thrust making her gag on Cunningham’s cock.

“My pretty girl.” Cunningham used his thumb to wipe the side of her mouth dry. Elle made a little sound in her throat. She continued sucking, not caring that her needy little moans echoed through the silent forest.

“Yeah, like that.” Cunningham wrapped his hands around the back of her neck and held her steady as he arched away from the tree and shot his load deep into her throat.

As soon as Cunningham pulled out, Nolan came around to take his turn in her mouth. He surged forward, then eased out. Waited a second. Surged forward and held himself still, ignoring her struggles. Then he pulled back again.

Elle began to struggle, hoping for mercy. Not only did Nolan not yield a centimeter, but the two other men grabbed her arms and shoulders, holding her upper body still. He was so close to finishing that she could taste his pre-come. But the way he fucked her mouth brutally prolonged his pleasure at her expense.

Cunningham started to laugh. “So you see, Elle, we don’t need belts or rulers to punish you.”

Nolan pulled out, allowing Elle to speak. “Yes, sir. But please—” Nolan drove back into her. This time, the men shoved her forward, forcing her to meet Nolan’s measured thrusts. He pumped his cock hard, then buried himself in her mouth and groaned as he unloaded everything he had into her.

When he was done, Elle sat back on her heels, waiting. Cunningham had said that she’d have to get them hard again, so she wasn’t surprised when Jonathan advanced, already semi-erect, into her mouth. Elle secretly loved sucking them like that. Their cocks, usually so proud and demanding, were gentle. Even when Jonathan pressed in so that his curly, blondish hair tickled her lips, Elle had no trouble breathing.

Apparently Cunningham felt that she was too comfortable, because he nudged Jonathan over.

“Wider, Elle.”

Cunningham pushed his recently-spent cock into her mouth. Because neither of them was fully hard, she was able to hold them both. She tried to run her tongue around the two cocks, but there wasn’t quite enough room.

Elle whimpered. When Jonathan gently stroked her jaw, she almost rubbed a hand over her dripping pussy. Just one millisecond would bring her to a blissful climax. If she wasn’t careful, she was going to come anyway …

Nolan edged closer. His dick was completely flaccid, but he clearly wanted in as well.

“That’s right, Elle,” Cunningham said. “Take all of us.”

Elle nodded a little, and Nolan managed to get his slowly hardening cock next to the other two. Cunningham applied a little pressure on the back of her head, and Elle worked even harder to keep them all wet, to simultaneously give those three cocks in her mouth as much attention as she could.

They got her so hot. She’d thought it was impossible not to orgasm when Cunningham held her head so Nolan could punish-fuck her, but that was nothing compared to how horny she was, being used in the middle of the woods like this.

She moved her hips, desperate for even the brush of fabric across her flesh. She could even feel that her sex was heavy, like all her blood had gone to that area. Maybe it was because of the way she was kneeling, her pants not pulled down all the way, that made the pressure in that area so intense. Or maybe she was simply a horny slut who enjoyed taking multiple men in her mouth. Elle smiled. Then she was the luckiest horny slut on the planet because her men treated her like a princess.

Jonathan and Cunningham were getting near full-erect, and they began taking turns. Nolan pulled free of her lips and fisted himself. Soon they were all hard. Three swollen, wet cocks pressed at her lips. She couldn’t possibly take them all at once, but they slipped over each other as they took turns advancing and retreating, surging and relenting. Elle’s tongue darted around the pulsating, thrusting shafts.

“Your mouth should be illegal.” Cunningham motioned for her to stand. “Strip her from the waist down.”

Nolan and Jonathan were too happy to comply, and Elle shivered.

“You’re at our mercy,” Cunningham said. “To keep you warm, to keep you safe, to get you down this mountain in one piece.”

Elle whimpered as he easily raised her up, then lowered her tight, unprepared ass onto his erection. Jonathan moved forward quickly and slid into her pussy, shoving her against Cunningham. The skin on her rump was tender from the spanking, and Elle bit her lip.

“Hello? Someone back here?”

Elle gasped when she heard the man’s voice, but Cunningham clamped a hand over her mouth. “We’re fucking,” he called out. “If that offends you, you might want to take another route.”

He grabbed the supple globes of her ass and bounced her up and down on his cock. He was so large, she had to fight her body’s instinct to clench up. Thank goodness he hadn’t fucked her ass while he was angry; he could have seriously hurt her.

“Doesn’t offend me if it doesn’t offend you,” the male voice said. A moment later, the crunching of his footsteps was loud enough that Elle knew he was able to see them. Even though she didn’t want to, she looked over.

The man was tall and solidly built, but Elle couldn’t see much of his face because he wore a black ski mask that was unrolled only to his jaw. Several days’ dark stubble covered his neck. While she was looking at him, his green eyes studied her face, then his gaze took in Cunningham’s hands under her ass and Jonathan’s hands around her waist. His prominent Adam’s apple moved slowly as he swallowed.

To her horror, Nolan unzipped the front of her coat and pulled her sweater farther up, and her bra, too, so that it compressed the top of her breasts, leaving them trapped, her hard nipples jutting out for the world to see.

With a little smile, Nolan leaned over and flicked his tongue over one hardened peak. The rough fabric of his mask tickled as he sucked her into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive skin, making her moan.

“Please let me come …” Elle shuddered at the indignity of being made to beg in front of this manly outdoorsman, but restrained by her three lovers, there was no way she could get off unless they let her.

The masked stranger took a step forward.

“Taste her if you like,” Cunningham said.

Elle expected the stranger to apologize for staring and be on his way, but instead he moved closer. She felt Cunningham’s cock pulse inside her, and his grip on her ass tightened.

The stranger looked into Elle’s eyes as if he wanted to be sure she wasn’t in any distress, but she’d seen the tent in his pants. She knew that he would fuck her if the others would allow it.

He rolled the bottom of the mask up even more, then he drew her other nipple into his mouth. He started gently, but soon he noisily suckled as much of her breast as he could. One hand greedily squeezed the soft flesh as if he planned to devour all of her.

His other hand went into his pants, and his whole body trembled as he pulled himself free and began pumping his cock in a tight fist.

“You wanna fuck her?” Cunningham asked. “Her cunt and ass are like heaven.”

“Don’t … have … a … condom,” the man gasped, barely unwilling to tear himself away from Elle’s nipple to answer.

“I do.” Cunningham shifted so that he held Elle with one arm while he retrieved a foil packet from his pocket and tossed it to the man, who ripped into it with a savage relief. He sheathed himself quickly.

“Try her pussy.” Jonathan suggested, relinquishing his place between her legs. Without him helping to hold her up, Elle sank even farther down Cunningham’s cock, and she groaned, knowing that her ass couldn’t take much more.

“Damn,” the stranger said as he studied her body. His eyes roamed over her breasts and perky nipples. Then his gaze dipped down to her legs, spread wide, Cunningham’s big hands wrapped around each thigh and his cock stretching her ass.

The masked man touched her inner thigh gently, tentatively, then the last vestiges of hesitation disappeared. He positioned himself at her entrance, and as he rocked into her, he rubbed her clit with a wet thumb.

Elle groaned, her voice carrying through the trees. Jonathan pulled her face so that he could kiss her, his tongue claiming her mouth at the same insistent rhythm he had used to fuck her.

“She’s not allowed orgasms,” Cunningham said. “But no need to take it easy.”

Elle whimpered. It was impossible not to come with Nolan feasting on her breasts while Cunningham and this masculine stranger fucked her ass and cunt. And Jonathan’s kiss … she was so in love with Jonathan. Even though he didn’t play head games or make her doubt his feelings, she was in awe of him, of his striking, Nordic beauty and the ease with which he moved through life. When he kissed her, she felt loved, and she knew that’s what he wanted her to feel.

Her breath quickened as she struggled to move away from the stranger’s thumb. This man had certainly had his share of lovers if he knew to touch a woman like that. He had no problem subjecting her pussy to a rough pounding, and he didn’t miss a beat as he tortured her swollen, desperate little clit. He had her exactly where he wanted her.

Jonathan raked his teeth down her neck, then he bit her possessively.

“Please,” Elle begged. “Please let me come, Cunningham. I’m so sorry, but I think I can’t control it.” In fact, pre-orgasmic tremors were rippling through her, reacting to the large cock that persistently rubbed her g-spot.

“No. We aren’t fucking you for your pleasure, Elle. This is to teach you.”

Elle wiggled and squirmed, but none of the masked men fucking her would yield one iota. Jonathan bit her neck again, claiming her, while Cunningham pumped her ass, bouncing her on his cock as if she weighed nothing. Nolan squeezed her nipples, then kissed them, then bit them quickly before kissing them again. And the stranger who fucked her was moving his thumb with just the right amount of pressure that if he didn’t stop, she was going to come.

She really had no control over it.

She closed her eyes and tried to think of something other than the electric feelings that were radiating from her sex. She tried to imagine falling on her snowboard, but when she did, all she could think about was how helpless she would have been if Cunningham had chanced upon her, and how he probably would have yanked down her pants and shoved his cock into her right at that moment, just to prove his dominance.

“Please,” Elle whispered, but she didn’t have any hope that they would help her, and she was right. The stranger’s cock swelled … she could feel it even through the condom … and then he threw back his head, his deep, broad chest getting wider as he inhaled deeply. It was the calm before the storm. He came so hard that if anyone other than Cunningham had been behind her, they all would have been knocked to the ground.

After he finished, he slid a hand between their bodies to grasp the bottom of the condom. He leaned forward and tasted her mouth gently, and Elle’s pussy clenched as his softening cock slowly retreated.

“I don’t know who you are,” he said, “but if Cunningham doesn’t treat you right, you let me know. I’ve got a weakness for pretty, submissive gals.”

“How do you know Cunningham’s name?”

The man leaned back and winked, then pulled the ski mask off, revealing a stunningly gorgeous face, with wide cheekbones and dark hair that curled at the ends. “You didn’t really think that I just happened upon this lonely spot, did you?” He nodded at each of her lovers in turn, then ran his eyes over her body one last time before going back the way he’d come.

“But how—”

“Quiet,” Cunningham growled. He dug his fingers deeper into her soft skin and fucked her ass violently, and Jonathan plunged back into her cunt. Jonathan came quickly, his powerful body shuddering so hard that Elle almost felt like she was coming, too. Cunningham didn’t hold back, either. After he finished, he kept himself buried in her tight ass and continued holding her so that Nolan could have his turn between her spread legs.

“Come for us,” Cunningham commanded. He clamped his hand over her mouth. Jonathan rubbed her clit, and Elle gratefully submitted to the pleasure they gave her. Her orgasm shook her entire being, taking Nolan over the top with her. When she finally finished, her whole body ached from the tension she’d held for so long.

Cunningham set her down, and Jonathan quickly wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her in his warmth.

“Dress her and take her back to the hotel, Nolan,” Cunningham ordered as he tucked himself back into his pants. “Jonathan and I will get a few more runs in.” He grabbed his skis and headed toward the trail.

Apparently he was still mad.

Jonathan pulled off his ski mask and kissed her gently. “Don’t worry. I’ll talk to Cunningham.”

Then he walked away, leaving Elle shivering from more than just the cold.

Elle waited in her room. She’d showered and put on her prettiest dress, a long, floral print that showed off her full breasts. She’d paired it with warm tights and cowboy boots, and a stylish but practical scarf. Maybe if she looked sexy, Cunningham wouldn’t yell at her too much.

The loud pounding at the door made her jump. “One second,” she called out even as she hurried to answer it. Cunningham stood in the hallway, alone.

“May I enter?” he asked. Elle frowned. Cunningham never asked permission to do anything.

“Of course.”

He came in and looked around as if he’d forgotten why he was there. Elle crossed her arms nervously. “I’m so sorry I let you believe I could snowboard,” she said. “I just didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“No, I’m sorry.” He seemed to collect himself, and he grabbed her elbow and steered her to the bed.


“Because I’m making it impossible for you to ever feel you’re good enough. Look, Elle, I have my reasons for wanting to keep things casual.”

“But they aren’t!”

Cunningham slowly nodded. “But they aren’t. Despite my best efforts.” He went to the window and stared out at the mountain. Outside, a few skiers were finishing their last runs of the day.

Elle put her hands between her knees to hide how badly she was shaking. She wanted to fill the silence, but she needed to be patient, to hear him out.

Cunningham faced her again. “I was thinking … maybe we should set a deadline. One month.”

Elle inhaled sharply. So this was it. The end.

“No.” Cunningham quickly took her hand in his. “I phrased that poorly. I’m proposing that we slowly investigate making this more permanent. Four people … it’s a lot to work out. And I’m just assuming the others feel the same way, but they might not. So let’s ease into it. Dates that revolve around more than sex, for starters. In a month, if we’re not all convinced that it’s the right direction, then we end it.”

“But … I’m sure this is what I want. Cunningham, you’re exactly—”

“Elle, you need to think this through. Talk to women in similar circumstances.”

“I don’t know anyone like that.”

“I do, and I’ll make sure they contact you. But we all need to think about it. We all have to decide on it.” He glanced at his watch and stood. “Ready for some après-ski fun? I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink.” Cunningham smoothed her hair back. “I won’t go any easier on you in the office or when we play,” he said as he took her hand. “I’ll probably be even more demanding.”

Elle stared at her fingers, strangely delicate in his. Cunningham holding her hand felt so right. She just hoped he wouldn’t let her go before she could convince them all that they needed to be together forever.


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