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Click – Chapter 15

Zeus looked out over the men on the other side of the fence and mused aloud, “Are those really Barrett’s men at all? His men aren’t even supposed to be here until tomorrow.”

Memphis looked over at Delaney and asked, “Do you know anyone else out there?”

Delaney studied the rest of the men outside the compound. Finally, she nodded. “Ricky Cheves. My dad threw him under the bus one time and Ricky went to jail for two years. Just about the time Ricky was getting out, my dad suddenly left town for a year. Even when he came back, he never went around his old friends anymore. Ricky came looking for him once but my mom kicked him out of the house. She claimed she didn’t know where my dad was cuz she was looking for him too. When Barrett left town, he didn’t tell her and he didn’t leave her any money. That was just before she walked out on us kids.”

Leon studied the men on the other side of the fence and shook his head. “These men might not be Barrett’s men at all.”

“That might work to our advantage.” Zeus growled.

Memphis moved over to Delaney and wrapped his arms around her then he turned to his brother and said, “But that might backfire if they find him first. They wouldn’t think twice about killing the man.”

Zeus now turned to look at Delaney. “Are you ready for that possibility? That they could kill your dad?”

Delaney let out a heavy sigh. “The only Raggetti that ever cared about me is downstairs sitting at one of your tables. My dad and my brothers used and abused me. The only thing women were good for was cooking, cleaning, and fucking. I heard that shit all my life. And if I didn’t do what I was told I was hit and kicked when I was already down. Then I went to live with my grandfather. He encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be. He gave me love unconditionally and I finally knew what a good life we had. I wouldn’t give up on him but Barrett? Yeah, I could give him up and I don’t think he would even care.” She paused then turned and looked out over the fence. “I think my dad’s finally going to face his past.” She stepped out of Memphis’s embrace and went back downstairs.

Memphis went after her.

Everyone made their way to the main room. Diabolus and Captain stayed up on the roof to keep watch.

When Leon and Zeus got downstairs, they found Delaney sitting with her grandfather.

Desi sat next to Click at the laptop.

“Grandpa, Dad’s past has finally caught up with him.”

Alfredo frowned and asked her, “What do you mean?”

“Chico and Ricky are outside.” Delaney stared at him.

Delaney sighed, as she seemed to already know all about these men.

Alfredo’s face paled at the news. Finally, he nodded. “This is one day I prayed I would never see but I suppose it has to be.” He looked up at Leon and shook his head. “Those two men want Barrett’s blood and nothing less than that will satisfy them.” Shrugging his shoulders he said, “It’s a tossup as to which one of you will get to him first.”

“You know he has to pay the price for his crimes, right?” Leon wanted to know.

“Si senor and I have always known that we all have to pay the price for what we do in life.” Shaking his head he said, “Barrett has never done that, even when he went to prison. He played everyone for a fool and now he has to pay. Do what you have to do. And may God have mercy on his soul.”

Leon nodded then looked at Delaney. “Can you make the call?”

Delaney shook her head. “I don’t know his number.”

Click was already at his laptop as his fingers flew over the keys. “I’m working on that.”

Leon tapped his phone to see if any of his men had news.

Zeus paced, like a restless wolf. He finally felt close to the end of this nightmare.

A few minutes later, Click lifted his head and said, “I got it.”

Leon came over to where he sat and handed him his cell.

Click tapped the number in then gave Leon his phone back.

Leon put the call on speaker and when Chico answered the call, he asked, “Is this Chico Waylon?”

“Yeah, who the fuck is this?” Chico snapped.

“This is Leon Vincinti,” Leon informed him.

A long moment of silence fell on the other end of the call then Chico came back, “What can I do for you Mr. Vincinti?” His words were a little more respectful.

“You can tell me why you are outside this compound.” Leon growled.

“You are inside there?”

“I certainly am and I need to know why you are here as well.”

“Well, that’s a personal matter, sir.”

“There is a reason I am asking son,” Leon assured him.

Another long silence came before Chico said, “I’m here because I understand Barrett Raggetti might be here.”

“Oh, he’s here alright. He’s somewhere on your side of the fence and he’s wounded.”

“Now why would you tell us that?” Chico asked him, wondering why Leon would share that information.

“I understand you have no reason to be worried about his welfare but I think you should know Barrett has some men that are coming to help him out, probably tomorrow.”


“And I want them to know whatever they are coming here for is no longer here. Barrett’s grandfather left him a small fortune hidden within this house. Unfortunately, he stole most of it from me and the Family. The money was never meant for the Raggetti’s to get or to have. The MC that bought this place never knew it was here. They also never knew of the tunnel system under this house. But they do now and they’ve cemented all the exits and entrances they were able to find. The gold, money, and stolen gemstones are no longer on the property so it isn’t going to be worth your lives to try to come in and get it. I have my own men out there on your side of the fence and they will return any fire if you and your men are looking to start a war. If you find Barrett you tell him that we found everything even his stash, so he’s got nothing left to find.”

“And why would I tell him that?” Chico asked. “I’m not here to get his money, I want his blood.”

“Si that might be what you want. However, his own men think they are going to get paid but Barrett hasn’t got any money left. You tell him we found his well.”

“If I find him I’ll be sure to tell him that. Or I can just tell his men and they can deal with him after I get mine.” Chico growled. “By the time we get done with him, there won’t be much left anyway but they can get what we leave behind. He’ll be a dead man either way. You are Family so you know the rules. I took a blood oath to get my honor back from what he did to me and mine. He lied and set me up then he went after my family. He killed my mother before he knew I wasn’t in jail. He got her but he didn’t get my wife or my children. He barely escaped my wrath that night but he did escape. I’ve been looking for him since that day. I have made a vow that when he got out of prison, I would get him. Well, here I am and only one of us will walk away from this place.”

“I wish you luck in your quest,” Leon told him. “But I meant what I said. My men are out there looking for him and if you guys start shooting, they will shoot back,” Leon warned him.

“I hear you but you gotta know that I’m not leaving here until I get my own part of Barrett Raggetti. So I guess it’s a race to see which one of us will get him first.” Chico’s voice came over the phone harshly.

Leon’s hand tightened on his phone. “You be careful out there. Barrett has a weapon and he’s already wounded so he won’t go down easy. And you never know who’s watching you.”

“I hear you sir. I hear you.” Then the line went dead.

Leon ended the call and then shook his head. “Heaven help us all. Revenge can be sweet but bitter at the end.”

Marty growled and went over to the table to pick up her rifle. “I can’t just sit here and wait. I’ll take a shift on the roof.”

Lindy handed her the night vision binoculars. “I’ll relieve you in a few hours.”

She nodded at her cousin then stepped over to kiss Zeus sweetly on the lips.

Desi stood from the table. “Me too.” She grabbed her own rifle and binoculars from next to Click’s laptop. Then she kissed the top of his head before she walked away.

The two women went up to the roof to relieve the men up there.

Leon chuckled.

Zeus looked over at him wondering what the hell was so funny at this moment in time.

Leon shrugged. “I just wondered what that is like. To be kissed by a woman with fire in her eyes and a rifle in her hand.”

Zeus slowly shook his head.

Click laughed. “It’s fucking hot is all I will say.”

Leon and he laughed a bit more.

Memphis and Diabolus came downstairs and told Zeus that Captain would stay up there a bit longer.

Desi set up and watched the southern side beyond the fence line. Marty watched the western side while Captain watched the eastern side beyond the fence line.

As the afternoon dragged into the early evening hours, they all heard gun play a few times during that time but nothing major was happening. The gunfire always seemed to be just beyond their viewing area or was far enough away it got lost in the tree line.

At just about the time the sun was setting, Captain grunted and brought his rifle to his shoulder. Looking through his scope, he growled at what he found. “What the fuck?”

“What do you see?” Marty asked him.

“There’s a fucking woman trying to get closer to the fence,” Captain told her.

Desi lifted her binoculars and tried to find this woman. At first, she didn’t see anyone, then she saw a head poke out from behind one of the trees. She gasped. “Please don’t shoot her,” she called out softly.

Captain snapped his head over and glared at her. “Why? Do you know her?”

Desi nodded. “Yeah, I do.”

“Is she good or bad news?” He wanted to know as he stared down the scope of his rifle.

“She’s a good person,” Desi spoke softly. “I think she came looking for me.”

Captain scoffed. “She picked a hell of a time for a reunion. Doesn’t she realize she’s toast if anyone on that side of the fence sees her?”

Desi grabbed her phone from her pocket and sent the woman a text. She knew she would respond quickly. Desi looked at Captain and asked, “Can you go to the front gate and let her in? Please?”

“Of all the damn things,” Captain swore under his breath. “Zeus isn’t gonna like this one little bit.” Looking disgusted, he left the roof.

After he left, Memphis and Click came up with rifles to watch over the compound.

Desi went downstairs.

Just then, the front doors opened as Captain dragged her friend inside. And she was fighting back.

“What the hell is going on here?” Zeus growled at the fighting pair.

The woman stopped fighting and looked around the room. Then she spotted Desi.

Desi just shook her head. “What the hell are you doing here, Gina?”

Gina smiled and her teeth shone brightly against her dark skin. Dressed in black she looked to be well armed. “I knew you were in trouble and I came to help.” She motioned her head at Captain. “I allowed him to lead me in here.” She swung her narrowed eyed gaze over at him. “And you’re lucky I did.”

He rolled his eyes. “You almost got yourself shot out there, you silly woman. Now you’re stuck in here with the rest of us.”

Gina seemed to dismiss him as a small annoyance as she looked around the room. “What the hell is going on here?” she finally asked.

Desi shook her head. “Everyone, this is Gina Smalls. She was my partner in the Marshal unit out of St. Louis. Gina, meet the Brothers at Arms MC and Leon Vinicnti.”

Gina froze at his name and she swung her head around to stare at the well dressed older man. “Leon Vincinti? From the Boston area? That Leon Vincinti?”

Leon gave her a short nod.

Gina paled and swore, “Holy hell girl, what kind of trouble are you in here?”


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