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Captured by Mr. Wild: Chapter 28


    green eyes flick between mine as I run my fingers through his hair.

“I do,” I whisper, biting my lip as I watch his eyes light up.

“Why didn’t you fucking say so earlier?” he groans and presses his wet, naked body against mine as a giggle tumbles from my lips.

There’s something about being naked in water. The way it slides over your skin, touching everywhere, heightening your senses. Making everything seem connected.

Us. Nature. Love.

The love two people have for one another.

The love I have for Blake.

I find the bottom rung of the ladder and use it to lift myself up higher in the water. My breasts press up against Blake’s chest and raise up to his eyeline as I straighten my leg.

“Now you’re talking.”

He grins at me and clasps one hand around my waist as his mouth claims my nipples, sucking and teasing them until I’m moaning his name and pushing myself against him.


He stops and looks up at me, reading the silent message in my eyes.

I need you.

As he brings both of his feet on to the ladder and lifts me up one rung, so our faces are level with one another, it’s obvious to me—he was right. He does know me.

He’s always known me.

I slide one leg up around his waist and he holds it, his other hand on the rung behind my head, holding his body against mine as he looks at me with eyes full of love.

My heart is so full in my chest it feels like it could burst.

I gasp as he slides deep inside my body, connecting us. Everything about it feels so right. We were made to fit together. Why couldn’t I admit it to myself earlier? I could have saved both of us so much hurt. All those cross words said to one another. Precious hours when we could have been together the last couple of days—wasted.

“I love you,” I murmur as he pushes forward and groans.

The sight of ecstasy on his face sends a wave of wetness rushing from inside me, coating him and making our bodies slick.

“Say it again.”

His fingertips dig into my ass where he’s holding my leg up, and his eyes burn into mine. I feel him quiver as I wrap my arms around his back and grab onto his broad shoulders.

“I love you, Blake Anderson,” I say, my face inches from his, breathing in the same air.

“Daisy,” he groans, his eyes burning into mine with a new level of intensity, even for him.

He pulls back and sinks into my pussy again, building up a steady pace as he drives into me. Our eyes are fixed on one another’s as we pant. He pushes into me, again and again. Each time better than the last.

A low groan begins deep in his chest as he rotates his hips as our bodies meet. The friction against my swollen clit has me arching away from the ladder, pressing my tight nipples into his chest.

Everything with him feels so right.

My eyes roll back in my head as he fucks me slowly, deliberately taking his time, like he needs this.

Like he needs me.

I can feel his heavy balls kissing the skin on my ass each time he thrusts. It’s sensory overload, and I squirm in his arms as tingles form in my fingers and toes.

“You feel so good,” he murmurs, sinking his lips down onto mine and kissing me deeply, his tongue tracing distinct, commanding routes through my mouth and soul. I whimper, which only seems to set him off more, as he sinks even deeper inside me, stretching me deliciously around him as the tingles reach my core.

“God, Daisy,” he hisses, as I dig my nails into his back.

I writhe and moan in his muscular arms, watching as his eyes close in a state of bliss. I already knew it. But each time is like a breathtaking reminder.

Blake Anderson was made for this.

“Blake,” I moan when I feel the tightening balling up inside me. Drawing in everything I have. Every laugh, every touch, every kiss he’s given me since I came back is turning into a fizzing energy that’s pulling toward a giant mass in my core.

He opens his eyes and looks at me.

Really looks at me.

I swear he’s looking at me as though he can see my soul shining back at him.


He presses his forehead against mine, and I come undone at the sound of my name on his lips. The way he says it—full of awe, adoration, love—it’s enough to make me lose my mind and all control over my body.

It’s no longer mine. Not when Blake is here, like this.

Not when he’s making love to me like never before.

His eyes never leave mine as I lose control and fall forward in his arms, using him for support. The ball in my core explodes, scattering like droplets all around us. I grip him hard, my breath leaving my body as wave after wave of intense pleasure floods through me and I come.


My body squeezes his cock, grabbing it tight and not daring to let go.

“I love you, Daisy. I fucking love you.”

His eyes sear into mine with a fiery intensity as he growls my name again. The sight of him, matched with the feel of him stretching me, my walls wrapped around him, draws out my orgasm and a second wave crashes over me, sending me convulsing in his arms again.

“That’s it, babe. Come all over my cock.”

He grits his teeth and then his mouth is on mine again, kissing me over and over as I whimper and moan, all control over my body gone.

All control given to him.

“God, I love you, Daisy. I love you; I love you; I love you.” The words tumble from his lips as our faces press together, sweat running down our bodies, the water lapping at our thighs.

“I want to be your girl,” I pant as my shuddering continues. “I don’t want you to ever let me go.”

There’s no doubt in my mind.

No matter how many days I have on this earth.

No matter who else I meet in my lifetime.

Blake Anderson is it for me.

He bites his lip and groans, pumping a couple more times.

“You are my girl, Daisy. You’ll always be my girl.”

Then he holds himself balls deep as the familiar and incredible heat spreads inside me and his fingertips grip onto my ass with white knuckle force.

“Yes,” I whisper, wanting everything he can give me.

Needing it all.

We stay connected, our foreheads resting on one another’s as we catch our breath.

“You’re amazing.” His lips catch mine in a tender kiss.

“So are you.” I kiss him back, pulling my arms from around his back and cupping his face.

He gives me a look that makes my heart swell, his eyes full of emotion.

“I may not be the best at showing it. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve. But me? I wear my heart with a flower on it.”


“It wears you, Daisy.”

A sob bubbles in my throat, which Blake kisses away.

God, this man.

“You never gave up on me,” I whisper.

Blake smiles, gently raising one hand to brush a strand of hair off my face.

“Your soul doesn’t change, Daisy. It’s burned in. Just like the photos I take with my camera. They’re burned into the film the moment the button is pressed. Just like a memory. Forever. Like the image of you, and who you are, was burned into my heart ten years ago. I’ve always seen you. And nothing makes me happier than knowing you see yourself again now, too.”

My mouth drops open as my eyes fill with tears.

“Yeah, I know.” Blake grins. “Love’s turned me into a fucking romantic, spouting off shit. I sound like Travis.” His eyes crinkle at the corners as he laughs.

I pull his lips back to mine, my heart so full it could take flight, pulling us both up into the sky with it.

“I like it,” I say as I kiss him.

“Oh, you do?” He raises an eyebrow with a smirk.

“Nothing makes you happier, hmm?” I kiss him again, and he flexes his cock, which is still buried deep within my body.

“Well, almost nothing.” He grins as I pretend to push him away. But then I pull him back to me instead.

“You’re naughty,” I murmur as my lips hover over his.

“And you’re perfect.” He grins before kissing me again.

I allow myself to become lost in his kiss.

Right here, in the water with Blake.

There’s nowhere in the world that could be better than this.

“Do you want tidal passion, or water’s embrace?” Blake scrunches his nose up as he swipes through the music options on his phone.

I laugh. “Neither. I don’t need them when you’re here. Although, come over here and say those words again. It sounds kind of hot.”

He smirks at me as he puts his phone down and pulls his t-shirt up over his head and then climbs into bed behind me.

I sink back against his chest as he pulls me against him and brings the covers up over us.

“We could have stayed at your house, you know? I’m sure Betsy settles better there.”

Blake’s warm arm tightens around me as he presses his nose into my hair and inhales.

“I put her bed down there in the hall. She’ll be fine.” He kisses my head and lets out a tired sigh. “I thought you’d want to spend the night here. Your last night before your flight tomorrow evening.”

I stiffen in his arms, and I know he notices as he pulls me closer to his chest.

“I can still come with you. You can change your mind. It’s not a problem.”

“No. I need to do this alone. Thank you, though.”

I run my fingertips up and down his forearm as I try not to think about what it will be like going home. It’s only been a couple of months, but it feels like a lifetime ago in some ways. I thought what happened at home changed me. But now I see that coming back here changed me too.

Only here, I am changed for the better.

“And you’ll let me book your ticket back as soon as you know what date the trial is due to finish?”

“I can get my own ticket, Blake.”

We’ve been over this already today. I’m going back to give evidence at the trial. And then when it’s over, I’m flying back. My work visa still has four months on it and Maria was ecstatic when I called her and said there’s been a change of plans. She said the job will be waiting for me when I come back. Then I can apply for an extension or something more permanent. I haven’t figured it out yet. All I can think about is getting through the trial.

“I know you can. But they’re not cheap, babe. And you’ll not be working for a bit.”

“Fine. But I’ll pay you back.”

“Okay.” He pushes his dick forward, so it fits snugly between my ass cheeks. “Just so you know, I only accept cock currency.”

I snort. “Cock currency?”

“Yep. Cock riding equals fifty bucks; cock sucking—thirty.”

“You know plane tickets are hundreds of dollars, right?” I giggle as I snuggle back into his arms.

“Mmm, you’re right. Better make it ten dollars and five dollars… better yet, cents. Let’s go with cents.”

“I’ll be paying you back forever.”

“That’s the plan!”

I laugh as he rolls us, so I’m laid on my stomach and he’s on top of me, his erection pressing into my ass.

“Did I mention there’s a deposit due?” He nips at my ear with his teeth, as one hand slides down and pulls my panties to the side.

I hear him hiss. “Fuck, babe, you’re so wet already.”

“Just counting my dimes, getting my payment ready.” I giggle.

“Oh, yeah?” He nudges the entrance of my pussy with the thick head of his cock and lets out a low groan as he pushes inside me.

I gasp at how full he makes me feel in this position.

“Okay, babe. Let’s count your deposit.”

I laugh as he drives into me and reminds me all over again why coming back to Hope Cove was the best decision I’ve ever made.

It must be almost midnight by the time we finally decide to sleep. I don’t need the wave noise when he’s here. And I certainly don’t need the sleep tonic I’ve been working on. I think I’ve got it right now. I used it last night, and it worked wonders. I seemed to sleep without waking all night and didn’t feel groggy this morning. Hence why I was up with the sunrise, feeling so alert, ready to see Blake. Ready to tell him how I feel.

And God, am I glad I did.

But even the high of making things right with Blake doesn’t stop me worrying about the trial. And the thought of my aunt’s house being on the market by the time I return makes sickness swirl in the pit of my stomach. But it will all be okay. As long as I have Blake and Betsy waiting for me when I come back, I know it will work out. It has to. We can’t have come this far and been through all this together for it not to work out.

I lay my head on Blake’s chest and listen to his rhythmic breathing. In and out. In and out. It calms me like nothing else ever has, and soon I drift off with him.

The bedside clock says it’s three am when we’re woken by Betsy growling and barking downstairs. The sound of her claws skittering around on the floorboards in the hallway echoes up the staircase.

“I’ll go.” Blake rolls out of bed and pulls on a pair of sweatpants.

“What is it, girl?” I hear him call as he jogs out the room.

I pull his t-shirt on over my head and tiptoe down the stairs behind him, my heart hammering in my chest. I can make out her shape in the moonlight from the hallway window as she jumps around Blake’s legs, whining and barking.

“What’s she seen?”

“Not sure.” Blake leans down and holds her under the chin, looking into her eyes. “Show me, girl.”

She barks and runs to the front door, digging at the base until Blake unlocks it and stands back when it opens. She flies past him, jumping down all three porch steps in one giant leap and sprints off down the driveway.

I wrap my arms around myself. It’s not cold, but suddenly, I’m shivering.

“It’s probably just a racoon or something. She gets a whiff of them sometimes and goes crazy. I’ll go check it out.” He pulls on his sneakers and grabs my head in his hand, planting a kiss on my forehead. “Back in a minute, babe.”


I watch as he disappears up the driveway into the night, only the light from his cell phone visible, until even that tiny dot disappears. That’s the thing about being one of only two houses on the lake. There isn’t much light. Apart from the moon reflecting off the lake, it’s almost pitch black. My aunt has an outdoor security light fitted, but it stopped working last night. I intended on getting it fixed, but what with everything happening with Blake and booking the ticket to go back to England, I forgot.

I wrap myself around the edge of the door, peering out from behind it as I wait. There’s only silence, except for my heart beating in my ears. And it feels like hours before Blake comes back into view, Betsy at his side, her tail wagging.

“Was it a racoon?”

They both come in and I push the door closed behind them as Blake fusses Betsy and settles her back into her bed.

“Probably. No sign of anything else, was there, girl?” He plants a kiss on Betsy’s head and turns back to me.

“Come on. Let’s get you back to bed. You look exhausted.”

I don’t argue as he leads me back up the stairs and pulls me back into bed with him. He’s right. I am exhausted. As he wraps me in his arms, I forget all about racoons, and trials, and house sales. I forget about everything. And I just sleep.

“Morning, beautiful.” Warm green eyes gaze into mine as I smile and stretch.

Blake wraps his arms around me and nuzzles into my neck, kissing his way from behind my ear and along my jaw.

“Don’t you ever need a rest?” I giggle as I feel the hardness of his morning erection pushing against my inner thigh.

“I’ll rest when I’m dead,” he growls, making his beard vibrate against my neck. I wriggle as it tickles my skin.

“That could be soon if all your blood keeps going to this thing.” I reach down and give him a squeeze. “There’ll be none left in the rest of your body.”

He cocks a brow and flashes his perfect white teeth at me.

“You saying I’m big?”

I laugh and shove at his chest, but it’s like trying to move a tank.

“I’m saying you should go let Betsy out first, unless you want to be cleaning up a puddle.”

Blake’s eyes dart to the clock. We’ve slept much later than usual. Probably because of being woken up in the night.

“Fine.” He kisses me on the lips. “But when I come back, you’d better be naked with your legs spread. I’m having breakfast in bed today.”

I laugh and he grins at me at me before he heads out the bedroom door.

I hear him talking out loud to Betsy on his way down the stairs. I lie back against the pillows, a huge grin on my face. I probably look like a lunatic. But I can’t help it. Even knowing I am flying back to England tonight can’t spoil it. I’m in love with a man who gets me. Who makes me feel alive in ways I had lost hope of ever feeling again.

I’m in love with my best friend.

“Babe, did you let Betsy out already?” Blake shouts to me up the stairs as I slip out of bed and go out to the landing.

I look down the stairs to him, where he’s standing in the open front doorway, staring out.

“No. you’re the first one down there. Why?”

He turns to look up at me. “The door was open a crack. She must have gone out herself.”

“She’s clever, but she can’t open doors. Can she?” I know I probably sound ridiculous, but there’s no way that door was left open last night.

“I know I trained her, so she’s pretty damn amazing.” Blake grins at me. “But no, babe. She can’t open doors.”

“How’d she get out, then?” I walk down the stairs and into his outstretched arm. He pulls me to his side and presses a kiss into my hair.

“The latch on the door probably didn’t catch on properly last night and it swung back open.” He gives me a squeeze as I frown. “Don’t worry, babe. She goes out by herself all the time.”

I open my mouth and then close it. Could I have not shut the door properly? That’s not something I would easily do. Ever since Mick, my sense of security and the need for it has been heightened. But then, it was late last night, and I was distracted. It could have happened, I guess. Maybe I didn’t push it hard enough, and the latch didn’t close properly, like Blake said.

“Are you going to look for her?” I ask, looking up at him.

“She’ll be fine.” He shakes his head with a chuckle as he catches me about to say “aww” with my bottom lip stuck out. “Fine, I’ll go look for her after I have a shower. She’s probably out the back somewhere following a scent. I know I said she likes you better than me. Now I’m thinking you like her better than me too.”

I smile and wrap my arms around his waist, tilting my head to one side.

“Well…” I shrug my shoulders, breaking into a laugh as Blake hauls me over his shoulder and spanks me on the ass.

“Right, you asked for it! Just for that little bit of cheek, you’re going to suck my cock while I shower.”

“Oh, I am, am I?” I laugh upside down as he carries me up the stairs.

“Too fucking right, you are. And don’t pretend it’s even a punishment. I know you love me coming down your throat.”

“Blake!” I shriek. “Wash your mouth out with soap!”

I giggle as he slaps me again.

“It’s me washing your mouth out, babe. And you know it’s not soap I’ve got for you.”

Half an hour and a special mouthwash later, I’m kissing Blake on the doorstep.

“Call me when you find her, won’t you?”

“Daisy.” He fixes me with a look, bringing his lips to mine one more time. “She’s fine. She does this all the time. She won’t be far. She’s probably been out for a runabout and then walked back home.”


I try to sound convinced. Knowing Blake isn’t worried helps calm my nerves. He says Betsy goes off around the lake by herself all the time. I guess it is like her giant backyard. I’m just not used to it as she’s always been there in the mornings when I’ve woken up with Blake. But we were up late today, so maybe that’s why. Maybe she got fed up waiting for her lazy humans to surface and took herself off for an early morning wander.

I wave at Blake as he climbs into his truck and turns around, honking his horn as he drives off. I watch until he disappears out of sight, and then give the door a gentle push. It swings closed. At least it looks closed. But when I tap it with my finger, it pops back open a crack.

“Huh.” I shake my head at it in surprise.

I can’t believe how stupid I was not to check it properly last night. It must have been open the whole time. Betsy could have been out for hours. I close it and push it hard until it clicks shut.

I head upstairs and get my suitcase from the spare room. Blake said he was going to check at his house for Betsy, and then come back. It’s still early. I’ve got hours until my flight, but I know he wants to spend today together before he takes me to the airport later, so I may as well get the small amount of packing I need doing done now. That way, when he gets back, we can just hang out until it’s time to leave.

I’ve filled half my suitcase when my phone rings.

“Hey.” I smile as I answer.

“Hey, babe. You missing me?”

“You’ve been gone half an hour.” I grin as Blake laughs. The sound makes warmth spread in my stomach.

“Half an hour too long.”

“Did you find her?” I fold a sweater to place in my case, cradling the phone between my ear and shoulder.

“Nah, she’s not here.” Blake blows out a breath, and I detect the first hint of concern in his voice. “I drove all around the lake and further up the road into the forest, calling her. But nothing.”

I drop the sweater and take the phone into my hand.

“Where else would she be?”

“I don’t know. I might just head into town quick and ask if anyone’s seen her.”

“That’s a good idea.” Hope Cove is a small community. People know Blake and Betsy. Especially since his TV show. If someone’s seen her, then they will recognise her. “Shall I come with you?”

“It’s okay. I won’t be long. I’ll pick us up something for dinner while I’m there.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

We say goodbye and hang up.

I’m sure she’s having fun somewhere. Chasing a rabbit or something, probably. That’s the most likely explanation.

I try to keep packing, but my mind keeps wandering back to the unease I felt when Mick said Rocket had to be kept in at the vets following his check-up. The non-existent check-up that Mick invented to cover up his twisted lies.

I sit back on the floor of the spare room and stare at my half-packed suitcase as that same creeping dread seeps through my veins. Instinct told me back then, and it’s telling me again now.

Something is wrong.


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