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Captured by Mr. Wild: Chapter 20


    at Sam on the main reception desk as I breeze past toward the spa entrance.

“Someone woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.” He waggles his eyebrows at me as I glance back over my shoulder and see Blake’s truck pulling away outside.

“I sure did.” I grin back, thinking about the wake-up Blake gave me this morning after he and Betsy stayed all night.

“Well, happiness suits you. Have a good day!” Sam calls after me.

“Thanks, Sam. You too!”

I’m humming to myself as I walk into the spa, a box containing the homemade products for Maria in my arms.

“Oh, my goodness, you’re here!” Maria claps her hands in delight as she sees me enter, and hurries over to help me with the box.

“It’s okay, it’s not heavy.”

We both rest it down on the counter and she opens the top, peering inside.

“Dee!” she gasps, lifting out a glass jar and unscrewing the lid to smell the smooth hand balm inside. “These are perfect! Thank you so much! Honestly, you do not know how much better I feel about this meeting now.”

“You all ready, then?” I glance behind her to where twenty sleek, black, ribbon-handled gift bags are lined up, a beautiful deep teal tissue paper spilling out over the top of each one.

“I am now that you’re here.” She grins as she distributes the jars amongst the gift bags. I reach into the box and help her.

“These look beautiful, Maria. There’s no way Mr. Parker will not want to open a branch of your spa in his hotel when he meets you and sees what you’re capable of.”

Maria lifts her shoulders and grins. “I hope so, Dee. It would be an incredible opportunity.”

“Will you get to be involved much?” I ask as I watch her tuck her long, shiny hair behind her ear.

“I will if I have my way.” She chuckles. “I want to pick the products myself, design the treatment menu… This spa is my baby, and the new one will be too. I don’t want to just leave anyone running it and making the decisions.”

I smile as I watch the concentration on her face as she counts off the bags and double checks each one has everything. This is her baby, all right. She’s dedicated and professional. But it’s her passion for what she does that sets her apart from most people I’ve met in my life. It’s obvious how much she loves this place. She puts her heart into it.

“Okay.” She rubs her hands together, bringing them into a prayer position against her red lips. “I think I’m ready. I’ve just got time to make myself presentable.”

My eyes drop over her immaculate black suit dress and red heels.

“This is you not looking presentable?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Oh, no, this…” She looks down at her dress. “… this is fine. It’s my hair. I should tie it up.”

“What? No!” I smile as I realize how loud that came out. “Sorry, it’s just… you have the most beautiful hair. Seriously, it’s like a shampoo advert. I think you should keep it down.”

Maria runs a hand down over it as she looks at me. “Really? You don’t think he’ll think it’s unprofessional. It’s so long.”

“No. I think it’s beautiful, and it looks smart all straight like that.” I nod at her as she looks at me, unconvinced. “Seriously, what I’d give to have my hair back that length.”

Maria tilts her head as she studies me. “How blonde are you naturally?”

I screw up my nose and shake my head. “Almost baby blonde, would you believe?”

Her eyes study my hair, which has almost grown long enough to skim my shoulders now.

“I do believe,” she says slowly as she reaches up and fingers a strand between her fingers gently.

It’s not as dark as when I first arrived in Hope Cove. All the sun and swimming in the lake has faded it. But it’s still a far cry from what it used to be like.

Maria’s still studying me, her lips pursed as she takes her hand back. “Dee, I’ve got to get myself ready. Mr. Parker will be here soon. But don’t go home after your shift today until you’ve seen me, okay?”

“Sure.” I watch as she heads toward the door. “Maria? Good Luck!” I call out and smile as she turns back to me.

She holds both hands up in the air with her fingers crossed and then heads out the door.

“Knock, knock!” I call from the bottom step of Blake’s porch.

I’m not sure why I’m worried about just walking around to the back porch. It’s probably where he and Betsy are. But it feels intrusive when I’ve only been at his house a couple of times before.

A scuttling of paws echoes on the wooden boards as Betsy appears around the corner and makes a beeline for me, her tail swaying around like a wind-up toy that’s gone haywire.

I grin as I bend to stroke her. She fusses around me, whining and trying to lick my face.

“Hello, gorgeous girl,” I coo, giggling as she almost knocks me over. “Where’s that daddy of yours?”

“He’s over here, picking his jaw up off the floor.”

I look up and straight into Blake’s glowing green eyes as they rake me in from head to foot, coming back to rest on my face.

And my hair.

“Maria did it as a thank you for helping her.” I smile nervously as I run my hand through the soft strands.

“You look…” He walks over to me and I take his outstretched hand so he can pull me to my feet. His eyes roam over my face again, and he grins. “You look amazing.”

“It’s all Maria. I can’t take any credit.” I feel heat rush to the surface of my cheeks as Blake continues to take his time studying me.

“She may have done it, babe. But it’s all you. There’s no doubt about that.”

He reaches a hand up and strokes it through my now light, golden strands. They’re still not as fair as they once were, but Maria said she couldn’t strip all the dark out in one go without damaging my hair. Another lift and toner, and some time, and I should be back to my natural color before long. It feels strange to be blonde again after so long being dark. I chew on my lip as Blake’s eyes continue to roam over my face.

He brings both hands to cup my cheeks and gives me a look so intense that it steals the breath from my lungs in one fast rush.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispers before dropping his lips to mine and kissing away any self-consciousness I felt moments ago.

“You like it, then?” I murmur as I smile against his lips.

“I fucking love it. It’s going to be like having sex with a whole new woman tonight!”

I laugh and push him playfully in the chest. “And who says you’ll be having sex tonight at all?”

He sucks in a breath as he rounds his lips into an ‘O’. “Ouch, babe. Careful with all that talk. I’ll start to think you don’t like me.” He chuckles as I jab at him again.

“Who says I do?” I grin at him.

“They do.” He arches a brow and drops his eyes.

I follow his gaze to the pale blue cotton of my sundress I changed into after work. My nipples are hard as marbles and straining beneath the fabric.


“Yep. Oh.” He smirks as he places a palm over my breast and squeezes it, pulling my nipple between his thumb and finger just enough to make me suck in a sharp breath.

“Blake,” I moan as he looks down at me.

His eyes sparkle as he lifts his other hand and runs his thumb back and forth across my lower lip.

“I like hearing you say my name.” He smiles before tilting his head down to my ear. “And I love hearing you scream it.”

I rest both hands against his chest as I dip my head and giggle when his breath against my neck sends tingles throughout my body.

How can I answer that? I have screamed his name. A lot. And it’s only getting louder each time. It’s not just my voice screaming it anymore. It’s my entire body, and my mind.

And my heart.

The thought catches me off guard, and I stumble back a step. Blake wraps his arm around my waist, steadying me.

“You okay?”

I nod as I sneak a look up at him. He gives my waist a squeeze and then lets go.

“Wait here.” He smiles, then whistles to Betsy, who follows him inside obediently.

I wrap my arms around myself and turn to gaze out over the lake. This is one of my favorite times of day. When the sun is right below the horizon, its last rays reflecting off the water’s surface, glittering like diamonds.

I love this place. I love this place so much. If I could stay here forever, then I would. But my aunt’s house will have to be put up for sale soon. There’s no other option. I can’t magic up money out of thin air to buy my dad’s half. And he needs that money. I know he’s playing down just how much he and Mum need it, as they don’t want to worry me. But I know they’re going to struggle if they don’t get it soon.

But the thought of going home—if I can even call it that—makes my stomach lurch. I’ve never liked to think about the day I have to go back before. But now? Now, even just a second’s thought about it has my chest feeling like someone’s ripping it open.

“Come on then, blonde bombshell.” Blake’s deep, flirtatious laugh pulls me back into the moment. I turn and he’s holding up a couple of bottles in one hand, and a thick padded blanket in the other. “Let’s sit on the jetty.”

I follow him down his porch steps, across the grass and down to the end of the small wooden jetty, which extends out over the lake. There’s a matching one on the opposite side by my aunt’s house. We used to have swimming races from one to the other as kids when I stayed here.

“Where’s Betsy?” I ask as Blake spreads the thick blanket out and pulls me down onto it with him.

“She’s got a new bone inside. It’ll keep her busy for hours.”

I turn to look at him. “You bribed her?”

“Now why would I do a thing like that?” The corners of his mouth curl up as I narrow my eyes at him.

“I don’t know. Why would you?”

He lets out a deep, throaty chuckle, which makes my stomach flip as he passes me a cold bottle of fruit cider.

“Where has this mistrust come from?” He leans back on to one muscular arm as he clinks his bottle against mine. “To blondes having more fun.” He winks.

“Um, try from comments like that!” I laugh as I watch him lift his bottle to his lips and take a long drink. His neck contracts as he swallows, and the short dark hair running up it and over his jaw draws my attention. I know how those dark brown rough edges feel under my fingers, in the crook of my neck, against my lips… between my legs.

He smirks at me as he lifts the hand holding his bottle to my chin and gently pushes my mouth closed.

I didn’t realize it was open.

“How’d it go today? For Maria?”

I take a long, cool drink as I look out over the lake’s calm surface. Even though it’s early evening, it’s still hot.

“It went well, from what she said. Mr. Parker, the guy from New York, seemed impressed with the spa. And Maria said he wanted to talk contracts with her, so that’s got to be a good sign, surely?”

“Yeah. That’s great news for her. Must have been our contribution that won him over.” Blake’s eyes crinkle at the corners as he looks at me.

“You make a few bars of soap and some pots of hand balm. My recipe, by the way.” I tap my finger against my chest. “And suddenly you’re an expert!”

Blake throws his head back and laughs. “You’re putting words in my mouth now, babe.”

“It’s what you meant, though.” I smirk at him as he reaches over and pulls me down onto my back on the blanket. He rises to hover above me on one elbow, taking my bottle and placing it down with his.

His eyes glitter. “I could have said it was all down to the way I can whip that sweet cream of yours up into little peaks, using just one hand.”

“Oh, you could, could you?” I tease as he leans down, dusting his lips over mine.

“Then you wouldn’t have needed to put words in my mouth. You could put something else of yours in there for me.” He grins at me as he snakes a hand behind my neck and lifts my mouth to his.

His kiss is warm, deep, hypnotic. I fall into it and lose track of how long he’s wrapped around me. How long I’m under his complete control. It could be minutes. It could be hours. Either way, it’s not enough, and I’m reaching back for him the second he pulls away.

“Someone missed me.” He sucks my bottom lip between his teeth, and I arch my back away from the blanket to get closer to him, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

“Suppose someone did? Don’t go thinking you’re special or anything.” I grin at him as he shakes his head and kisses me again, his tongue finding mine and proving how weak my words are as I melt underneath him and pull him closer.

Special is a word made for Blake Anderson.

He pulls back, his face inches from mine as our breathing matches one another’s.

“Tell me what you want, babe. Anything. Anything you want.”

His green gaze darkens with desire as he slides one hand up my thigh and underneath my dress, hooking his thumb into the elastic at the side of my panties.

“I want…”

“Yeah?” He presses his lips to my neck as he slips his hand into my panties, stroking my skin, which is already slick with arousal.

I suck in a breath, pressing my nose against the side of his face as his mouth finds my ear. I can smell his familiar scent. One that calls to me like no other. I swear I will recognise it for the rest of my life. How can I ever forget?

“What do you want, babe?” he asks again. The warmth of his breath sends goosebumps up my arms.

“I want to stay out here, watching the sunset with you. I want…” My eyes roll back in my head as he sucks the flesh of my neck between his soft lips, grazing his teeth over my delicate skin.

“You want me to make you feel good?” he murmurs softly.

“Yes,” I whisper breathily as he trails kisses down my neck to my collarbone.

“You want me to show you how I can’t get enough of you?”

I wriggle underneath him, peeling my spine away from the blanket as he pulls one strap of my dress down over my shoulder and kisses my warm, bare skin.


“You want me to tell you what it does to me when I see you opening up for me?”

“Yes,” I whimper as he twists the hand he has inside my panties, bunching up the fabric in his fist and pulling them down my legs.

“You want me to bury my head in this sweet pussy and get you so wound up, even screaming my name won’t be a release enough for you?” His voice has dropped deep, and sounds strained.

I can feel blood pulsating between my legs, my body at his complete mercy. There’s no question over who is in charge of it when Blake is close.

“Yes. I want all of that.”

“I can never say no to you, babe.” He flashes me a dark smile and then pushes my dress up over my hips and moves down my body, crashing his lips down against my wet skin.

“God!” I cry out, pulling my head up to watch as his hot mouth seals over my clit and sucks.

“Not God, babe. Blake.” He chuckles as I hiss at him and drop back onto the blanket.

He returns his attention to my hot skin, which is throbbing in anticipation. Begging for him to burrow himself inside it. His warm lips kiss me all over and then part to let his tongue slide out and lick me in long, teasing strokes. I’m panting, writhing underneath him, grabbing fistfuls of his hair. But I don’t care. All I care about is having Blake as close as he can get. I need him, ache for him. Each stroke of his tongue has me teetering closer and closer to the edge.

“That’s so good,” I moan as he slides both hands underneath my ass and lifts, stretching me open and presenting my pussy to his mouth, ravaging it as though he’s addicted, and I’m his drug.

The rough stubble from his beard grazes between my ass cheeks as he slides his tongue up inside my body and circles his thumb over my clit.

“Fuck!” I throw an arm over my face as every muscle in my body tenses.

A muscular arm reaches up and grabs my chin, forcing it down so I have no choice but to move my arm and open my eyes.

His eyes blaze into mine. I thought fire was red, and the hottest flame blue. But right now, I know without a doubt, it’s green. As his deep emerald eyes hold mine captive, I come apart. Every nerve ending in my body knits to the one next to it, forming an intricate network of electricity that explodes over my skin, pulsing in my veins, burning rivers through my flesh. I shudder and shake underneath his touch as my orgasm tears through me.

I cry out as my thighs clamp tight around Blake’s head. He forces them open and rises to his knees. I barely have time to blink, my eyes trying to focus on him and the sunset sky behind as he throws his t-shirt off and slides his shorts down his legs.

Then he’s over me, his hard, thick cock pushing into my body like it belongs there.

Like it owns every inch inside me.

“You’re fucking everything.” His eyes gaze into mine as he thrusts deep, my body being forced against the blanket so hard that I can feel each joint in the boards of the jetty underneath me scraping against my back.

“You have no idea how glad I am you came back.” He juts his chin forward as I grip on to his biceps and shake below him.

My orgasm hasn’t fully left my body. It’s hanging on by a thread, ready to wind back up and explode all over again.

“Blake.” I screw my eyes shut as my toes tingle.

“Look at me,” he growls.

I open my eyes and stare back at him. Stare as he loses himself inside me, burying the past with each deep hit. Sweat is running down both of us. A bead falls from Blake’s face onto my lips, and my tongue darts out to lick it before I even think about what I’m doing.

I’m panting, my breath stolen from my body each time he drives into me, the tension growing throughout each limb as he fucks me harder than anyone ever has before. His eyes never break contact with mine as his jaw tenses, and I know… I know what’s coming. And that’s all it takes to send me crashing over the edge, screaming out his name and burying my fingers into his skin as I clamp down around him and come with an earth-shattering force.


He rests his forehead against mine, his eyes burning a hole right through my body and into my soul as his cock jerks deep inside me and he comes with a force that fires a groan from his lips.

“Fuck!” he hisses, pushing himself deeper inside me.

His eyes pinch at the corners as though he’s fighting to keep them open. But he does. He keeps them fixed on mine as his breath comes in ragged gasps.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Then with a final growl all the way from in his chest, his lips part again, and I hear the words murmured on his lips before he kisses me.

My Daisy.”


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