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Captured by Mr. Wild: Chapter 19


    are wearing that again!” Daisy giggles as I tie the apron strings around my back.

“What? I can’t risk having your cream spraying all over my clothes again, can I?”

Daisy’s face creases up as she looks at me. “Fine.” She holds up a hand. “I won’t say another word.”

“I find that hard to believe.” I wink at her as she gasps.

“Blake Anderson! You’re so rude.”

I walk over to her and dip my mouth to her ear. “Only with you, babe.”

She shakes her head with a smirk and turns her back to me, opening a high cupboard and reaching up to a shelf with bowls on.

“Need a hand?” I move behind her.

“No, thanks. I’ve got it.” Her fingers wrap around a bowl and she lifts it down.

“I wasn’t talking about the bowl.” I grin at her as I wrap a hand around her waist and spin her, pulling her up against me. I ease my thumb under the fabric of her t-shirt and stroke her hip bone as I stare into her eyes.

She tilts her head back to look up at me, her lips parted. “I thought the other day was the last time.”

My thumb freezes against her skin. “Really?”

Her eyes drop to my lips and back up, and I watch as she licks her own. “Yes.”

I stroke her skin again, more gently this time.

“Did you want it to be?” I lean closer to her, placing my other hand up on her neck. Her pulse beats out a fast rhythm beneath my fingertips.

Her bright blue eyes search mine as she opens her mouth. “I…”

Betsy’s sudden bark has Daisy jumping back from me and clutching her chest. Her eyes flash with something before she takes a deep, steadying breath.

“God, Betsy. You scared me.” She smiles as relief washes over her face and the reason for Betsy’s bark becomes apparent as there’s a knock at the door.

“She must have heard someone coming up the steps. You okay?” I search Daisy’s face for the earlier emotion I saw in her eyes. The same one I heard in her voice the first night I spent with her and she talked in her sleep.


“I’m fine.” She smiles at me brightly, blowing off my concern as she heads to the door and opens it.

I can hear another woman’s voice carrying down the hallway toward the kitchen as Daisy walks back in. A woman with long dark hair, wearing a skirt suit comes in behind her. Betsy jumps up off the bean bag I brought around for her and pads over to say hello.

“Blake, this is Maria, my boss.”

I reach out and shake the woman’s hand after she’s finished giving Betsy a fuss.

“Oh, Blake Anderson! I’ve seen your show.” She smiles warmly at me. There’s no hidden tone like I’ve noticed in a lot of women’s voices when they mention the show.

“You have, huh?”

“Yes. My grandmother loves it! She’s staying with me at the moment.”

“I really need to see what I’m missing. I haven’t watched it. But if your grandmother recommends it…” Daisy’s eyes light up as I grab her around the waist and pull her into my side, widening my eyes at her in a playful warning.

“She sure does. She says she’d go camping any night of the week with you.” Maria grins as Daisy lets out a snort and covers her mouth with her hand. “And your pictures! Oh, my goodness. Ralph showed me some in the store in town you’d given him. I know the hotel would be interested if you’re selling any?” Maria’s eyes light up as she looks at me.

I run a hand around the back of my neck. I’m sure Ralph means well. But those photos are for his eyes only.

“Nah, it’s just a hobby.”

“Oh. Well, if you change your mind…” She smiles at me and then places a dark glass bottle down on the counter.

Daisy gives me a puzzled look, which I return with my best comedy ‘smolder’, causing her to burst out in a giggle.

“I was going to suggest I stay and help for an hour before I head back to finish the products I’m working on. But I can see you’ve already got someone hands-on to assist.” Maria arches an eyebrow at the two of us, her eyes dropping to my apron.

“Thanks, Maria. I think we’ll manage.” Daisy giggles again.

“I’m sure you will. Nice to meet you, Blake.” She smiles at me and then turns to Daisy. “Thank you again, Dee. Honestly, you are a lifesaver! I swear, once I’ve met this Mr. Parker, I’m going to need a vacation to recover.”

“It’s no problem, honestly. I’m more than happy after everything you’ve done for me.” Daisy grins at her and the two of them head back toward the front door as I look over at Betsy.

“Her grandmother likes the show, girl.” Betsy’s eyes light up as I waggle my brows at her. “Yeah, all right. I know they tune in for you, really. You don’t have to rub it in.” She wags her tail and pads over to me, dropping to the floor and rolling onto her back, looking up and waiting expectantly. “Seriously? You want to be the star and get your belly scratched.”

I chuckle as I squat down and pat my hand against her stomach, giving her some love.

“And you said I would make her soft.” Daisy’s leaning against the doorframe, her arms crossed, pushing her perfect tits up as she watches the two of us.

“Playtime’s over, girl. The boss is back,” I whisper to Betsy as I stand.

Daisy shakes her head and tuts, a small smile playing on her lips as she pushes off the frame and heads to the counter, picking up the glass bottle Maria left.

She unscrews the lid and her eyelids flutter closed as she inhales. “That woman is a genius! Blake, come and smell this.”

I move next to her and breathe in as she raises the bottle for me to smell.

“Wow. That smells… erotic.”

It’s deep and spicy… sensual. It reminds me of the massage Daisy gave me. My dick twitches at the thought.

“Incredible, isn’t it? I think she must have used ginseng as one ingredient.” Daisy sniffs it again. “It’s an aphrodisiac.”

“Really?” I smirk at her. “So that massage you gave me at the spa… you drugged me into submission?”

“What?” Daisy’s eyes go wild, and she pushes me in the chest.

I laugh as I grab her hand and turn it so I can kiss her palm. Her eyes are watching my lips against her skin.

“The only thing being drugged is myself.”

Her tongue comes out, wetting her lips as I step closer to her and wrap my other arm around her waist.

“What are you talking about?” I murmur as I lean down and brush my lips over her neck.

Her eyes shutter closed as she lets out a sigh. “I’ve been playing around.”

“Oh, yeah? I like the sound of that. Can I join in?”

I chuckle as she pulls back to look at me and then rolls her eyes.


“I’m sorry. Tell me more about what you’ve been playing with when you’re by yourself.” I grin as I look at her, keeping her firmly encircled in my arms.

“I’m not going to tell you if you can’t be serious.”

“I can be serious!” I relax my face and think about Travis telling a long, boring story. He takes ages to get to the point sometimes.

“You look like you’re about to fall asleep.” Daisy snorts. “Although, that’s kind of fitting, because that’s what I’ve been experimenting with.”

“Sleep?” My arms tense around her at her confession. I know she has nightmares and can’t fall asleep without her waves sound playing. But that’s about all I know.

I wait for her to continue, watching as she chews on her bottom lip.

“Yeah. I’ve been trying out some sleep tonics. Just herbal things to add into a drink before bedtime. I’m hoping it’ll help me sleep better.” Her voice trails off as her eyes fix on a spot on the front of her apron I’m wearing.

“Is it helping?” I watch as a frown crosses her face, followed by a flush in her cheeks.

“I’m not sure. The last two nights, I haven’t taken it.”

“Ah.” I nod as she meets my gaze. “I’ve been delaying the scientific trials.”

Her eyes light up as she smiles at me. “Yeah, something like that. Maybe I should just bottle you. I sleep fine when you’re there.”

I smile back, but before I can say anything, she looks away and carries on talking.

“They seem to help me fall asleep. But as for the rest…”

I take one hand and hold her chin with my fingers, bringing her eyes back to mine.

“Tell me,” I urge softly.

Her eyes scan between mine, and there’s a long pause before she takes a deep breath.

“I have nightmares, Blake. Almost every night. I remember things. Relive them.”

Her face pales, but I never take my eyes off hers as I listen intently.

“Mickey, he used to…” She gulps as her eyes turn glassy. “He used to recite that rhyme to me. You know the one—he loves me, he loves me not.”

My jaw tenses as her eyes return to the spot on the apron and I lower my hand to her waist.

“He’d say it while he plucked the petals out of flowers—daisies, mostly. If it ended on, ‘he loves me not’, then he’d laugh. If it ended on, ‘he loves me’, then he’d say it didn’t count because a daisy isn’t really a flower. It’s a weed in disguise.”

I suck a deep breath in through my nose, gritting my teeth as the pressure in my chest grows.

“Jesus,” I hiss, tightening my arms around Daisy’s waist.

“Blake?” She lays her palms flat against my chest, which is expanding with each deep breath I take as I attempt to control the livid fire that’s lancing through my veins. “I’m not telling you because I want you to get mad or anything. I’m just telling you because…” She lets out a deep sigh, laced with emotion as her shoulders drop. “I’m telling you because you’re my friend, and I’ve never really told anyone. Not all of it.”

I pull her into me and place my chin on top of her head as I stare off into the distance. Thoughts about a million ways to murder a man painfully running through my head.

“So, what happened? Before you came here?”

She presses her cheek against the base of my neck, and I hear her let out a small sigh as she sinks into me. I tighten my hold on her, my nerves grating with unease over what might come from her lips next. I wait for her to speak.

“I told him it was over. That I’d had enough, and that I was fed up with the way he treated me. I said he was a bully and that he made me sick just looking at him.” She takes a deep breath. “I don’t know why I stayed with him for so long, Blake. I always wondered how women end up in those kinds of relationships. Why they don’t just leave. But it’s not until you’re in that situation that you realize how hard it is. It creeps in like a poison, and by the time you know something is wrong, it’s too late. They have you. They worm their way into your head and make you believe you deserve the way they speak to you, the way they use their fists. Make you think it’s your fault.”

She moves her palms from my chest and wraps them around my waist.

“He was charming at first. But it wasn’t long before he changed. It took me a lot longer to catch up and finally see him for what he was. I should have known from his surname—Frost.” She lets out a small, humorless laugh. “Frost always destroys flowers.”

I blow out a long breath through gritted teeth. I’m surprised Daisy is still comfortable in my arms. The fire blazing inside me feels hotter than molten lava. I’ve never wanted to tear someone limb from bloody limb with my bare hands before. Break every bone in their body and make them experience pain more excruciating than the darkest nightmares born in hell could even create.

“If I ever see him—”

“Blake!” Daisy pulls back from me, her eyes wild. “No! He’s caused enough pain. I…” She shakes her head. “Can we just stop talking about him now? Please.

It takes all my strength and some deep breaths to calm myself enough to look into her eyes. I take my hands from around her waist and hold her hands in mine.

“You know what happens after frost, don’t you?”

A line appears in between her brows as she looks at me.

“Spring. When the flowers push their way back out into the world. When they bloom again.”

“Blake,” she whispers, her eyes shining.

“Hey, I’m not trying to upset you, babe.” My chest burns as I look at the water collecting on her lower lids.

“I know.” She nods, giving me a small smile. “And what you just said, it’s actually really beautiful, but… I can’t think about him anymore today. Can we just stop?” Her eyes glance to the bottle Maria dropped around. “Maria is relying on my help, and I can’t let her down.”

I take another deep, steadying breath before squeezing her hands in mine. It’s obvious talking about it has drained her. I can see it in her eyes. I’ll do anything to take away the sadness that’s hiding behind them.

“Okay. Chief Cream Whipper is here, reporting for duty.” I lift a hand and salute her.

Her face relaxes, and she smiles at me. “Good. Try not to cover us both with it this time.”

I open my mouth, but she presses her finger to my lips.

“And no filthy innuendos. Think you can manage that?” she asks as I stick out my bottom lip.

“I want to talk to my union rep,” I mutter, watching as she turns to gather ingredients. Her shoulders shake as she laughs quietly.

“You do that. Right after you finish.”

I smirk as I shake my head and move to stand next to her.

We work in companionable silence, measuring, mixing, melting, and whipping. Until finally, we are surrounded by enough product to fill forty glass jars once it’s cooled.

“I think Betsy got the best deal in this.” I look over to where she’s laid out, dozing.

Daisy smiles as she follows my gaze. “You mean, you’d rather be napping than giving your biceps a workout, making hand cream and soap?”

“I’d rather be giving you a workout.” I grin as I grab her from behind and swoop down to kiss her neck.

She giggles as she tries to fight me off. “I was thinking you were fatigued.”

“What are you talking about now?” I trail kisses up her neck to her ear as I grasp her hips and pull her back against me.

“After last night, you didn’t—”

I spin her around and cover her mouth with mine, pulling her into a deep kiss. Her hands go to my shoulders and she moans into my mouth as my tongue finds hers.

I pull back and rest my forehead against hers.

“You thought just because I didn’t ravish you all night, that I wasn’t secretly hiding how hard my dick was with you in my bed with me?”

“Blake!” Her mouth drops open.

“Come on, babe.” I smirk. “You should know what you do to me by now.”

I kiss her open lips. “And you should also know that I’m not going to keep you up all night riding my cock with your fantastic tits on display, when I could sense that’s not what you needed.”

She cocks her head to one side, her eyes roaming over my face. A low groan builds in my throat.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” She widens her eyes at me.

“Like you’re picturing what I just said.”

“I’m not.”

My stomach drops in disappointment. “Oh.”

Daisy glances over at Betsy, who’s still asleep, before looking at me from under her lashes. Her pink lips part as she stands on her tiptoes and brings her lips to my ear. Her sweet breath dances against my skin as she whispers, “I’m picturing riding your face first.”

I grab her face in my hands and fix my eyes on hers. “You mean that?”

She bites her lip and nods.

“Then what the fuck we still doing in here?”

She giggles as I grab her around the waist and hoist her over my shoulder, carrying her upstairs to the bedroom. I throw her down onto the bed and fall back onto it next to her.

“Get that sweet pussy on my face, babe.” I grin at her as I lose the apron and yank my t-shirt up over my head.

She hesitates for a fraction of a second as she smiles at me.

My next word comes out as one low growl.



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