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Captured by Mr. Wild: Chapter 15


    about leaving.”

My eyes drop to Daisy’s pink lips, which are a deeper shade from all our kissing. Her cheeks are flushed too, and her eyes bright.

She’s fucking stunning.

“Why?” I lean forward and tease her lips apart again, sliding my tongue in to find hers.

Fuck, this woman. She tastes like vanilla and mint. I want to devour her.

My cock twitches in its position, nestled deep inside her, preparing to go again.


Her arms have left their place from around my neck, and her palms are pressing gently against my chest.

“Yeah?” I murmur, holding her tighter in my arms as she lets out a small giggle and wriggles.

“I’m already late closing up. Someone could come from reception any minute to check if everything’s okay.” Her eyes meet mine and there’s a hint of some hidden emotion in them as she pulls her lip between her teeth.

“You telling me you don’t want them to walk in and find you sitting on a client’s cock?” I draw my lips into a straight line and hold a serious expression on my face.

Her eyes widen and her sweet lips drop open into the perfect ‘O’ before she narrows her eyes and swats me on the chest.

“Blake Anderson, you’re bad.” A smile creeps over her face as I wink and shrug my shoulders at her.

“If it makes you smile, then I’ll be the devil himself.”

She snorts out a giggle as she lifts herself off me. I catch a faint sigh on her lips as we become two separate bodies again.

I stand and walk over to the chair where I laid my clothes, dressing silently as I watch Daisy retrieve her clothes and do the same.

“Okay. You ready?” She smoothes her white dress down with her palms as she looks over at me. Her brow creases suddenly, and she purses her lips. “Turn around.”


She twirls a finger in the air. “Blake. Turn around,” she huffs out.

I shake my head, puzzled, and do as she says. It’s only when I hear the running water and her squeezing out a washcloth that I understand what she’s doing.

“I could do that for you.” I turn my chin back over my shoulder.


I catch her glare before I turn back around, my shoulders shaking with a silent chuckle.

“Oh, yeah. It’s so funny, isn’t it? It’s all right for men.” She tuts, although it’s clear her voice has no real malice in it. She finishes up and then walks over to me.

“You know it’s kind of hot.” I drop my voice as I look at her pink lips.

“What is?” Her forehead creases as she grabs the towels off the bed and places them in a laundry hamper.

“Knowing that part of me is still inside you.”

Her eyes snap up to mine and her cheeks flush.

I fix her with a heated stare. “Knowing you’re still feeling me afterward. I love it.”

I watch as her throat constricts as she swallows, seeming to take great effort to do so.

God, I love that throat.

“Do you?” It comes out as a whisper, barely there.

“I do.” My eyes search hers as we stare at one another.

“Blake…” Daisy looks like she’s about to say something else, but instead heads to the door and opens it. “Come on. I’ll walk you out.”

I look at her, understanding that she isn’t ready to talk about anything else yet. But when she is… I’ll be waiting.

“It’s okay. What needs doing? I can help.”

Her pretty face tilts to one side as she wrinkles her nose. “What do you mean?”

“I mean”—I walk over to her at the door and take hold of her chin, running my thumb over her swollen bottom lip—“what can I do to help close up?”

She processes my words before taking a step back so she’s out of reach.

“There’s no need for that. I’m fine.”

I tip my head down and shake it as my hands go to my hips. “You’ve always been stubborn.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Daisy crosses her arms over her chest as she waits for me to answer.

“It means you aren’t getting your way tonight. Don’t tell me you thought I was going to leave and not offer to take you home?”

She stays silent.

I chuckle. “Tough. You’re not walking home alone when I’m right here, neighbor.” I cock a brow to go with my smirk as I watch her let out a small huff of air.

“Fine. But only because I don’t have the energy to argue with you again.” She eyeballs me, but I’m sure I see her lips twitch at the corners.

“I never have the energy for arguing with you,” I say softly, watching as she pulls her bottom lip between her teeth and holds my gaze.

She seems to realize I’m not going anywhere and gives me a small smile. “I suppose it will be quicker…”

I clap my hands together. “Great. Now that’s sorted, what do you need me to do?”

Fifteen minutes later, we are in my truck, heading back home. Daisy’s been staring out of the window. I can see her reflection in the glass. Her brow is furrowed, and she’s chewing on her lip. Again. I don’t want to break into her thoughts, though.

My eyes drop over her long, tanned legs, which look even bronzer in contrast to her white uniform. I return my eyes to the road and clear my throat.

“Hey, Blake… you just sailed right past!” Daisy turns to me, confusion on her face as she points out the window to her driveway, which is growing smaller in the rear-view mirror.

“No, I didn’t.”

“You did!” Her eyes widen as she jabs the glass of the passenger window with her finger. “How many times have you driven this road in and out to your house, and you can’t recognise my driveway?”

“I recognised it.” I shrug, enjoying the game.

“Then why…?” Daisy’s innocent blue eyes roam over my face.



“I had to come home for her last time. And look how that turned out. You had me on your hit list.” I chuckle as I pull the truck up outside my place and kill the engine.

“So, you’re going to check on her and then drop me off at home? It would have only taken a minute, Blake. I could have gotten out at the bottom of the drive. You’d have saved yourself the extra journey. In fact, I’ll walk back from here.” Daisy hops down out of the truck and is already at the back of it with her bag slung over her shoulder as I grab hold of her wrist and pull her so she crashes up against my chest.

“Who said anything about you going home?”

She looks up at me from under her long lashes, her clear blue eyes searching mine.

“Stay here with me. All night.” I tuck a stand of hair behind her ear and reach up to hold either side of her face as I lower my mouth to hers and kiss her tenderly.

It takes all my restraint not to push her back against the smooth metal of the truck and sink to my knees in front of her. It’s been too long since I tasted her.

Too fucking long.

“Blake…” Her eyes dart around frantically.

I suck in a breath as I wait to see what excuse she’s going to come up with.

“Hey…” Her eyes fill with warmth and her face breaks into an enormous smile as she bends down to greet Betsy who’s run over from the porch to greet us. Betsy’s whining and dancing around on her paws, her eyes bright and eager as Daisy runs her hands over her deep chocolate coat.

My dog gets a better response than me, huh.

I open my mouth, deciding to use this to my advantage.

“Betsy will be disappointed if you leave now.”

Daisy glances up at me, a smirk on her face. “Is that so?”

She’s not fooled.

“Yeah,” I nod, “it is so.”

She ruffles Betsy’s ears as she gazes into her eyes. “Maybe I could come in for a bit, then. Give you a goodnight cuddle before I walk home?”

Betsy lets out another whine, her tongue darting out and attempting to land a lick right on Daisy’s face. She’s quick though and moves just in time.

“No tongue kisses.” She giggles.

“Nope. They’re just for Daddy.” I grin as I pull Daisy to her feet and into my arms, pressing my lips to hers and sliding my tongue between her lips in search of hers. She doesn’t resist. In fact, I’d say from that little sigh she just made, that she likes it.

She likes it a lot.

“Fine. I’ll come in for a drink. Then I’m walking home,” she says when I finally let her go.

I say nothing; just grin. I take her hand and lead her to the front door. Betsy races ahead excitedly, bouncing on her back legs as she waits for me to open it. As it swings open, she races inside, straight to her basket of toys, and comes back with one proudly held in her jaws.

I groan inwardly as I see a flash of brown and green.

Thanks for that, Betsy.

“Who’s this?” Daisy holds out a hand and Betsy takes great care presenting her prize into Daisy’s palm.

“Just an old toy.” I scoop it up and toss it over the room where it lands on the sofa. Betsy’s having none of it and retrieves it with more speed than an Olympic sprinter, once again bringing it back to Daisy.

“Fuck, Betsy. You’re killing me here, girl,” I mutter, leaning down and wrapping my hand under her jaw. I rub her chin, melting a little when her big brown eyes look back at me.

Daisy’s turning the small, knitted doll over in her hands with pure delight on her face. Her brows shoot up her forehead.

“Blake, is this—?”

“Yes, it’s me.” I blow out a breath as I rake a hand back through my hair.

Her eyes dance as she looks up at me. “But who made it?”

I look at the doll in Daisy’s hand. It’s a pretty good likeness, as far as knitted dolls go. He’s got dark brown strands of hair, and they even gave him lumps of muscles underneath his army green cargo pants and t-shirt.

“Blake’s Babes,” I murmur, heading over the polished hardwood floors of the open living and dining area toward the kitchen. I flick the kettle on and get out a couple of mugs.

“Your fan group?”

I thought I’d said it quietly. Obviously not quiet enough.


It goes quiet and I chance a glance up. Daisy’s crouched down, one arm around Betsy, talking softly to her as she holds the toy. I strain my ears but can only make out one word.


I grin to myself as I watch them.

“She’s taking good care of him for you.” Daisy’s eyes light up as she looks over at me, catching me staring.

I huff out a laugh as she stands and walks over. “He’s not mine.”

“I don’t understand.”

“They sent him for Betsy. They may be called Blake’s Babes, but I swear they’re Betsy’s fan club. She gets way more love than me.”

Daisy throws her head back and laughs. “Do you want me to get out the world’s smallest violin so you can play it?”

I keep my face straight as I lift the box of herbal tea bags, waving them in front of her nose. “Just for that, you can forget getting one of these.” I turn to throw them in the cupboard.

“Wait!” Daisy grabs my hand and prises the box from my grip. “Blake Anderson, what is this?” She dangles the box between her thumb and forefinger as though it’s some racy little number, and not a box of herbs shoved in little individual, brewable bags.

I smirk at her. “It’s the fucking Holy Grail. What do you think it is?”

She narrows her eyes at me, returning my smirk. “I know you don’t drink herbal tea.”

“I don’t. They’re not mine.”

I watch her face fall before she recovers, her voice suddenly taking on a polite formality. “Whose are they, then? Cindy’s? No!” She holds up a hand. “Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. It’s none of my business.”

I take them back from her and drop one into each mug, my eyes studying her face. “They’re Holly’s.”

“Oh.” The corners of her mouth turn down and she looks over at Betsy who’s laid out on her beanbag, giving knitted Blake some love—licking his hair down over and over so it looks worthy of a bad comb over joke.

“My sister-in-law.” I pour boiling water over each bag and watch as Daisy’s face relaxes.

“Oh, yes. Of course. Jay’s wife.” Her voice is lighter, and she looks back at me, her eyes meeting mine, before a flush creeps over her cheeks.

“And you’re wrong.” My hand grazes hers as I hand her the steaming mug of peppermint tea.


“It is your business.”

The flush deepens in her cheeks as I tip my head to the side door. She follows me as I unlatch it and slide the entire thing open, revealing the porch, and beyond it the lake, lit only by moonlight.

“So, this is where you two hang out.” She follows me and sinks down into one of the giant sofas and it practically swallows her up. “It’s like a big warm hug.” She sighs and then giggles.

If I were to close my eyes and just listen, I could believe we were seventeen again. Her voice has taken on a new lightness tonight, one that I haven’t heard since she came back. She almost sounds carefree—the way she used to.

“Sure is.” I clink mugs with her as I sit down next to her, my thigh resting snugly against hers. Her eyes dart from our legs to the other big, empty sofa alongside us and back again. “Problem?” I ask, keeping my gaze fixed ahead on the lake.

She blows across the top of her mug. “No.”

“Good.” I sigh as I stretch my free arm out and wrap it around her shoulders.

I can see her look at me from the corner of my eye. Her eyes trace over my face and down to my jaw as I take a mouthful of tea.

“How’s the tea?” She turns to look out at the lake.

“Thirst-quenching.” I smack my lips together.

She giggles. “I never thought I’d see you drinking tea on your back porch. What the hell happened while I was gone?”

I chuckle. “I know how I’m perceived. All brawn, no depth. It’s not all muddy workouts and drinking raw eggs.”

“Blake, I didn’t mean it like that.” Daisy turns to me, her eyes fixed on mine, worry growing in them.

“Hey, I know you didn’t.” I smile at her. “I’m not offended. It is what it is. I know how some people see me, and that’s their choice.” I rub my hand up and down her arm, where I can feel goosebumps forming. “You’re getting cold.”

She ignores my comment. “You honestly don’t care what other people think about you? About your job? What you do? Who you are?” Her blue eyes search mine, confusion, and something else hidden in their depths.

“Why would I?” I shrug as I study her. “They only know a part of who I am and what I’m about. If they choose to fill in the rest themselves and get it wrong… who cares? I know who I am. Other people’s opinions of me don’t define me.”

I learned fast growing up that you can never please everyone. People assume because my brother is stupid rich and successful that I should be jealous. But I’m not. I’m happy for him. He’s doing something he loves, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s settled and enjoying living his life. Just like I love mine. I get to work outside and be active, help people, and have Betsy with me.

I’d say I’m pretty fucking lucky.

Daisy’s eyes haven’t left mine. It’s like she’s searching for the answer to something in my words.

“You’re strong though, Blake. You can handle it if people don’t like something you do. Even if they judged you for it, you’d not care.”

I frown. “You’re strong too, Dee. Why am I sensing you don’t think you are?”

She blows out a breath and looks back over the lake. “I’m not strong, Blake. I’m a coward. You’ve no idea.”

The lightness from her voice earlier has vanished. Replaced by something that sounds a lot like regret.

“Hey.” I take her mug and place it down with mine on the ground. “Where’s all this coming from?”

She shakes her head, her shoulders tensing up. “Nowhere. Just ignore me.”

“You’re talking about him?” My chest tightens just at the thought of her ex, and I realize I’m clenching my teeth. “He didn’t deserve you. I’ve told you. Getting away from him was the bravest thing you could do. Why are you questioning yourself over it?”

She turns to me and I swear, in that second, I see inside her. To what he’s done to her. To how he’s left her. The easy-going, upbeat girl I knew, who was like a ray of walking sunshine…


Broken by every vile thing that bastard did to her.

“You don’t understand, Blake. I—”

I cut her off with a kiss as I wrap her in my arms and pull her body against mine. She tenses, her hands on my chest as though she might push me away any second. But then she lets out a small sigh from deep in her chest and kisses me deeply, losing herself for a few precious seconds.

I could so easily fall into her all over again. But I sense that’s not what she needs right now. The look in her eyes moments ago, her hands on my chest, creating a barrier between us. She doesn’t need me to be the guy who thinks he might lose his mind if he doesn’t touch her. She needs the guy who’s been her friend for over a decade.

She needs him.

I pull my lips from hers and reach up to cup her face. “I understand perfectly. Come on, I’m taking you to bed.”

I’m prepared with my counter argument. Ready for the struggle. But she merely nods at me, her body drained of energy. She takes my hand and allows me to walk her to my bedroom.

There’s barely enough light to see, so I turn the torch on my cell phone on and place it on the bedside table as I pull back the covers. I strip down to my boxers, my eyes never leaving Daisy’s as she follows my lead and removes her dress, so she’s standing in front of me in just her white lace bra and thong.

“Here.” I take out one of my t-shirts from a drawer and hand it to her, dropping my eyes as she takes off her bra and slips it over her head.

I pull her down onto the mattress with me and wrap an arm underneath her, so she’s tucked into the side of my chest. She’s so quiet, which only makes my blood boil more in my veins as I begin to understand what a number this guy, Mick, has done on her. She didn’t deserve it. Whatever she’s not told me yet—the thought there’s more makes me sick to my stomach—she sure as hell didn’t deserve it.

Not Daisy.

Not the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.

I reach for my cell phone and turn the torch off as I set the meditation app going. The room fills with the sound of waves crashing against a shore.

I hear her suck in a breath, and then she slowly slides her hand up to rest on my chest.

“Sleep, babe.” I kiss her forehead. “I’ve got you.”


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