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Captain: Chapter 13

Gina just looked at him then glanced over at Desi.

Click grabbed Desi’s hand and pulled her down into the chair next to his. “You got that right brother, we will protect you both.”

Gina looked back at Captain and she saw him nod.

Captain grabbed her hand and tugged her toward the hallway. Gina wasn’t sure what he had in mind but she went with him anyway. Instead of going to his room, he led her to the roof. When they got up there, he walked over to the corner of it and sat down with her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and asked, “So tell me all about Gina Smalls.”

Gina snuggled in and asked, “What do you want to know?”

Captain shrugged. “Whatever you want to tell me I guess. You said your dad wasn’t in the picture and then your mom got married when you were older, how old were you?”

Gina laid her head on his chest and remembered her childhood. “I guess I was about eight when my mom finally got married. My biological dad walked out on both of us when she told him I was on the way. She didn’t seem bitter and she never talked him down to me but she did tell me some men just aren’t ready to be a father. He’s still my dad but I don’t know him. Anyway, she married Jim Smalls when I was eight and he gave me his name. He always treated me like I was his kid. He even made me feel I was part of him and he didn’t have to do that. He was so proud of me when I joined the Marshals because I followed in his footsteps. He’s going to be crushed when Gary gets done.”

Captain shook his head. “How can this pissant do any damage to your career? You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“But I’ve been here for three days and that is too long before I called in that Barrett was here.” Gina shook her head. “According to the world of Gary Felder, he would need to know these things immediately if not sooner.” Shrugging, she reminded him, “But I couldn’t do that could I?”

“Well, you could have.” Captain shrugged. “If you had, Leon could have dealt with the Marshals.”

Gina shook her head. “I wouldn’t do that. Once I learned why he was here, I couldn’t do that to him. Men like Leon? You don’t see them very often do ya? He’s commanding yet he’s also human and will give you respect if you’ve earned it. He’s also a smart man and he didn’t get to be his age by being stupid.”

Captain settled back against the wall and listened to her, then he said, “You gave him your word, do you do that often?”

Gina shook her head. “No, I don’t. I also told him I wouldn’t lie for him and he didn’t expect me to. Most powerful men would demand that you cover for them but he didn’t. Now I’m sure Barrett or one of the others will let it slip that Leon was here but the Marshals aren’t going to find that out from me.”

“So you’ll lie by omission,” Captain argued.

She shook her head. “As far as I know he was here, what he was doing? I can’t and won’t speculate, did I see him take anything away with him? Yes, I did but as far as I know what was in those suitcases I can’t say for sure because I never looked inside them. Was there anything said in speculation? Maybe but I don’t listen to speculation.” She paused to look up at him. “Did you mean all that stuff you said earlier?”

“Hell yeah, I did.” Captain growled. “Where do we go from here? That depends on you doesn’t it? You say you’re a one man woman. Well honey, if you’re looking for a one woman man you found one. Do I want you? Hell yeah I want you. But you have to want me too. This goes both ways. I want you naked and in a bed with me but I won’t force you to be there. I want to taste you and I want inside you but you have to want that too.”

“Damn boy, you don’t mince words. I like that.” She chuckled and looked up at him. “And if I do want that too?”

“Do you?” he asked her again.

“Yeah, I think I do,” Gina told him. “Your kisses make my blood burn and I want more of that. Zeus told us once to get a room and I think we should do just that.”

Captain scrambled to his feet, pulling her up with him then he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the door leading downstairs. They hurried down the stairs and when they got to the hall, Captain led her to his room. When they got to his door, she tugged on his hand. He turned and she pointed to the door beside it in the hall.

Captain nodded. Then he shrugged. “I wanted you close to me but didn’t know how to tell you I was right next door.”

She groaned. “Well, hell…I wished I would have known that. This might have happened sooner.”

Captain stepped closer and reached out to brush a curl away from her face. “I don’t care about sooner, it’s happening now and I can’t wait.” Then he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Fumbling for the doorknob it opened and they almost fell into the room.

He shut the door with his foot and backed her over to the bed, tearing at her clothes while she tore at his. Seconds later, they were skin to skin and Captain took the time to look her over carefully. Her skin was dark and his was pale but they complimented each other so well. She was toned but so was he, she was slim, yet he could see the strength in her body.

He was toned, tanned and she could see his bulging muscles but he wasn’t overly muscled. His skin looked smooth. Reaching out, she touched his chest and traced his hairline down to his waist then she raised her eyes to his face as she reached a little lower and found his hard cock. He shivered at her first touch and groaned as she wrapped her hand around him. She grasped him and began moving her hand.

Suddenly, he groaned again and reached down to tear her hand away. “I want you too bad to let you do that, sweet Gina. I need you to open your legs and let me in,” he whispered.

Gina shivered and opened her legs to him. Captain looked at her and saw her core wet and ready for him. He settled in between her legs and promised her, “I want to taste you but I can’t wait.” He pushed himself into her and groaned, as she felt so tight.

Gina tightened her grip on him as he pushed in further. With a low moan in her throat, she wrapped her legs around his waist and brought him in even further. Captain bottomed out inside her and paused to allow her to get used to his invasion.

“I need you to move now, Cap,” she whispered.

Captain pulled out and pushed in and they both let out satisfied groans. Soon he set a rhythm and they both began the climb, each stroke taking them higher and higher. Captain kissed her and Gina’s blood warmed to a low burn. He lifted his body away from hers and studied where they were joined. “This is what I have wanted for days.” Then he kicked up the speed as he pushed her body up along the bed with his powerful thrusts. He slowed his pace to long, deep strokes as she panted and hung onto him. Lowering his head, he sucked a nipple into his mouth and teased it.

“Ohhh,” Gina let out in pleasure as he switched breasts and did the same to it. Her body arched up as she climaxed.

He ramped up his strokes and then he was joining her over the edge and they were both soaring into the unknown. Filling her completely, he crushed her mouth with his and kissed her hard. Their bodies were joined in the sweetest most sensual of ways as they came together.

They broke the kiss and were panting for air. Meeting gazes they both laughed.

“Beautiful…” He said.

Nodding, she added, “Perfection.”

Then he went to her breasts again, “Can’t get enough…” He began nibbling and licking her skin.

Gina moaned as she felt his lips, teeth and tongue on her. Suddenly, she felt him harden again while he was still inside her. He began rocking in and out of her as he continued to grow inside her. “Now, I know why they call you Captain,” she panted the words out. “You rock the boat haaarrrdd.” She laughed breathlessly.

Pushing his hard cock in and out of her, Gina’s laughter melted away as she looked dazed with pleasure. Now their eyes remained locked in a haze of sensual feeling as they both began that long climb again to the top of the abyss they had just gone over. This time his strokes were deeper and harder. This time she was with him all the way and when they both reached the top, she clenched her muscles and they both came at the same time again.

Captain groaned as he filled her core again and when he was done, he slipped out of her. Settling down next to her, he laid there trying to catch his breath and whispered, “I knew us coming together would be a wild ride but I never expected that.”

Gina was still panting as she laughed. “That was incredible wasn’t it?”

“Incredible?” He snorted. “That was incredible alright but it was so much more than just incredible. It was mind blowing. You aren’t going anywhere without me.”

She looked over at him. “Do you really mean that?”

Captain turned his head and glared at her. “Just try and leave me now. I’ll be the one right on your ass. You belong to me now and I’m not letting you get away. You are my home, my center. I don’t know how it happened so fast but I do know it is true.” He raised her hand to kiss her palm.

Gina felt her eyes tear up at his words. She leaned up and kissed him. He followed her back to the pillow and deepened the kiss. Her blood warmed again and she felt ready for round three. They rolled around the bed and were exploring each other with even more passion than before.

Abruptly, someone pounded on the door and called out that they were wanted in the main room.

Captain broke the kiss and sighed at the intrusion. “If this isn’t important, I’m gonna kill somebody.” He growled.

Gina giggled and said, “I might help you. But I suppose we better go see what’s going on.”

Captain looked frustrated and got up to grab his clothes.

Gina watched him.

When he noticed she wasn’t moving he growled, “You better get up before I forget we were summoned and take you again.”

Gina laughed and said, “You are somethin’ else Cap. Sexy as fuck.” She sat upright. Her hair was all over the place and she looked well serviced.

Captain couldn’t help but smile at her satisfied look and her compliment.

She quickly got dressed and tried to tame her curly hair but in the end, she simply pulled it all back into a ponytail. Then they both went to the door and Captain leaned down to kiss her again. Gina groaned. “Damn, let’s do that again!” She turned to go back to the bed in the room.

Captain laughed as he pulled her to the door, then down the hall.

When they got to the main room, Gina’s smile dropped when she saw Gary standing there. “You got here quick.”

Gary turned and studied her for a moment then he sneered, “I was in the area after our office got word that the office near here had Vincent Raggetti in custody.” He looked her over from head to toe and said, “I can see you fit right in with this crowd. Somehow, I expected better of you Smalls. I really did.”

Captain growled and took a step toward the other man.

Gina pulled him back and glared at Gary Felder. “And I expected more from you too, Gary. Civility would be nice.”

“Civility?” Gary scoffed. “You want me to be civil to a woman who just came out of a bedroom, stinking of sex while everyone else is working on the clock to bring down a family of murderers and thieves? Give me a break!”

This time, Captain brought back his fist and hit him square in the jaw, knocking him out before anyone could stop him.

Gary hit the floor before anyone could move. Everyone just stood there for a moment then all hell broke loose as the Marshal agents scrambled to pick Gary up off the floor while the MC brothers moved to stand with Captain.

This was a faceoff that could lead to disaster.


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