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Bossman: Chapter 23


Predatory. That was the only way to describe how Chase looked at me when I walked into his office. We’d been back at work for a week, and he’d been good about keeping his distance, keeping things professional during the day like I’d asked. But the butterflies in my stomach as I watched his heated eyes follow me told me that was all about to go to shit. Evidently five days was his limit.

Thank God there were other people in the room. Josh was talking as he flipped through blown-up glossies from last week’s photo shoot. The woman in the shots wore sexy, white, lacy lingerie with garters and stockings, yet Chase wasn’t paying one bit of attention. Lindsey, who sat to the left of Josh, pointed to one photo and compared it to another while Chase tracked my every move. I set a binder his secretary had handed me down on the glass table at the other side of the room and put some distance between us by sitting on the adjoining couch.

Chase’s eyes were mischievous when he casually got up from his desk, walked to the little refrigerator built into the credenza, and pulled out a few water bottles. He placed one each in front of Josh and Lindsey as they continued to speak, and then walked over to hand one to me. His eyes blazed as our fingers brushed. He leaned in, clearly not caring if anyone was paying attention.

“Saw this in the hallway outside of your office. Figured you dropped it.” He handed me a Chapstick.

The glimmer in his eye told me to take a closer look, so I did. He’d handed me a Dr. Pepper-flavored Chapstick, and his eyes dipped to my mouth. I smiled like a schoolgirl at how sweet he was—finding a workaround for his not liking my lip addiction.

My answer was to wait until he sat back down behind his desk and then open the tube and slowly line my mouth. Very slowly. When I licked my lips with as much obscenity as I could possibly ooze, Chase looked like he was a few breaths away from clearing the room.

His stare turned feral. I’d just prodded a bull, and I happened to be wearing a red dress. I squirmed in my seat and attempted to avoid his ferocious gaze. But it was impossible. He was just too irresistible, and when he had that dominating glimmer in his eye, he ambushed all of my senses. That was most likely why when no one else was looking and he mouthed Go into my bathroom and take off your panties, I was even considering it.

But these were my rules—if anyone had to abide by them, it should be me. I sat farther back on the couch and continued to listen from a distance, rather than pull a chair up to his desk and join the three of them. Last night Chase had a business dinner, the night before that I’d had dinner with my mother, and earlier in the week one or the other of us had needed to work late each night to catch up from being gone. Because of our schedules, we hadn’t been together since our trip—hadn’t even so much as touched—and I was feeling as needy as Chase looked.

After a while, Chase glanced at the clock and asked if we’d like to order in lunch with him.

“Can’t. Meeting Bridezilla for lunch so she can show me swatches of something I don’t care about,” Josh said.

Lindsey declined, too. “I brought lunch.”

Chase looked to me. “Hungry? How about I order us the same thing we had in Kansas for lunch both days?”

Josh and Lindsey turned in my direction. I smiled at Chase and willed my blush to stay at bay as I remembered what he’d eaten for lunch. Me.

“Sure, that sounds good.” I offered the first explanation that came to mind. “I have a thing for Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

As Josh and Chase finished talking about mocking up some photo ads, Chase walked to his wall of glass and pressed the button for the blinds, concealing his office from the outside hallway.

Even though no one asked, when they were fully closed, Chase said, “Sam would chew my ear off if she walked by and we were holding up glossies of a half-naked model.” He paused and looked at me. “Plus, I like to eat without being watched.”

A few minutes later, we broke for lunch. Chase shut the door behind Josh and Lindsey. When he stared at me and locked the door, I felt the sound of the audible clank between my legs. This is not going to be easy.

Chase had told Josh to leave the glossies so we could look at them over lunch, and I tried to busy myself examining them as I stood at his desk. My eyes closed when he came up behind me, close enough that I could feel the heat from his body and his breath on my neck, but not touching.

“You didn’t take off your panties like I asked.”

“Is that what you mouthed? I couldn’t make out the words.”

He inched closer. “Liar.” Grabbing one of my hips, he pulled me against him. “You want to know what I think?” he whispered. “I think you kept them on because you’re wet, and you’re trying to hide it from me.”

“I am not.”

“Only one way to find out.” Before I could respond, he’d lifted the back of my dress, and pressed his hand against the damp lace of my underwear.

My eyes closed. “Chase…”

He buried his face in my hair from behind, inhaling deeply, then wrapped it around his hand and tugged my head back. “You’re soaked. How long will you stay mad at me for bending you over this desk and fucking you, Buttercup?”

“We shouldn’t.”

“Your mouth says no, but your body is screaming yes.” Shoving everything on his desk to one end, Chase gently guided me down until my chest pressed against the cold wood. Following, he covered my back with his front, and his erection pressed against my ass.

I was fighting a losing battle, but wasn’t going down without at least one more feeble attempt. “What if someone comes?”

“That’s the point.” His teeth found my earlobe and bit down. At the same time, he lifted my hands over my head and wrapped my fingers around the other side of the desk, guiding me to hold on.

I tried again. “I don’t think I can be quiet.”

“I’ll cover your mouth with mine before you come.” Cool air replaced his body as he stood and unzipped his pants. One of his hands tore at my panties, and he hiked my dress up to expose my bare ass. He palmed it in his hand. “This ass. I can’t wait to take it. But not here. I won’t be able to keep you quiet when you have my cock in your ass and my fingers in your pussy at the same time.”

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his fingers pressed down on my swollen clit. He turned my head to the side, leaning down for a kiss, and I sighed into his mouth, murmuring his name as he rubbed his erection against my ass.

“Chase…” I was already on the verge of coming, and there was no way in hell it was going to be quiet.

“Okay.” He abruptly stood, and for a second I wanted to kill him—until I heard the loud tear of the foil packet. I looked back over my shoulder, and, I swear, if I hadn’t already been wet, I would have been after catching a glimpse of Chase. The condom package he’d ripped open was still between his teeth, and he was sheathing his fully hard cock using both hands. I was already weakened and shaky…it was a good thing I was leaning on the desk because my knees almost buckled at the erotic sight.

He wasted no time as he lined up the wide head of his cock and sunk into me.

“Fuuuck,” he groaned as he leaned over and again found my mouth. He kissed me long and hard without moving. Now that he was inside of me—that he’d brought me to the brink of orgasm with his fingers but not finished me off—I needed him to move. The feeling of him filling me from behind was incredible, but I needed that friction.

“Chase…can you….”

“Spread your legs wider. I need to be deep inside of you.”

I didn’t question him. I just widened my stance, opening myself up to whatever it was he needed. In that moment, I no longer cared that we were in his office, that he was my boss, what other people thought of me. The only thing I cared about was him. Him inside of me, moving the way I knew he could to make me feel…


“Say it. Tell me you want me here. Right now.”

“I do. I want you. Please. Please move.”

I whimpered as he reared back and thrust deep. Pulling almost all the way out, he leaned down and angled himself to stroke upward, hitting just the spot, reaching new depths inside of my body. My orgasm didn’t take long to build again, and the second time it came at me with a vengeance—almost as if the first time I’d pissed it off not allowing it to thrum its way through my body. This time, it was going to make sure it was unstoppable.

My body began to shake as he pumped harder, faster, deeper.

“Come, Reese.”

His voice was so strained and gruff, it was enough to push me over the edge. Just as I began to cry out his name, he smothered my sound with a kiss. By the time the last quake had wracked through my body, I felt as if he’d swallowed my orgasm whole…swallowed me whole.

Eventually, my pants became breaths, and the rise and fall of Chase’s chest, plastered to my back, slowed in unison. He kissed my lips gently before going to his en suite bathroom to clean up and bring me a warm washcloth. I breathed out a sigh of contentment, feeling sated and relaxed.

But all that changed when a knock came at the door.


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