Bossed by the Billionaire: Part 3 – Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – Alyssa

My head is spinning. My ass is sore. My stupid pussy is still dripping from the sex I had with my boyfriend in the bathroom.

He left me in there after freshening up, and I quickly locked the door behind him. Yet no matter how quickly, how thoroughly I cleaned up, I can still feel some of him inside of me as I move around the lounge.

Julian is talking with Mr. Monroe. He told me to go to the bar and get a drink on his tab. I can’t decide between a Coke to help sober me up or a hard shot of vodka to settle my nerves again. I order a small beer to rationalize the two. Maybe if I sit down I’ll stop feeling like a slut advertising the fact her hot boyfriend fucked her full of his semen in a public restroom.

Oooookay, so thinking about it that way is kinda hot. Nope. No. Not doing this here. I’m swearing off horniness until we get back to his place.

“Thanks.” I guzzle beer until I can’t anymore. Moment I put my bottle down, I look up to find Mrs. Jasmine Cole on a drink run for her husband.

All the color drains from my face. She looks me up and down and chuckles before placing her order with the bartender.

“You are so in over your head, aren’t you?”

I drink more beer. When will it hit my system? Hurry, alcohol! “You can tell, huh?”

“You’ve got that look.” Jasmine leans against the bar while she waits for her drinks. Her wavy black hair tumbles down her arm and grazes the bar top. Me, on the other hand? I can’t get my stringy brown hair to do anything but tangle. I’ve been using the best shampoo on the market ever since I started dating Julian, but fuck me, I can’t get my hair to cooperate! “Would it make you feel better if I said you get used to it? Assuming you’re into it, that is.”

Is she really talking about this with me? The wife of a billionaire is talking to me about rich guy kink like we’re in the same sorority? “I, uh…” The color comes rushing back to my face. Fuck me, too. I’m so red I’m doing nothing but embarrassing myself. “I’m kinda going along with the flow.”

The drinks land in front of Jasmine. With a sweet smile, she kindly thanks to bartender, both drinks securely in her grip. “Word of advice?” she says to me. “Learn when to get firm with them, too. These types of guys don’t usually know it, but they need women like us to keep their egos in line. That’s especially true for you, dating some guy born into money. At least my husband can remember humility if I sass him enough.”

My face must be dying from the thought of sassing Julian even more than I usually do, for Jasmine laughs before walking away.

“Trust me, hon! You’ve got more power in that relationship than you give yourself credit for. If you’re that worried, consider the fact I married the man I publicly humiliated at one of his boardroom meetings. It’s not because he has a secret humiliation kink, either.” She stops. “Or at least I don’t think he does. I’ll get back to you on that.”

When I finish my beer, I look around the lounge for my boyfriend. The place is starting to thin out. The Coles say goodnight and leave, Ethan Cole’s arm wrapped languidly around his wife as she leads the way. Mr. Monroe spares me a cursory glance before saying something to Julian. Next thing I know, he beckons me over.

What do I do? Sit in his lap? There are no other chairs, and neither man is getting up.

“This man doesn’t believe that you’re my girlfriend,” Julian candidly says. Beside him, Mr. Monroe snorts in amused disbelief. “I’ve told him five times over the course of the day. Don’t suppose you could convince him, could you?”

I glance at the man in question. Damon Monroe shrugs, his signal that I’m under no obligation to play along. Doubtlessly this was a topic of conversation meant to stay between two grown men sharing a drink after a long day of mishaps and meetings, but my glorious boyfriend has dragged me into it.

Thanks, Julian. Not sure what he wants me to do, but Jasmine Cole’s words echo in the back of my head.

I should show them both who’s really boss around here.

Maybe it’s the alcohol that’s made me this brazen, and maybe I’ll pay for it later… but I have no qualms slamming my lips against Julian’s, grabbing his head and shoving my tongue down his throat.

I knock him off balance, a genuine gasp of surprise exploding between us. When I walk away to go to the bathroom for the last time before we leave, I say, “Only his girlfriend could get away with that, Mr. Monroe.”

Back at Julian’s place, I get spanked until we’re both going nuts from how hot it makes us. Mission accomplished.


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