Bossed by the Billionaire: Part 3 – Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – Julian

I’ve never enjoyed spanking a woman so much before.

Alyssa chomps on her lip to keep from crying out in both pain and ecstasy. My hand hits her with the firm touch I always employ with my partners, but this time – from the way her ass jiggles and her whole body shoots up in surprise – I’m entranced.

And dear God, do I want her.

She’s such a trooper. Here I am, introducing her to spanking as one of the greatest kinks for both of us to enjoy, and she’s jumping right in as if she were born to be my sweet submissive. The more I’m with Alyssa, the more I’m convinced this is the relationship we’re both meant to have. Maybe she didn’t know it. Hell, I didn’t know it when she walked into my office a couple of weeks ago.

I tell her to make no sounds. The only thing I can hear is my hand hitting her skirt. Once. Twice. Three solid times. Every time my hand meets her ass, she lets out a tiny wail of surprise.

Her nipples harden. Her faces flushes. When my hand lingers between her thighs after the third spank, I feel the heat of her cunt. A heat that wasn’t there five minutes ago when I looked for it in the lounge.

Those men out there, the ones I’m trying to suck money out of? They’re like this with their wives. They do this behind their closed doors. Everyone’s heard of how Ethan Cole’s wife humiliated him in his own office two years ago. I bet that when they got back together, Mrs. Cole got the spanking of her life.

As for Damon Monroe? He owns the most exclusive BDSM club on the east coast. Need I say more?

It’s as much about my girlfriend as it is about me. Those men are judging me for her faux pas that fucked up their schedules – and mine. Dear Alyssa, I simply can’t let you get away with it. Especially with your tight body reacting the way it is.

I have to have her. My cock is hard in my trousers. Easy enough to fix with a little mind over matter before I go back out into the lounge, but why not take care of it the old fashioned way? After what she put me through today? I deserve to get my dick a little wet before we go back to my place. Besides, didn’t I promise her a reward for taking her punishment well?

Like I said, this is for the both of us to enjoy.

“Julian…” Yes, yes, I know, lovely. You’re happy to have me between your legs too.

“Shh.” My hands happily find their place, snug around her breasts. What are they doing in her blouse, anyway? Time to pop open those buttons and lose myself silly in these lacy cups. Alyssa closes her eyes and leans back against me. Her skirt rides up her ass. All I have to do is unzip my trousers and move aside her underwear… and away we go.

Her eyes remain closed, mouth hanging agape in ecstasy. The only sounds she makes are sweet little whimpers when the head of my cock breaches her cunt, sliding effortlessly into her, every inch begging her to take me more, deeper, farther than we’ve ever gone before.

It’s easier to fuck her if she bends down. So I push her over the sink, her tits sliding against glass and her body instantly opening up to more of me. Ah, yes, this is definitely what I’ve been after all day.

I had planned on taking her home and having my way with her all night. This will have to do, because I can’t help myself. When she’s acting like this? How can I?

“That’s right, Lyssa.” If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s keeping my cool even when my cock is so hard I’m liable to explode at any moment. But I won’t. I’m better than that. It’s a rare moment when I come long before I intend to. Like my business life, I’m in full control of everything. I’ll climax when I damn well want to. And I’m not going to until Alyssa is on the brink, her muscles milking my stiff cock until I have no choice but to join in on the fun. “Take it, my lovely. Take your reward for being such a good girl.”

I don’t intend to spend much longer in here. People must be getting suspicious. There are two bathrooms, but wherever men and women are drinking, people need to go. They also need to fuck. Besides, as hot as this is, it’s not the most comfortable position I can be in with my girlfriend. This is about making a point, anyway.

I will have her wherever I please. Whenever. However. We will reach a point in our relationship where I can get her on her knees in the middle of Sunday Service with one look. And it won’t be to pray.

I’ve been with acclimating women before. I’ve been with lifestyle submissive women. I’ve been with those dabbling in bedroom kink with no intention of going harder than some fuzzy handcuffs and a spank here or there. I don’t want either of those extremes. I want a solid straddling of the middle. I want a woman who is her own… but also mine.

Do you think Alyssa knows she’s mine right now?

“You messed up, lovely,” I say, enjoying the curve of her spine as it bends before me. “Yet you got me to stick my cock in you. How does that make you feel?” I don’t give her time to formulate an answer. I’m bending down, my lips, my breath on her ear. “I bet that makes you feel pretty powerful. And it should. You weave your spell like the best of bewitching women.”

She whimpers. I soon realize why. Her nipples are dragging across the glass sink every time I thrust forward. The woman’s in sensory overload.

She comes without any prompting.

I barely survive it. Her whining, her writhing, her inability to control her inner muscles as they go crazy on my shaft and rub against the head of my cock. Everything about her young, feminine body screams at her to take every bit of me down with her. It’s biology, right?

Right. So I should probably get busy enjoying my own biology.

I unabashedly let loose inside of her. Orgasm feels good anywhere, but always best when it’s inside of a beautiful woman. Last time I did this to her, she made such a beautiful face that I dreamed about it all night.

She makes it again. She may not be a virgin to what I can do to her in there, but it obviously turns her on.

Suppose I’m too controlled through all of this. One of us has to be. I’ll let her reap all the physical, emotional benefits while I stave off my insatiable appetite for her body.

I’ll lose myself in her, body and soul, later tonight. For now, I’ll up the kink factor by pulling out and leaving her to deal with the mess. She’ll know what to do.


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