Bossed by the Billionaire: Part 3 – Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Julian

I receive a call in the middle of the night. It takes me a few moments to wake up, disengage my body from Alyssa’s, and turn over deftly enough to find my phone on the nightstand.

The call is from Stu. He wouldn’t call me after midnight unless it was truly important.

“Yes?” I growl into the phone. He better make this good.

Alyssa stirs beside me, half-awake. Her hand strokes my chest, and it’s almost enough to lull me back into sleep.

“I found out who is leaving those notes in Bradley’s office.” I do love how no-nonsense this man is. “Since you asked me to look into it tonight, sir.”

Had I? Suppose I had. Once I decided on what to do with Alyssa tonight, I had forgotten everything else. “Who is it?”

“Cher Lieberman, one of your female interns.” He pauses for effect. I honestly have no idea who this woman is. “She was with Ms. Pendleton tonight at the club. What should I do about this?”

“You’re absolutely sure?”


I sit up. Alyssa snorts herself awake, although her face says she really wants to go back to sleep. I don’t blame her. “Then make sure she’s fired by Monday morning. Call Preston for me and let him know too. I’m sure he’ll tell you the same thing.” Technically, all of the interns were our employees, not only mine. He has every right to know the same moment I do that someone’s getting fired, regardless of the reason.

“Yes, sir. I’ll do so right away.”

“Thank you. Good night.” I hang up. If there was anything else, he can leave a voice mail or text me.

“What was that about?” Alyssa asks. “Who’s getting fired?”

I yawn, settling back down to resume sleeping. “One of your old coworkers. Cher Lieberman, I think. Stu found some incriminating things about her.” I don’t need to tell her what.

Or maybe I do.

“What?” Alyssa jerks upright. “Cher? You’re firing her? What for!”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll tell you more in the morning.”

“Julian Marcus,” she insists, “tell me right now.”

Well, guess we’re awake. Thanks, Cher, whoever the hell you are.


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