Bossed by the Billionaire: Part 2 – Chapter 9


Chapter 9 – Julian

We survive the party for another hour. I introduce Alyssa to my father, who is much more amiable than my mother and instantly takes a liking to her. Jordan and Ted insist on sitting down with us to go over last minute wedding details – and to discuss the dual-bachelor party they’ll be having in Tokyo in a few weeks.

Tokyo, because that’s where they met. Also, it has a rather infamous red-light district. That they probably met at while in town for a conference.

I’ve already promised to go, although I can’t stand Tokyo and I’m not sure how much fun I can have at a gay bachelor party. But I’ll go for my brother’s sake. I’m also his best man, which means technically it’s my job to make the arrangements. Jordan’s best man has taken care of it, though. I only need to get on the family plane and enjoy my weekend.

By the time Alyssa and I leave the party, she’s teasing me about a gay bachelor party.

“Okay, but what if you meet my male equal there, and suddenly you don’t want me in the picture anymore?” Good Lord, it’s a good thing I know she’s joking, because I can’t believe it otherwise. I have never been interested in other men like that, and I somehow doubt I ever will be. My brother got all of that, and he can have it.

We’re in the back of my car, heading back to Portland. We’re going straight to my penthouse. I’m texting orders to Vern and a few services so my plans for tonight can go off without a hitch. “That’s not going to happen,” I assure her.

“How do I know that?”

I put my phone down and kiss her. Her rigid posture gradually goes lax beneath my kiss. “Because I don’t know how I could possibly kiss anyone else when I have you by my side.”

It works. She grins, flattered.

I tell my driver to go the speed limit so we can get home faster. One kiss has me slobbering like a teenager on his first date. I don’t know why Alyssa has this damned effect on me, but damnit, she does.

Because she’s new, because she’s exciting. That’s what I tell myself as we enter the Portland city limits and my cock grows hard between my legs. I drape my coat across my lap to hide my erection from Alyssa. I don’t want her thinking about sex quite yet. Perhaps if she were in a better mood. Right now, though, I need to calm my dick down and focus on her feelings.

Of all the F words in the world, that one has to be my least favorite. You can probably guess which one’s my favorite.

“How does dinner on my balcony sound?” I ask on our way up in my private elevator. “I’ve already had it arranged for us when we get there, but we can move it inside if we want.”

“Might be cold outside,” Alyssa says.

I press her against the elevator wall, my body overpowering hers, making her mouth open and her eyes glaze over. Ah, yes, she certainly still wants me, doesn’t she? Easy to make a man feel powerful that way.

“I’ll keep you warm, Lyssa.”

I meant to say Alyssa, of course, but my mouth dropped the fucking A-ball and now I sound like an idiot. Yet her eyes flutter in my direction, her hands clinging to my suit jacket.


“It’s my name for you,” I’ve decided. “Two syllables are more efficient than one.”


“Excuse me?”

“You mean two are more efficient than three.” Every time she grins, I seize up. Not physically, obviously, but something in my chest stops working properly and I have to focus on my own body to feel normal again. That’s time and attention taking me away from my sweet girlfriend.

Who isn’t so sweet, if you know what I mean.

Now that we’re alone, now that we’re in my place, all I can think about is having sex with her. But I restrain myself. I mind over matter my biology screaming at me to take her into the bedroom like I did Monday night. I want my cock inside of her. Now.

We must wait, though. First, dinner.

She was right. It’s considerably colder now that the sun is setting, but the view over the river is stunning enough to make it worth it. Lights come on in the surrounding residential skyrises. Pleasure boats come to the docks down on the water. Planes litter the sky, taking off and landing at the international airport. The sun sets behind us, but we still have a gallant view of snowy Mt. Hood that has Alyssa snapping a thousand pictures on her phone.

“Can we take a selfie?” she asks.

“A… what?”

She scoots her chair closer to mine. Her phone hovers above us, the camera flipped to the mirror setting. Or so I thought it was until now. The only time I set my phone to that is when I need an appearance check before meeting someone. I didn’t know it was for taking selfies.

“I suppose. You’re not posting it online, are you?”

“I don’t have to. I can keep it on my phone.”

“All right.”

My mug doesn’t need to be plastered all over her Instabooks and Facegrams, or whatever they’re called. In my venture capitalist days I funded a few social media websites and apps, only to watch them blow up or be acquired by some of my competitors. Since then, I don’t bother.

“Smile!” Alyssa’s smile blooms across her visage like a sunny spring day. I twitch the corners of my mouth, and that’s the best she’s getting out of me. “I said smile, Julian.”

“I am smiling.”

“Oh, well…” Click! A still of us swipes across the phone screen. “Good enough.” She pulls her phone down and punches buttons until that unflattering picture of us is her background photo. “There! Now we’re a real couple.”

I take my chances with those words in my ears. “Does that mean you’ve forgiven me for this week’s mishap?”

Her smile disappears. Chills claim her shoulders, and I’m there, wrapping my arm around her and nuzzling my nose against her temple. Ah, her hair smells of jasmine and other such flowers. Beneath the shampoo and perfume I get a whiff of her natural scent. The one that consumes me during sex, whether my face or my cock is between her legs. We’ve only done it twice. I need the third time like I need air.

“I’ve learned to accept that there are some things about you I’ll have to get used to, Julian.”

We move inside, where the cold breeze won’t bother us. I don’t turn on any more lights, even though we remain standing by the sliding glass door. “What does that mean?”

“You were being practical. In a most offensive way, but practical. Meeting your family today showed me that you were raised to think about these things differently. You’ve apologized.”

“But you still haven’t quite forgiven me.”

“Oh, I’ve forgiven you, sir. I simply haven’t forgotten yet.”

I pull her into my arms, kissing her, hard. “What do I have to do to make you forget, Lyssa?”

Although she responds to my kisses, it’s not with gumption.

This is a good start, though, isn’t it?

“I’ve realized some things, too.” I pull away, the taste of her lips still on mine. “Namely, that there is no point to this relationship if we’re not into it. If you don’t want me as much as I want you, I can let you go, Lyssa.”


Is that panic in her voice? While that wasn’t what I wanted, I don’t mind taking it. “You heard me. If you’re too angry at me, or treating this like a work contract so you can take advantage of the situation, then I’m not interested. I want you to desire me as much as I lust for you.”

“You make it sound like those things are different.”

Aren’t they, though? A woman desires with her heart and loins, doesn’t she? Men like me… it’s pure lust, up and down. What our cocks want, we go after. I’ve never been insulted by the insinuation that men have two brains. I’m simply good at telling the other one to shut up when pertinent.

It’s not pertinent right now.

“I’ll be as accommodating as you want me to be, Lyssa.” My hand curls around her wrist. She looks away from me, chomping on that lip like she does every time she’s wrestling with her thoughts. “Because I want you in my life. Don’t you get that? I’m jumping through these hoops. I’m taking you to meet my parents. I’m doing everything as legally as possible because I don’t want any obstructions between us. I want you to want me as unabashedly as I yearn for you.”

“You’ve only known me like that for a week!”

I’m overwhelming her, so I back off. “Maybe a week is all I need.” I lower my voice. “I have something I want to show you in my bedroom.”

She doesn’t crack a joke as she follows me into the other room. As soon as I open the door to my private suite, I’m pleased to find everything I ordered already out.

“Jul… Julian?”

Alyssa stands beside me, gobsmacked. I can’t blame her. Even though I ordered everything in black, it’s still a lot to take in.

I step forward. On the far end of my bed is a white, lacy negligee in Alyssa’s size. The moment my personal shopper sent me the picture, I knew I had to have it for my girlfriend.

“Let’s start with you putting this on.” I point to it, ignoring the tools and implements neatly lined up on my bed. “We’ll go from there.”

“Holy shit, Julian. This is…”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. We won’t do anything too intense tonight. I want to introduce you to some flavors beyond sweet vanilla.” Don’t get me wrong. Vanilla ice cream is my favorite of all the flavors, and there’s something to be said for going with the old standard and knowing exactly what you’ll get.

I don’t always want vanilla, though. Sometimes I want dark chocolate. Sometimes I want tarty strawberry. Sometimes I want nuts and candy, and sometimes I want sticky syrup that gives me a rush I never asked for.

“I want you to see everything we have at our disposal. You’re in charge of tonight’s choreography.” I clear my throat. “Except for the lingerie. Change into it. Now.”

She drops her purse with a start. “In front of you, or in the bathroom?”

I face her. “Strip for me.” My chair by my desk calls to me, so I got to it, sitting down with a satisfied sigh. “Seduce me, Alyssa, and I’ll seduce you right back.”

“Um…” Her eyes continue to linger on some of the smaller materials. When she glances at the ebony nipple clamps, she makes a sour face. Guess we’re not using those tonight. “I knew you wanted to do some kinky stuff, sir, but…”

“That’s a good start,” I say with a chuckle.


“Calling me sir. Every time you do that, I get a little harder.

“Do you?” A battle rages within her. One side of her wants to comply, to give in to the moment and enjoy herself, enjoy me. The other side is telling her to slap me and run. I have to be careful if I don’t want to scare her away. “Do I do that to you?”

“Oh, yes, Lyssa. You may not see yourself the way I do, but trust me when I say you’re… inspiring.” I’ve been undressing her with my eyes ever since we got back in my car. This dress covers enough skin to keep my mother from muttering in my direction, but it doesn’t leave that much up to the imagination. I can see every smoking hot curve waiting for me to touch it with the palm of my hand.

“You only think that because you found out I was a virgin.”

In a way, she has a point. My interest in her piqued when I realized how to my advantage it would be to mold her, shape her, create the lover I was meant to have. Not to mention the thrill I enjoy knowing that I will always be her first. Never thought I’d get off on that before, but here we are. “If you took that aspect away from you, I’d still want you, Lyssa,” I say with confidence. “Because you are beguiling and beautiful.”

I sense that she still doesn’t trust me. But I win, because she unzips her dress and lets it fall to her feet.

God, have mercy on me. I have to cross my legs to keep my erection to myself.

Her underwear doesn’t match, although I can tell she tried. Perhaps she’s not used to men seeing the difference between black and dark gray, but I can. I also appreciate it, however. I live for her breasts spilling out of her black pushup bra, enticing me to squeeze them and sink my face into her generous cleavage. I also yearn to nibble her solid silk panties and to inhale her scent. I’m turning into a base version of myself, and I’m not entirely opposed.

Chestnut brown hair frames her face and cascades down her torso, outlining her arms and those supple breasts I can’t stop staring at. She stumbles when she attempts to step out of her dress with her strappy sandals still on her feet, but she catches herself with such grace that I want to break out in applause.

“Everything?” she asks.

“Take it all off.” I want to see her naked. The lingerie might make her more irresistible, God help me, but I want to see her naked before I fuck her.

She unsnaps her bra. Her light brown nipples are already hard enough for me to suck with benign satisfaction. Her short fingers tug her underwear down. Someone’s been to a spa since we first made love. While she still has hair on her mound, it’s been trimmed back and looks as neat as the rest of her. (Not that I would complain about what I encountered our first time. I’m not picky like some ungrateful men.) I do appreciate, however, that I have a better look at her delectably pink nether lips, begging me to part them with my cock and fuck her until she’s screaming in pleasure.

I unbuckle my pants. “Come over here, Lyssa.”

“But I thought you wanted me to put on…”

“In a few minutes.” I can’t take it anymore. A taste. Just a taste of her will be enough to help me power through the rest of the evening. “I’m going to teach you something that will make me a very happy man in our future together.”

My dick may be hard enough for me to grip right now, but I still mind my words. Ones like our future together, because I know that’s stroking her emotional libido.

Maybe mine, too. Because if I can make Alyssa my perfect lover? Mercy on me, tonight and forever.

She comes to me, the light padding of her feet on my hardwood floors driving me insane. What would it take to get this every night? Coming home from work to find her naked, waiting for me, already wet with thoughts of how I’ll take out my stress on her? The thoughts are eating me alive. I need her. Now.

My cock is out and in my hand by the time she reaches me. She glances down into my lap before making eye contact with me again. What in the world is it that I want, anyway?

“I want you to tease me, Lyssa.”

“Tease you?”

“Yes. With your cunt and nothing else.”

She flinches, toes curling into my floor.

“Does that word offend you?”

“No.” Alyssa blushes. With how pale her skin is, and how dark her hair, it’s easy to see that blush overcome her skin. “Kinda turns me on. You say it so harshly.”


Ripples claim her. Yes, I did that. I’ll do it again, too.

“Get in my lap and tease the head of my cock with your wet cunt, Lyssa.”

I squeeze my legs together to make it easier for her. She braces her hands against my chest, fingers digging between my buttons and reaching my skin as she straddles my lap and slowly lowers her thighs. I don’t care how angry she was earlier this week. I know she wants this. I know she wants me inside of her, fucking her to orgasm.

I don’t have to ask if she’s ever ridden in a man’s lap before. I know the answer. I’m going to enjoy every sweet second of this.

“On my cock, but only a bit.” If she lowers her hips too much and I sink into her… I’m a goner, and I don’t want to be yet.


“Yes, what?”

Her eyes are closed as she grips my shoulders and rubs her wet nether lips against my tip. Shit! It’s better than I thought it would be! “Yes, Mr. Marcus.”

She’s going to kill me at this rate.

Naturally, she’s not perfect. She’s lost in her own world, and I have to stay in this one to ensure I get exactly what I want from this experience. I want only my tip inside of her. I want the promise of more sex. I want to transform into the type of man who can’t get enough of her. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not for the rest of my damned life. I want… no, I need.

I need her.

“You want more, don’t you?” Every word I utter makes her gasp, her mouth hanging open, sometimes scrunching her nose and brow as her body instinctively tries to take more of me. “You want my whole cock taking your cunt. You want to ride me until my cum spills down your leg.”

A faint Oh my God falls from her lips. Her fingers tighten around my shoulders. “Yes,” she says with the most gorgeous whine. “Fuck me, please.”

“Yes, Lyssa, beg for me.”

“Please, sir.” Her head leans back. Her pussy attempts to slide down my cock, but I’ve got her by the hips. “Fuck me like this.”

“Like how?”

“Let me ride you.”

“You want to ride me? You want to know what it feels like to ride a man like me?”


As it so happens, I want to know what it’s like for her to ride me too.

My cock is screaming for it. Only around her does it get this ridiculously hard. That’s not her juices on my tip every time she pulls her nether lips away. That’s my precum spilling from my tip. My whole body is tense with the need to come. The need to come in her.

I’ve got the all clear to do it. She told me that I could do it tonight. Do I do it now? Shit. Would it be so bad if I…

I’ll let her decide. “Tell me, sweet angel. Tell me to fuck your cunt. Say those words.”

My hands go from her hips to her arms, holding them behind her back. Her chest is in my face. All I smell is her sex and my musk. If we don’t do this right now, I will lose my fucking mind in all the wrong ways.

“I want it,” she says. “Fuck my cunt, Mr. Marcus.”

Hey, when the lady asks…

The sound cracking from her throat is hotter than how she feels around my skin when I shove her hips down into my lap.

I take her in one hurried motion, eager to get inside of her as quickly as I can. It’s been days. Days. A man like me isn’t meant to wait this long when I have a woman available. I also don’t care how angry Alyssa was with me this week. The pleasure exploding on her face says all is forgiven – for now.

“That it’s, Lyssa,” I say through clenched teeth. “Ride me.”

I want to take credit for being such an excellent tutor, but I know that most of her movements, her inclinations, her needs are based more in pure instinct. My sweet Alyssa has never ridden a man like this before. I know that. Yet she accomplishes it with no hesitation and a finesse that implies she’s as eager to do it as I am to lie back and let her do the work for a few minutes.

It’s the kind of experience I expect with a woman who knows what she’s doing. So either Alyssa has lied to me about her lack of experience in the world of sex, or there is some crazy chemistry at play between us. One good enough to make us come together like this.

Her tits in my face. Her eyes closed. Her mouth parted, breaths heavy and wispy. Her cunt taking me all the way, her thighs grinding in my lap as my cock burrows as far as it can go. Her hands tearing apart my suit jacket and shirt, nails scratching my chest. She’s killing me. She’s fucking killing me.

I let her.

Damnit, what is wrong with me? My brain usually reacts to sex like this in one of two ways. Either it’s all about me, my pleasure, and my ability to come as hard as possible, or it’s about the thrill of making a woman feel as good as I do. I don’t know what’s going on with Alyssa. She makes me want to fuck like I’ve only got five minutes left to live, but she also entices me to make the most of it for her, too.

Doesn’t help that I don’t want her angry at me anymore. I want her invested in this relationship. I want her to want me every second of her agonizing day.

Speaking of agonizing… fuck, my cock is hurting to come.

“Does that feel good, Lyssa?” I squeeze her hips, keeping her in my lap, her cunt forced to keep every inch of me inside of her. Her long, drawn out moan shakes me inside. “Do you want to come?”

She falls forward, hair landing against my face as her lips come for mine. Soft fingertips trace circles on my cheek. “Yes…” she says into my mouth.

We’re both still. Shit, do I need to come! My cock is so damn hard and surrounded by her wet, tight body that every instinct that makes up my male psyche begs to fill her with every drop that makes me a man.

“Too bad. If I don’t get to yet, then neither do you.” She groans in defeat, tightening around my cock but not quite climaxing. “Yes, Lyssa, I like it when you do that. I want you to make me come. Make me feel like the most important thing in the world is giving you all of me.”

“How…” I’m dragging her back to reality, and she’s fighting me every step of the way. “How do I do that?”

“Make me feel like you can’t function without me fucking you and that you can’t let go until I’ve filled you up.”

Her whimper is deafening. Does she even know that she’s pinching her nipple and biting her lip?

“You want me to, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’re thinking about it right now. You want to know what it feels like when a man comes inside you.”

She doesn’t say anything. Because she doesn’t have to.

“Off,” I command. “Off my lap. We’re doing what we originally came in here to do.”

Alyssa hasn’t gotten off me yet. “What’s that, Mr. Marcus?”

“Training you to have the best sex possible.”


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