Bossed by the Billionaire: Part 2 – Chapter 10


Chapter 10 – Alyssa

Training me.

I know what he really means. Everything has been couched in easier terms for me to digest, but he’s talking about some Dom/sub shit with a side of BDSM.

And I don’t care.

I’m drunk on him. He could push my face into his bed and drill my ass with his cock for all I care right now. He could tie my hands behind my back and fuck my throat, making me choke on his cum for all I care.

Thoughts that I should care infiltrate my mind. They’re not welcomed. Since when did I expect anything else? Since when have I wanted anything else?

I see right through him. Julian Marcus knows how to carefully choose his words and actions, even during sex. He’s seducing me. Again. I was angry at him, and now he’s going to fuck the anger out of me until I’m slobbering all over his lap again.

Don’t I know that this is what everything’s been leading up to?

“Pick two, Alyssa.” He helps me stay upright in front of the bed, his clothes slowly peeling off as his hard cock points straight out from his body. It’s covered in me. I’m so fucking wet and eased open that I feel like I can take on anything of any size right now.

But I only want him, of course.

My eyes are drawn to two implements above the others. I languidly point to them, hoping he’ll do something.

Instead, he makes me bring the soft leather handcuffs to him.

So innocuous, right? Of course I go for something as simple and easy as those. I assume he’s going to cuff my hands behind my back and fuck me in the missionary position. Yeah, right.

He’s going to make me get on all fours on his bed and keep my hands close together. He doesn’t even handcuff me to the headboard.

My wrists are cuffed together beneath me. I can barely bend my elbows. I definitely can’t easily reach in front of me.

“Open wide, Lyssa.” There were two different sized ball gags set out. I chose the smaller one. I wasn’t expecting such soft material that my teeth are in no danger of breaking or chipping even when I bite down as hard as I can. It also doesn’t choke me, although I certainly can’t speak clearly. Enough to yell my safe word, but the point is to shut me up outside of some intense groaning and muffled crying in pleasure.

My knees press into the bed, legs spreading a little wider to accommodate the man behind me. He’s naked. Not the first time I’ve been with him naked – we’ve showered together, after all – but it’s the first time we’ve had sex totally naked.

It’s enough to make me even wetter. I’m ashamed, a little. What kind of woman am I, anyway? Bound and gagged in a billionaire’s bed with his cock teasing me from behind.

Damn it, I want it! I want him to fuck me in that controlled yet animalistic way he commands so well! I’ve never had anyone pound me from behind before. What a fucking way to experience it!

“It’s not going to be as easy as before.” His hands curl around my shoulders, and his voice makes love to me before his cock dares to enter me again. “I’m not going to just fuck you until we explode, Lyssa.” He licks his thumb and tucks my loose hair behind my ear. My head tilts in his direction. I don’t even mean to do it, but I moan onto the ball-gag, begging him with sex-laden eyes to do it, do me, do everything. “I’m going to train you to react exactly how I want you to when we have sex. Because sometimes all I want at the end of the day is to take my woman like this.”

He thrusts into me, sending me forward with a loud, muffled cry that I can’t control.

“That’s right.” Julian’s voice is strained from the sensations we give each other, but he hasn’t completely lost control like I have yet. He holds my hips, keeping me on his cock, which he slowly moves inside of me. It’s fucking torture, because all I want to do is fuck! “Be still, Lyssa. Control yourself.”

My whole body needs it. It needs the movements, the sounds, the fucking smells of sex. I need Julian to take me like he would take the woman he loves or the woman he’s only using for one night. Either one. I just need it.

“If you can show me that you can respond to my commands, then I’ll let you have your pleasure. It’s a reward system with me, my lovely.” He grabs a chunk of my hair and yanks my head up. The ball gag slips deeper into my mouth. Good thing, because I’m yelping in surprise. Do you know what it’s like to get your hair fucking pulled while your hot billionaire boyfriend-boss has got his cock balls deep inside of you? Have I mentioned the word torture yet? “If we can establish a flow with our lovemaking, then we’ll have all sorts of fun in the future.”

I see right through you, Julian! Using nice words you’re sure this woman wants to hear!

“I meant what I said earlier about you making me feel like I have no choice but to come. So let’s start with something so simple. I want you to squeeze your cunt around my dick.”


“Go on, Lyssa. Do it. Don’t think too hard about it. Fucking grab me.”

I… okay?

I’m sure this is something I’ve done a dozen times since we first had sex, but it’s not something I’m wholly aware of in the moment. Squeeze? Does he mean with my kegels? Damnit. Knew I should have spent half my life practicing for this blessed moment.

Here goes nothing.

“Nice. Very nice. You were doing that in the chair earlier. But it’s different in this position.” One hand grabs my ass while the other stays on my hip. “If you need inspiration, though, let me know.”

I mumble something on the ball gag. “What inspiration?”

“Shh, shh. Unless you want me to stop, don’t say anything but sweet things, Lyssa.” Julian pulls my hair away from my neck. “And spanking you will make you squeeze my cock.”

Spanking! Shit!

“Now, do it again. You’re convincing me to stay inside of you, Alyssa. If I’m not impressed, I’ll pull out, and we’ll have to start all over again.”

Sad thing? I absolutely believe he can last that long. Julian has not led me to think that he has uncontrollable orgasms. As nice as that would be to make him do…

“Squeeze, baby.”

I imagine that disappointing him means never getting to feel like this again. Even the weirder aspects, like the handcuffs and ball gag, are adding to the moment right now, and I don’t want to lose the crazy sensations eating me alive. So I’ll do it, Julian. I’ll kneel on your bed and pump your cock with nothing but the place you stick it.

Damnit, it’s not easy.

I lack strength. I lack experience. I lack the ability to give him exactly what he wants when he asks for it. I don’t know how to make him come with one squeeze of my inner walls. I don’t even know what it feels like, yet. I suppose that’s my reward. Huh.

Reward system, right?

Yeah. I wanna know what it feels like. I’ve always been curious, even though plenty of my friends over the years tell me it’s gross. I don’t get it. How can it be? If I can swallow Julian’s seed with a hum in my throat, then I can take him on down below too. I bet it feels fantastic. A big man like him, already filling me up with his size alone? What else could he do?

I want to know. I want that level of intimacy with a man who doesn’t likely give it out that often. If he’s going to be my boyfriend, even if only on paper, then I want that between us.

“Oh, Lyssa…” I know I’m doing too much in too short of time. But what else can I do? I’m learning, here! Give me the chance, Julian, and I’ll figure out how your mind and body tick. What do I do to make you need me? Fuck me? Lose yourself inside of me?

I’ll find out. Trial and error are admirable, right?


I’m the one doing all the work here, and that’s all he can say?

I feel so… vulnerable. So submissive. So needy for sex that he can bind and gag me on my knees and I’m still backing my pussy up on his cock and attempting to make him come from that alone. Is this what he wants me to feel? Like I’m the desperate one? Shit, shit, shit.

I am desperate. I’m his dirty little slut who can’t get enough of his big cock. All it took was one touch from him and I handed over my virginity on a dirty platter covered in my cum. This is what I get, man. This is what happens when you reach the age of twenty-one and are still a virgin. You’re horny as shit and quivering for a fantastic dicking, but you’re too stupid to know what to do!

This debasement, this submissive sensation driving me to serve this big, dominant man with my aching pussy…

I like it.

I’m getting off on it.

I love it.

I’m gonna come from it. The more I grab his cock and rub my pussy up and down his shaft, the more I want to orgasm. But he told me not to. He told me to wait until he told me to. If I fail, we start all over again, or… I don’t get it at all.

So much pressure for what I want!

“Shit, baby…” He’s not the first man to call me baby, but Julian is the first to make me like it. “Your cunt is so damn tight.” Julian gently thrusts. I want to believe he doesn’t know that he’s doing it, that I’m making him fuck me without realizing it, but I’m not that conceited. “You really want it, don’t you? You want me to fuck you like you’re my needy girlfriend.”

I whimper on my gag. Only now do I realize my tongue has been caressing the underside like I would lick his cock.

“Do you like this, Lyssa? Do you like what we’re doing?”

I nod. Julian pulls harder on my hair, my fingers pointing into his bed to help me keep my balance. He’s so deep, so full inside of me that I don’t even think: I milk him with every muscle I have, determined to make him fuck me!

“My naughty little virgin wants it, doesn’t she?” His other hand caresses my cheek before lightly smacking my ass. I jerk forward again, the surprise, the little blip of pain shooting through me.

Oh, God! It’s exactly what I wanted! What’s wrong with me?

“I haven’t even touched your clit yet. Maybe I don’t have to. Maybe you’re so naughty you don’t need me to touch that swollen clit of yours.”

His words fuel my strength. I’m working this cock like I don’t know how to do anything else. My hips, free to do as they please with one of his hands in my hair and the other smacking my ass, thrust back against his and grind into his flesh.

Fuck me, sir.

I don’t question the thoughts in my head. I want to call him sir. I want to know how far he can push me when we’re in his bedroom. I want to explore every corner of this aspect of my sexuality as I can – with him. He’s my boyfriend. He’s my fucking man. And I’m his inexperienced blossom he’s deflowering one nasty night at a time.

Julian snaps.

I’ve got him.

“You like it when I talk dirty,” he growls into my ear. My hands are still clutched to my chest, but I’m up on my knees, spread across his lap and taking his cock as it hammers into me. Julian covers my mouth and grabs my breast. My moans bypass the ball gag and hit the palm of his hand; my nipple hardens between his fingers. Down below, I’m trapped across his lap, a willing slave to the way he splits me open and pounds into my depths. I’m opened so wide. I’m so easy. I’m so loose. I don’t know which fluids are mine – besides all of them – and which are his. All I know is that his snarls of pleasure are blowing in my ear and I’m so close to coming that I don’t know if I can wait for his command.

I don’t want to fail.

“Lyssa!” My name has never sounded so beautiful as when he shoves me back down onto his bed and takes me. I brace myself. I don’t even escape into pleasure, because I want to focus on what’s happening right here, between us. His cock is so big. I keep opening up more and more, yet he swells within me, growing bigger and closer to the brink of orgasm.

Everything is hard and hot inside of me. I need to come. Shit, do I need to come!

“Do it.” His knuckles are white from holding me down so hard. I don’t want this to end. I don’t want to be anyone but the obedient lover of one of the city’s most powerful men. I want to see this side of him every day – and I want to show him this submissive side of myself.

How had he known we were perfect for each other?

“Do it, Lyssa!”

I squeeze until I see nothing but stars in my fucking eyes.

I’ve never heard a man roar like this before. I barely register it, honestly. I know Julian is losing his mind, but so am I. My climax is here. My whole body is alive and shutting down at the same crazy time. All I want is him.

And he is what I get.

Hot. So hot. It hits me in my core, sinking into me, spilling into me with every roll of his hips. I’ve got him. I’ve got the man, the body, and the only thing I’ve yet to feel from him.

I wasn’t a virgin before, obviously, but I’m definitely not now. This man has spent every last drop inside of me, as I’ve begged for.

Who knew that two weeks ago I’d be in this situation? That I’d be coming on my boss’s cock and so damn happy to have it explode inside of me?

We slow, exhaustion – both physical and mental – taking us over. I’m completely flat on my stomach. Julian is on top of me, his cock half out but still slowly thrusting into me as he empties the last of himself into my body. When he finally pulls all the way out, it’s with a soft groan of satisfaction. I may already be too wet to function, but I still know that’s him gushing from me.

“Fuck, baby.” His arm wraps around me and brings me closer to his chest. I’m too tired, too overwhelmed from that round to really react. “That was so hot.”

I don’t know what’s happening. All I know is that I’m crying.


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