Bossed by the Billionaire: Part 1 – Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – Julian

“When I see something I want,” I begin, backing Alyssa up against my desk, “I get them. No other alternatives. Period.”

She’s young. Slightly younger than I like most of my women, since I’ve always preferred someone either right at my level or a little above it. Aspirations, and all that. Even so, a bet is a bet, and for a one-night stand I could do way worse than Alyssa.

She’s beautiful, anyway.

I’ve never noticed it before. All right, maybe I have. I’ve seen her come and go around the office, with her perfectly rounded derriere and the breasts that threaten to spill out of her blouses every day. Her round face framed by locks of chestnut brown hair, perfect for styling and pulling. A throat that begs to be sucked. Posture that entices a grown man like me whenever he walks into the room and sees her, legs crossed, at her desk updating spreadsheets and flipping through reports. If I were a baser version of myself, I’d slam her against the back of her cheap swivel chair and fuck her until she stopped begging for it – which would only happen when I’ve completely worn her cunt out. Then I’d either fuck her ass or have her blow me, depending on my mood.

Thinking about that, with her already whimpering beneath my body, gets me harder than I expected.

In the small amount of time I had between calling her up and Alyssa’s arrival, I contacted the investigative head of my security team and had him run a quick background check on her. I’m not only talking her legal history. We’re talking social media, high school newspaper articles, interoffice comments from her professors, whatever the man has on hand at the last minute. He got back to me saying that Alyssa is fairly boring in terms of her social life. No boyfriend. A short string of guy friends who may have been boyfriends but are now out of the picture. Good. A bet may be a bet, but this will be so much cleaner if she’s unattached.

She comes from a middle-class family. Strong name. Nothing insidious there. Her record is clean, of course, otherwise she wouldn’t have a job here. She’s not like anyone I’ve dated recently. Hell, since I was in middle school. Not seriously dated, anyway. I don’t count the random hookups I have when I imbibe a lot and take the first pretty woman I see back to my hotel room.

Alyssa is safe. Somewhat boring. Maybe there’s more beneath her surface, but… well, I’ll have to look, won’t I?

I kiss her again. The first kiss had been perfunctory, to gauge her reaction. She hadn’t resisted me. She has that glazed over look now. When I kiss her this second time, it’s with the determination to seduce her panties off so I can win my bet.

Instead, the first thing I think as my lips sink against hers is mine.

I cut the kiss short. Her breasts heave up and down beneath me, but I’m too distracted to admire her cleavage. Mine. It’s been a long time since I felt that way after a first kiss with a girl.

Way, way too long.

So I kiss her a third time, to make sure.

She’s not a shy kisser. Which is good, because it means she consents, for now. She might be making one of the most foolish mistakes of her life, but she also knows it’s a mistake worth making. Because it’s me. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s already in love with me. Half the women in this building fantasize about me bedding them.

Mine. She’s mine.

You’re right, brain. She’s ours. Our perfect little submissive darling. For tonight, anyway.

I do love it when women instantly melt in my arms. That look burning in her heavy-lidded eyes… ah, she’s responding to my drive to dominate. Her legs ease open without a single thought on her part. I almost wish she had her hair up, simply so I can rip it down for her.

Not only is this going to be one of the easiest bets I’ve ever won, but I’m going to enjoy every moment of it, too.

What to do… what to make her do…

I can’t wait. Alyssa is going to submit to me. In her own way, but she will submit. Tonight.


“Sir,” I correct her. The urge to dominate her in this tryst runs deep in my veins. It surges through my body, like sexual adrenaline. I won’t let her ruin the moment. From the moment she walked through those office doors and into my professional abode, she became mine. Mine to tease, mine to play with it, and mine to dominate.

“Sir.” That’s more like it. The way that word blows off her breath reminds my cock how hard it can get. I glance at the clock. Forty-five minutes to close this deal. More than enough time, although I’d love to take Alyssa home and toy with her some more after this. “I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m your employee.”

My hand tickles her thigh. She quivers, eyes slowly closing as she relaxes against my desk again. Yes, part your thighs, my sweet. All the easier for me to inch my fingers toward your sex.

“Ah…” She shudders so hard I almost worry she’s going to lose her balance again. Damn. You’d think no one has ever touched her panties before. Those panties I’m going to rip off her and present to Preston later, because I’m a grown, mature adult. “Sir.”

Her heat pulls my finger beneath her cotton underwear. My fingertip patiently dips into her slit, my eyes absorbing every one of her subtle reactions. She continues to relax. Her nether lips open and draw my finger in. She’s wet. Damn wet. I’d almost think she was wet before she got here. What was she doing when I called her? I want to believe she was touching herself, fingering this cunt like I’m about to do.

I press my finger in to the first knuckle. Her whimpers now echo in my office. Cheeks flushed, Alyssa’s tongue ekes out of her mouth and flicks against her lips. I wonder what they feel like around my cock.

Only one knuckle, yet she tightens around it. She’s hooked. I knew it. Few women can say no to me. Even fewer can come to their senses once a part of me is inside of them.

“Mr. Marcus,” she moans, leaning so far back against my desk that I could lay on top of her. I think I will, later. “Sir…” Keep saying that, Alyssa. Yes, yes, suck more of my finger into your cunt. Grip me, take me deep inside. Preview what is to come for my cock. Let your legs give out so I’m forced to pull out my finger and rip off my tie. Go ahead and slip toward the floor. The closer your face gets to my cock, the happier I am. “Mr. Marcus, I’m your employee and barely twenty-one years old. Do you really want to do this?”

I take her by the wrist and help her back up. Right into my arms, of course. “What does your age have to do with anything?” As if I don’t know how old or young she is. You have to be twenty to work here as an intern, outside of exceptional cases. “I don’t think you’re too immature for me, if that’s the problem.” Please, you should have seen me when I was in college. Embarrassing.

“I’m a virgin!”

Our widened eyes meet. This is the most alert I think either of us have been the past ten minutes.

A virgin.

Preston Bradley would pick me a damned virgin to bone on a whim. Well, she’ll be damned once my cock is done with her unmarried cunt.

Honestly, aside from any women who may have never divulged the information before, I don’t think I’ve ever fucked a virgin.

Still, a bet’s a bet. I want her. Now.

“That doesn’t concern me any,” I mutter. “I’ll get you a drink first.”

I leave her against my desk and go to my stocked bar in the back corner of my office. The scent of whisky hits me before I open the bottle and pour two shots. One for me, one for her. She probably needs it more. Me? I simply want a drink before I fuck her.

“Cheers.” We clink our glasses together. I down mine in one shot. She makes the mistake of sipping hers. Still, I watch her take every drop between pursed lips. Someone doesn’t like whisky, but she’ll drink it anyway. Both shot glasses end up on my desk. Alyssa attempts to get her expression under control.

She really is beautiful. Her hair accentuates both her changing expressions and her voluptuous body so well. Thin, red lips drive me up the fucking wall. My cock yearns to teach her the ways of dominance and submission. One look from her demands to know the touch of a dominant man.

“Close your eyes.” I grab my rejected tie off my desk and walk behind her. The tie wraps around her eyes, my gentle fingers tugging against the edges to make sure she’s completely blindfolded. It may be dark in my office, but I don’t want to risk anything. Perhaps it’s best if she can’t see what’s going on. Too much stimulation. She should focus on physical pleasure, first and foremost. The taste of sex. The smell of sex. Beholding it with her eyes can come next time.

Dearie me, already thinking of next time.

I pull her ass up onto my desk and part her legs. She snaps them shut again.

“Don’t be shy, Alyssa.”

Her nipples poke through her bra and blouse, enticing me. I don’t bother unbuttoning this useless blouse. I rip it open and gaze upon what’s beneath. What’s she going to do about it? I’ll buy her another one before she leaves.

I pinch her nipple through her lily-white bra. It hardens twice as much as the other one. Has a woman ever wanted me so much before?

My cock throbs to be inside her, to show her how wonderful sex is. Let alone sex with me. Then? I’ll teach her the joys of submission. Let’s see how she responds to this first.

I lean in and whisper in her ear. “You belong to me, Alyssa. Every part of you. But I’ll start with your cunt.”


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