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Blood Crown: Chapter 5


It was bad enough that I had to eat breakfast with the winged Rambo and the feathered douche, but the fact that I had to watch Ashera sit on King Birdbrain’s lap was going to send me into a murderous tailspin.

What was worse, she was smiling up at him like he was the only thing that mattered in the world. I picked at my toast, fuming. Why the hell did we have to eat together anyway? It wasn’t like we were going to suddenly be friends. If anything, I was waiting for my opportunity to drain the virgin king dry.

Although I was doubting the virgin status watching the way Jacobi’s hand curved possessively over Ashera’s full breast, flicking his thumb over her raised nipple. She giggled, actually fucking giggled, and fed Jacobi a bite of toast.

That was my fucking nipple. A warning growl built in my chest, and I glowered at Jacobi, and what I deemed my woman.

Jacobi raised an eyebrow at me, swallowing his mouthful. He didn’t remove his hand from Ashera’s breast. “Problem, Prince Ambrose?”

“Get your fucking hands off of her,” I growled. Fuck, I was pissed. Or was I jealous? I wasn’t sure anymore — all I knew was the rage that fired through me. But I wanted to be the one touching her. How fucking dare he touch her like that in front of me?

“I don’t think that’s your call, vamp.” Malachi had been silent through our meal, but he decided now was the time to speak up? Asshole.

“And it’s yours?” I asked him. Ashera was watching the interaction with a sly smile on her face, probably waiting for me to bite someone’s head off. Which was going to happen if the feathered fuckface didn’t take his godsdamn hands off her.

Malachi shrugged, dropping his napkin over his demolished plate of food. He leaned back in his chair, watching me with a smirk. “Considering she bears my mark, yeah, I’d say it’s my call.”

Anger flashed red before my eyes. He’d marked her? They’d all fucking die. She was mine to mark. Malachi continued, “But I’d never make Sher’s decisions for her. It’s her call.”

Malachi and I both turned to face Ashera. Her smile turned into a full-blown grin, and I knew I wasn’t going to like whatever she was going to say next. “I mean, he’s already had my ass. Is a hand on my nipple at breakfast really that scandalous?”

Death. Death for all of them. The fucking virgin king had taken my little queen in the ass before I had? I snarled angrily, my hands clenching the wood of the table hard enough for it to splinter. Malachi slapped his arm against me, holding me back from slaughtering the feathered fuck where he sat. Ashera might be covered in blood at the end of it, but honestly, it would probably be even more of a turn-on as I took her, her pussy slick with their blood and my release.

“Easy there vamp,” Malachi said. “We need to pool our knowledge and figure out who has it in for Ashera.”

Jacobi leered at me, looking awfully devilish for such a holy being. Asshole. He slid his hand down Ashera’s waist, slipping underneath the gauzy material covering her thighs. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I could see her face contort into an expression of sheer bliss as he pleasured her. Right. The. Fuck. In. Front. Of. Me. Fuck! I shot a quick glance at Malachi, who wore a similar mask of enjoyment. What the fuck? “You’re seriously okay with this winged asshole fingering your mate right in front of you?”

Malachi glared at me. “First of all, he’s not the only winged asshole here. Second, Jacobi is also Ashera’s mate. He can do whatever he pleases, as long as Ashera is happy.”

I whipped my head around at the lust-filled scene in front of me, Ashera’s head dropping back onto Birdbrain’s broad shoulder as she moaned and made small cries of pleasure, and Malachi’s dazed expression as he watched them. I was rock hard and struggling to remain in control of my dick, who was currently ready to punch out Jacobi and take my rightful place underneath Ashera. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Jacobi, who for a celibate king was fingering Ashera like he was born to do it, nodded towards her wrist. Her entire fucking forearm was covered by a feather tattoo-like mark. That did it for me. Just as Ashera cried out in release, I flipped the long table we had been dining at. I stood, fury controlling my every thought and move. I glared back and forth between Malachi and Jacobi, pointing a finger between them. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t kill them. Because if I killed them, I’d never get to fuck Ashera again. But that didn’t mean I was happy. “That was my fucking asshole to take. You’ll both pay.” I stormed off, slamming the door behind me, but not before I heard Ashera laugh loudly.

“Should we call him back?” she asked.

Malachi’s voice was quiet behind the door. “Nah. Let him cool off. We’ll bring the discussion to him in a bit.”

Assholes. Every single one of them. I should have never left Masas.

* * *


I turned my head toward the door that Ambrose just stormed out of — pissed beyond belief. The breakfast dishes and the table were in disarray at our feet. Something deep inside of me felt connected to the vampire prince, and for some insane reason, I was worried about his feelings.

“You’re upset. Did he bother you, love?” Jacobi murmured against my ear, and I leaned back against his firm body.

Mal looked over to us with concern. “Sher, are you okay?”

I shook my head. “I’m fine. Annoyed, but okay.”

Mal pressed his lips together, tapping his fingers on his legs. “I have an idea.” He walked over toward us — avoiding the mess on the floor and pressed a quick kiss to my head. “Let me go figure some things out, and I’ll be back.” He strode out the door.

Jacobi rubbed his nose against my neck, and I shivered with the gentle touch. “Now that we’re alone…” he whispered, trailing off as he licked the bare skin of my shoulder.

His cock was hard underneath my ass, and I laughed. “I swear, you’re insatiable.”

In a flash, Jacobi had me turned around in his lap — knees splayed on either side of his trim hips — grinning at me. His brilliant blue eyes darkened ever so slightly with his desire. “So says the succubus queen who corrupted the innocent angel king.”

I smirked, running my fingers through his soft hair. “I’m not so sure about the innocent part after last night. And this morning.”

“Oh, definitely innocent. In fact, I think I could use more practice.” His teasing fingers throughout breakfast had left me needy — aching — and he knew it.

I bent my head to kiss him. “Good thing I’m a willing teacher.” The sexual energy was already thick in the room, and I had to force myself not to feed off it. Not yet.

Jacobi shifted underneath me, releasing his heavy erection from his pants, and positioning himself at my slick entrance beneath my gauzy skirt. “Thank the gods for that.” His smile was gentle but teasing. I ran my hands down his broad shoulders as I sank onto his cock.

“Gods, Jacobi!” I cried, feeling stretched in the most delicious way possible. I pushed my hips against him, and he arched up against me. Jacobi thrust inside of me, and I clung to his strong biceps as we moved together. The wooden chair beneath us creaked and groaned, echoing our moans of pleasure. The pressure that told me I was close kept building, and my eyes closed, but not before seeing Jacobi staring at me like I had hung the sun and moon myself.

“Feed, love.” Jacobi’s harsh whisper interrupted the grind of my hips.

“Are you sure? I just fed off your energy this morning. I don’t want to drain you.” I wasn’t sure of Jacobi’s limits, and I didn’t want to hurt him.

Jacobi pulled me down further onto his cock, causing me to cry out in pleasure. “Love, I’m 700 years old. I’ll be fine. Now, feed.”

I arched my back, feeling the delicious swell of the sexual energy as it absorbed into my body, and it tipped me over the edge. I called out Jacobi’s name as my pussy clenched and trembled around him. My angel king roared out his own release, pumping furiously inside me. Somewhere else in the castle I could feel Mal’s desire rushing through the bond between us.

Jacobi rested his head against my chest. “When’s our next lesson?” he whispered against my skin.

I smiled down at his fair head. “You get a five-minute recess. Don’t be late.”

* * *

A few hours after breakfast, I had a guard escort Ambrose out to the courtyard. I was dressed head to toe in fighting leathers, my eyes covered with a silk ribbon, my hands bound behind my back, and my feet tied together. My glamor was still in check, having not dropped it since last night with Mal. I could tell when he’d been moved into place by his angry energy. The fact that I was so aware of him — just as I was Malachi and Jacobi — unsettled me. Could someone like Ambrose really be one of my mates?

Turns out, Malachi’s idea that he rushed off to prepare had been this little demonstration. Ambrose believed I was a weak female, and Malachi wanted to dispel some of that. I wouldn’t be showing off the full extent of my magic today. I’d only be demonstrating my fighting abilities. Malachi and Jacobi would be standing on either side of Ambrose for this — just in case the dramatic vamp got any ideas.

Ten nobles, all seasoned fighters, all males, stood in front of me. They were armed. I was not. These ten nobles were part of the prior king’s court and had fought for him and refused to free their slaves once I’d taken the crown. Today they’d get the chance to earn their freedom…if they could best me.

“Queen Ashera has decided that she will allow the men before her a chance to fight for their freedom. They have all committed crimes against the kingdom of Shaytan.” Malachi’s voice boomed around the courtyard. “This is a fight to the death. Any of the surviving nobles will be free to do as they please.” A deadly quiet met his words, but I could feel Ambrose tense. “You may begin.”

“What the fuck are you playing at?” That was the only thing Ambrose could get out before I sensed the nobles rushing me.

As the first reached me, I dropped into a crouch before jumping high into the air. I swung my arms under me so that they were now in front of me. I landed with my legs on either side of the noble’s head. I threw myself back, my hands arching above my head and thighs clenching tight as I flipped the two of us, slamming the noble’s head into the ground with enough force that I broke his neck on impact. I quickly took his sword and cut the ropes binding my ankles.

That was all the time I had before the second man was upon me. I planned to kill the first five before draining the others dry. I also had no intention of removing my blindfold. Moving with a sword in my hand even while they were bound was like dancing. My body swayed with each move, each thrust, and each dodge.

“Stop playing with them!” A shout came from the crowd followed by a round of laughter. Fine then.

In a blink, the remaining four were dead, and there wasn’t a drop of blood on me. I stood in the center of the other five and dropped my sword on the ground. What I was about to do was something no other succubus or incubus could. And I’d relish the shock on Ambrose’s face once this was all over.

I took several deep inhales as I felt the former nobles circle me. They all knew how dangerous I was. They’d seen me on the battlefield. I tilted my head back, a showing which, for the vampires in the audience, would be a show of submission, weakness, but for those of my kingdom signaled the coming of the end.

Without having to touch the men around me, I drained them of their energy in a flash. One by one I heard their bodies collapse to the ground, and their screams of agony rang out as I continued the onslaught. When the silence finally returned, I lifted my blindfold and made direct eye contact with Ambrose.

* * *


What the fuck had I just watched?

I was furious, and aroused, as my gaze locked with Ashera’s. When several guards had come to my suite and told me that Ashera had requested my presence I’d still been pretty angry. And eager to remind her that her pussy was mine. But when I’d been led out to the courtyard to see Ashera blindfolded and bound, I’d been instantly wary.

Rage flooded me when Malachi explained what was about to happen. He’d been about to rip me to fucking pieces based on a rumor, but now he was letting her get slaughtered? I bristled. I wouldn’t allow her to get hurt. Some fucking mates she has if they would allow this to happen.

They’d held me back, barely, as the fight commenced. And now that it was over their grip tightened on me as I continued to stare at Ashera.

She was far stronger than I’d given her credit for.

She could drain people without touching them? I think that was what aroused me the most — knowing what a deadly predator she was. I blatantly reached down to adjust myself and grinned when her eyes dropped to follow the movement. I don’t think I had ever heard of a succubus able to feed without touching. A light touch? Sure. But no skin-to-skin contact? That was something else.

“Now I suggest the four of us sit down and discuss several matters.” Her voice was husky with her own arousal. So the little queen liked to fuck after she fought. Perfect.

Jacobi, Malachi, and I followed Ashera into a room similar to the one she and I had destroyed yesterday. She had removed the ropes that bound her hands on the walk into the palace. I was tempted to lean down and grab them so I could tie her down and own her ass, but the two cockblocks behind me wouldn’t let me get within an inch of her bare flesh. I’d need to find a way to corner her alone.

We settled around the table, and Ashera’s eyes went to Malachi. “I believe you’d mentioned there was a threat to my rule?”

If they weren’t as hard as I was they didn’t deserve to be her mates. I released a low growl, and their eyes darted to me. “Just remember that I fucked you first, little queen.” Her gaze heated at my words, and the beast within me roared to the surface. I wanted to claim her in front of these other two. Malachi thought he was the alpha in the room, but he was fucking wrong.

“Be that as it may, Prince Ambrose,” Ashera replied, “we have other business to attend to. More important business.”

I was going to slap her ass raw for that. There was nothing more important than my cock claiming first her pussy and then her ass.

“Word of an underground faction has been spreading, Sher.” Malachi brought attention back to him. “And it seems that there are vampires in the mix.” I bristled at that. “We aren’t sure when they will strike, but the threat is legitimate.”

Jacobi let loose a growl that was actually impressive. “They won’t be able to touch her.”

“No,” Malachi agreed. “But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take precautions. With the fae delegation arriving today, and the Beltane celebration in three days, there are several security concerns.”

“Then one of us should be with her at all times,” I snarled.

“I accepted that you weren’t a part of this threat. But I haven’t accepted that you don’t wish to harm her.” Malachi snarled back at me.

“She is right here in the room.” She spoke like a queen, and it turned me on even more. “And I refuse to be babysat like a child.”

“This isn’t about thinking you’re a child,” Jacobi soothed. “It’s about keeping you safe.” I still wanted to drain the feathered fuck dry, but he had a very calming energy about him, and I could understand the logic behind his words. It was almost as if…

“Jacobi, are you fucking controlling the room’s aura?” I grimaced. The less touchy-feely shit the birdbrained idiot and I had to go through while I won over Ashera, the better. I definitely didn’t need his feelings in my mind.

He held up his hands, not one ounce of apology visible on his face. “Sorry.”

“Boys, please,” Ashera interrupted. Jacobi and I were still locked in an intense staring match. I was not going to be the first to back down. She placed a hand on Malachi’s shoulder. “I will allow one of you to stay with me as backup. Not as protection. I can handle myself.”

Malachi nodded, barely relaxing his stance.

“But,” she continued. “Ambrose will be first to stay, while you and Jacobi go out and canvass the kingdom for any details.”

“What?” Malachi and I spoke at the same time, glaring at each other, and then giving our full attention to Ashera. A small part of me wanted to taunt the winged asshole. She’d chosen me.

She nodded, no room for debate in her steely green gaze. “You know the region, Malachi. And Jacobi can help… convince people to talk. Ambrose will just get people worked up if they aren’t a part of the faction, or nervous if they are.”

“You got that right,” Jacobi muttered. He did not look impressed either. But from the size of his hard-on beneath his linen pants, he was probably just pissed he wouldn’t get a chance to fuck my little queen again. I wanted to make it clear that I’d own her ass as soon as we were alone, but I knew that Ashera would most likely take offense to that.

“Fuck off, both of you. I told you I’m not a danger to Ashera, and I meant it.”

Ashera turned her steady gaze on me. “Besides, Ambrose and I have important things to discuss.”

Things to discuss? I perked up. I’d like to discuss how great her ass would look as I fucked her from behind on this table in a repeat of previous events. My blood heated up, and my dick stood at attention, ready to discuss things immediately and for several hours.

“Yes,” Ashera continued. “We have the ongoing matter of ending the slave trade in Masas to discuss.”

Fuck. Not the discussion I was hoping for. But maybe it wasn’t too late to sway matters my way. Malachi laughed at what I knew was my obvious displeasure. Fucker. Why was I putting up with him again?

That’s right. My little queen, and her perfect, tight pussy. I sneered at Malachi. “Don’t you have people to harass while I stay and guard your mate for you?”

“You’re not guarding me.” Ashera’s tone was unimpressed, and she got up to kiss both men goodbye. I was going to fucking kill both of them. Those were my lips.

Malachi shot me a sharp look as they walked out the door together. “You fuck her, and I’ll chop your dick off.”

The door closed softly behind them, and I dropped into one of the comfier chairs strewn around the room. Ashera sat across from me, still dressed in her fighting leathers. Fuck they were hot. Of course, she’d probably look even hotter as I ripped them off with my teeth.


I looked up to see Ashera staring at me with a smirk. “Yes, little queen?”

“You were drooling.”

I rolled my eyes. “Are you sure about that? Because to me, it seems like you sent away the two men you fucked after me. Maybe because you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt as I pounded your pussy on that table?”

Ashera smiled, but it was laced with acid. “Seems to me like I bear the marks of both of those men, while yours is nowhere to be found.”

“Yet.” Yet? Where the hell had that come from? Did I really want to be stuck with Lord Featherfuck and Batdude for the rest of my life? Then again, the thought of being able to bury myself in either her pussy or her ass every day had merit. Owning her had merit. Drinking from her. Marking her. Fuck.

She raised a brow at me. “You seem awfully sure of yourself. What makes you think we even have a mate bond, let alone if I would accept it?”

I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my thighs as I smiled back at her. “You seemed to have a pretty hard time saying no yesterday.”

“And you seemed to have a hard time finishing. Or maybe that was because I drained you of all your power after using your body as my own personal plaything?” She tipped her head with the taunt. If I’d thought I was going to slap her ass raw before, she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week now.

The air was thick between us, heavy with sexual tension and the energy of something more than either of us wanted to acknowledge. The whispers were back, calling to me. Ashera pursed her full lips, considering. “You know, I could never accept a mate bond with someone who supports the human slave trade.”

“I’m willing to take that into account.” Ashera leaned closer so that our lips were a mere whisper apart. Her eyes dilated as I felt her release her pheromones into the air. Now that I knew she could drain energy without even touching another’s skin, I would have to be more careful around her. “Play fair, little queen,” I whispered.

Ashera ran her hands through my hair, and her touch shocked me to my core. I could scent her desire, and if I wasn’t careful it was going to drive me mad. “Would you free your slaves for me?”

“I would go to hell and back if it meant I got to fuck you raw again.” So much for the upper hand and playing it cool.

She pressed her lips to mine, the connection flooding my veins with something powerful and addictive. “Good.” Ashera bridged the small space between us, swinging to sit on my lap. The pressure of her tight ass against my erection was fucking delicious. How could she have let that asshole king fuck her there first? That was supposed to be mine.

She was supposed to be mine. I kissed her deeply, sliding my hands down the leathers that covered her, frustrated it wasn’t her silky-smooth skin, fucking her mouth with my tongue. She made a moan of approval, and I knew she wanted it as badly as I did. She wanted me. Gods, I needed to touch her everywhere. I needed to be inside of her. Fuck that asshole Malachi.

I needed to keep my dick.

I pushed her back so there was space between our bodies. “Little queen, I’m desperate, and I mean fucking desperate, to be inside of you again. But I don’t trust that mates one and two won’t castrate me if I fuck you.”

Ashera glared at me. “Don’t tell me you’re growing a conscience now.”

I huffed. “More like grown attached to my dick. And I’d like it to stay attached.”

Her voice dropped, and I felt her flood the room with more power. Fuck. It was taking everything in me to stay upright, let alone not to succumb to my feral instincts and take her over the chair. “No one has to know, Ambrose. It’s just you and me.”

I shook my head. “No, they’ll know. I don’t know how, but they’ll know. And then I’ll be dickless, watching them screwing you every chance they get.”

She pouted. “You’re no fun.”

“Take that up with them.”

Ashera opened her mouth to protest, but a knock at the door interrupted us.

A servant poked their head into the study, bowing quickly to Ashera. “My queen. The representative from Juniya has arrived. They’re waiting for you in the throne room.”

I groaned loudly, and Ashera stood with a quick glare my way. “Thank you. Tell him I’ll be there momentarily.” Ashera made her way toward the door. The fae were a day early based on what Malachi had said earlier.

“Excuse me, where do you think you’re going?” I was out of my chair in a flash, holding the door closed with one hand.

“To my bedchambers to dress for our new guest.” She was annoyed, but I knew there was more than one way to lose my dick, and I didn’t like the idea of any of them. I moved my hand but followed her out the door and into the hallway as she walked. “There’s no need to follow me, Ambrose. I allowed you to stay so Malachi would get off my back. But I think I can handle myself in my own castle.”

I shrugged. “All the same, I think I’ll walk with you.” We walked in silence toward her bedchambers, both of us lost in thought.

When we arrived at the door, Ashera stepped inside and slammed the door before I could squeeze inside. I pounded the ornately carved wooden door. “Ashera! Godsdammit, woman! Open this door.” For fuck’s sake. The little queen was going to be the death of me and my dick.

Ashera’s voice was muffled behind the door. “Seriously, Ambrose. I can get dressed on my own. Just wait out there. I wouldn’t want to put you in a precarious position by getting undressed in front of you anyway.”

How had my life come to this, waiting outside the door for a woman who refused to own slaves? I slid down the door, sitting on the floor. Now I was hard again, imagining her pulling her leathers off her lithe body. “You can be a right tease when you want to be, little queen. Someone needs to teach you some respect.”

“Good thing I have two mates to help me with that then.” I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t imagine either of those two lovestruck idiots disciplining her the way she needed to be. The way she wanted to be.

She was quiet for a moment. “Ashera? You okay in there?” I called. No response.

Glass shattered behind the door, and still nothing from Ashera. “Ashera? Ashera!” Something was wrong. I felt it in the very marrow of my bones. Of course it had to be on my watch. I was on my feet in an instant, banging the door with every ounce of power I had. “Ashera! Open the fucking door!”

I started ramming my shoulder into the wood, and then stood back to take a running kick at it. The strong wooden door swung open to display an empty room, balcony doors wide open. A wine glass was shattered in front of Ashera’s dressing table, but Ashera was nowhere to be found.

I ran out to the balcony, feeling a sense of loss so keenly I was surprised I hadn’t collapsed. She was gone, and it was my fucking fault. If we never got her back, I would never forgive myself. I fell to my knees on the balcony, praying to every god and goddess I had never believed in.

“Ashera! I’m coming for you!” I buried my head into my hands. I wasn’t looking forward to what came next. Because now I needed to explain what had happened to Malachi and Jacobi. I just hoped my dick would still be intact by the time we found her.

Make no mistake. The little queen was mine, and I was going to find her and claim her if it meant I had to slaughter every single person in my path.


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