Blood Crown: Chapter 4


I laid awake in my bed after we’d spent several moments snuggling and basking in the feel of the newly formed mate bond. I watched the moonlight filter in through the sheer curtains, the light illuminating my mate’s gorgeously dark skin against my own golden tone. Mal was a light sleeper, but tonight he was snoring heavily beside me, while sleep seemed to evade me.

Mate. Was it truly possible that the gods had blessed me with another mate? I didn’t think it would ever happen for me again despite knowing that most females took multiple mates. My hands were stained with too much blood, and my soul…I couldn’t even imagine how black my soul must be. I told myself it was all worth it, that paying my dues meant that others like me wouldn’t have to live a life of pain. Of torture. No. I would dirty my hands to save my people. I had no regrets about that. But I didn’t expect another mate.

I must have done something right somewhere along the way. I glanced down at Mal, his brow creased as he dreamed. I bent over to kiss his forehead. He relaxed into a deeper sleep, and a soft smile lifted his lips. Mal didn’t smile often, so I was glad that I could be something pleasant in his life.

Mal. It felt surreal. I had wanted him for so long, and now I had him. And yet…something was clawing inside my soul. I was unsettled. I should’ve been fast asleep, dreaming of the future we would build. But a voice long since locked away was calling me, dragging me out of bed and toward the door. The moonlight dappled floors were cool beneath my bare feet as I draped a light chiffon robe over my shoulders. I turned back once more to check on my slumbering mate, who was still sleeping soundly and quietly closed my door behind me. I willed my glamor back into place, not needing any unnecessary questions from any of my guests — should I run into them wandering the halls.

I didn’t know where I was going. I simply followed the voice inside me as it called me closer, directing me as I walked the halls. I didn’t pass any guards, but I wasn’t afraid. I could take most of the men in the kingdom with my sheer strength alone, but it didn’t matter. The soft voice calling me told me not to be afraid. I clutched my robe tighter around my body, my nipples peaking in the chill of the night. I was in the west wing now — far from my bedroom where the envoys had been given rooms. After my altercation turned into a sexual dominance display earlier today, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Ambrose quite yet.

The sex was good, but we had some major moral differences to work out before I got back on that dick again. Namely, the fact that he liked to own people, and that I stole his power. Oops.

I made my way to one of the wooden doors, not surprised to find it unlocked. I had servants make sure that all the best guest rooms were properly prepared, which included leaving them unlocked for easy access. I entered one of the rooms without knocking. The balcony doors were open, allowing the fresh spring air to flutter through the light curtains. The smell of rejuvenation was in the air. Hope. It was a new era in Shaytan, and I was honored to be a small part of that.

“Why are you in my room?” The softly spoken question had me whirling around, my robe dropping open as I spun.

Jacobi. I’m in Jacobi’s room. And the incredibly handsome angel king was sitting up in his bed, the sheets pooling at his hips. His chest was bare — providing a sinful view of his large, broad shoulders that narrowed down to his hips — and I couldn’t stop myself from drinking him in. His honey blond hair — cropped close at the side and longer on top — was sexily mussed from sleep.

Why was I not surprised? I’d felt drawn to him earlier. It made sense that I was pulled here.

“I couldn’t sleep.” It wasn’t really an answer. But I was a queen, dammit. I could go where I wanted. And right now, I wanted Jacobi, just as badly as I wanted Malachi… My desire was all I could focus on as a damp heat grew eagerly between my legs. Was I really going to lead the pure angel king down the path of temptation?

Jacobi opened his mouth to speak and then closed it. His gaze drifted out the window before turning back to me and running over my body hungrily. It was then that I noticed he was wide awake. There didn’t appear to be even a hint of sleep in his eyes. They were clear and aware.

“Why are you awake?” I asked quietly.

I knew what his answer was going to be before he spoke, an adorable confusion written all over his perfect face. “A voice… a voice called to me.” He met my gaze, his bright blue eyes searing into my soul. “I think it was your voice.”

Two mates. Two fucking mates. Could it even be possible?

Fuck it. I took a step closer.

* * *


She asked why I was awake. I wasn’t sure. I thought the voice might have been part of a dream. But as soon as I saw Ashera step into my bedroom, moonlight illuminating her golden skin, I knew. I was awake because something called us together. Something bigger than either of us or possibly anything else in this world.

Was it wrong to want her? To fantasize of her, her perfect lips calling my name as I thrust inside of her, watching her slender hands touching my body? Technically. But whatever it was that kept me awake and called her into my room told me this could only ever be right.

Ashera took another step toward me, and her light robe blew in the breeze. The smooth curve of her hip made my mouth water, and I needed to know if she tasted as sweet as she smelled. I wasn’t going to wait another moment to find out. I pushed the covers off me, standing to meet her where she stood.

Her bright green gaze met mine for a moment, and for the first time, I saw uncertainty flickering there. “Jacobi. Are you sure you want this? Want me?”

“Ashera,” I whispered, cupping the back of her head with my hands. “Ashera. I think it’s always been you.”

Was I willing to share her? I wasn’t sure if it was technically sharing when our souls felt aligned. All I knew was I wanted Ashera in any way she’d let me have her.

She stood on her tiptoes to press her lips to mine, gently at first as if not to scare me away. But I didn’t scare easily, and I’d made my decision. I had been hard as a rock since I saw that vamp asshole taking her in the study, and I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to hold out. I deepened the kiss, crushing her body to mine. Gods. Is this what I had been missing out on? Somehow, I doubted it. I instinctively knew that only she could make me feel like this. I needed to feel more of her and hear her cry my name like she did with Malachi earlier today. I parted her legs with my knee, desperate to get closer.

“Ashera,” I moaned. “I want to taste you. Let me taste you.”

She gave me an easy smile, and nodded, slipping the robe off her shoulders. A growl grew deep inside of my chest, something I never knew I was capable of. I knew now that I wanted to own her and consume every last inch of her. Something primal — bestial — roared inside me. Before the night was out, she’d wear my mark. Fuck purity. I wanted everyone to know that this queen was mine. She’d chosen me. I pushed her onto the bed, and her laugh as she fell was nearly enough to make me come on its own. I needed to focus.

She had been with Malachi and Ambrose, and I doubted either man had abstained as I had. I was the celibate king from the gentle kingdom of wheat and fish. Would I be able to live up to her standards? She parted her legs for me, and I stared at the slick, pink folds waiting for me to taste them. I couldn’t stop myself from pumping my hand around my cock a few times, just to relieve some of the tension.

“It’s okay, Jacobi. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Ashera murmured. Her eyes were heated and fixed on my cock, and she licked her lips as she watched me move my hand over myself, her actions betraying her words.

It was too late for that. I had a taste of temptation when I kissed her lips, and now I needed to see what full corruption would feel like when I sunk inside of her. I needed to hear her scream my name in passion. I needed to fill her up as Malachi had. Mark her. Claim her. Nothing else would satisfy me.

I shook my head and kissed the soft skin on the inside of her thigh. It wasn’t enough. I nipped at her leg then licked the spot to soothe the sting. I nearly missed the hitch in her breath, the soft pant of need that left her. Control, Jacobi. I needed to stay in control. Which was impossible once I caught the scent of her pheromones flooding the room.

“Fuck, Ashera. You don’t play fair,” I growled, but when desire fogged my brain, there was no more room for talking. No room for thinking. I licked her soaked pussy, finally getting a taste of the most delicious honey. Ashera sucked in a breath and moaned lightly as I licked again and again, swirling my tongue around her clit. It was like something had been awoken in me, some other Jacobi that knew where to put his hands and mouth. A Jacobi that could make Ashera writhe and cry out as he pleasured her. One that freely unleashed his hunger.

Not that I was complaining, especially not with the knowledge that I was making her moan and cry out, not another male. I trailed my fingers down her legs, moving my mouth to suck gently on her clit as I teased her opening with my fingers. My confidence grew, so I didn’t filter my words. “I want all of you, Ashera. I want you to come on my tongue, just like this. And then I want your tight little pussy to come around my cock. Show me what I’ve been missing out on all my life.”

Ashera’s hips bucked into my mouth, needing release. Who was I to deny her what she wanted? She was my queen. My mate. I slipped one finger inside of her, and then two, curving them as I moved my mouth along her sweet flesh.

“Oh, Jacobi. Oh!” That part of me that knew how to make her arch her back, how to make her need, how to make her come, roared with triumph at the urgency in her voice. Any doubts fled as I glanced up at her body to see her head flung back in pleasure, her hands gripping the sheets as her stomach quivered with her impending release.

“Just like that, my love. Just like that. Show me how good I make you feel.” Who would’ve thought I would know how to do any of this? My cock pulsed with need, so I worked my tongue faster, harder, feeling Ashera’s pussy clench and tremble around my fingers. She came with a soft cry as I lapped her up. She was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted, and I knew I never wanted to go a day without the taste of her on my tongue.

Ashera sat up, eyes dazed with pleasure. “Well, Angel King. Who knew?”

I laughed. “We’re not done yet.”

I pulled her out of the bed, leading her out to the balcony which was bright even at night. The moon was full, the spring festival just around the corner, a celebration of new life. I was focused on a new relationship building — the desire and feelings I had never experienced before — as they flooded my body. Ashera leaned against the stone balcony, and I kissed her lightly.

“I’m going to make sure the world knows you’re mine.” She shivered at my words, her breath hitching at the heat she saw in my eyes. I made no attempt to hide my body’s reaction to her.

A burning was beginning on my wrist as I spun Ashera around so that her waist rested on the balcony. Her ass was toward me, perfect and round. The image of my cock sinking into that tight hole seared my mind. One day. Maybe. I slipped my hand between her legs, spreading the wetness there waiting for me. She released a low moan, and her hips bucked against my hand. I nudged my cock against her pussy — sinking myself in, feeling her walls clench around me. The small sounds she made as I filled her spurred me on until I was fully seated inside her.

My eyes fluttered closed as I took in all the sensations. Fuck. Ashera was perfect. I could say that with full awareness now. Every single inch of her was made for me, and I felt certain I had been made for her. What other explanation was there? I started to pump in and out of her, her cries and moans of desire fueling me. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming, and I was building up to crest a wave of gratification I had never experienced before. I brought my fingers around to Ashera’s clit, feeling her ride the edge of her release around my cock as her pussy pulsed erratically around me. Her pleasure drove me to take my own, keeping my momentum as I roared and shattered around her.

Fuck. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as I caught my breath and sat down on the balcony before dragging Ashera down to sit on my lap. She joined in my laughter, stroking my face as we looked at each other with wonder.

I caught her hand in my palm. “Feed off me, love.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded. “Please.”

She was gentle, and I watched her eyes as they closed in satisfaction. I didn’t feel any weaker. Instead, I felt full. Satisfied for possibly the first time in my life. I realized my wrist was still tingling from the earlier burning sensation, and I glanced down to see a small, perfect crown appearing on the skin there.

“Is this your mark?” I asked.

“It must be,” she replied. “Malachai has the same one on his arm now.” She settled back against my arm when I noticed my own mark on her skin — a large feather taking up most of her forearm. I tapped lightly, pointing it out to her. “Oh shit. That’s massive!”

A grin tugged at my lips. She seemed surprised, which pleased me. She dragged her lips across mine as her fingers laced behind my neck. I could feel her desire spiking again, and I was instantly hard and ready for her. A muffled murmur of surprise against my lips had me chuckling.

My hands gripped her hips as I slid her down over my cock, both of us breaking away from our kiss to moan.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Her breathy voice had me clutching her hips harder as I rocked her against me, making sure to drag her clit against me with each pull.

Pride burst within me. I was making this stunningly beautiful succubus queen breathless with my cock. I slowed our pace which had her head falling against my shoulder as she whimpered with need. My lips traced their way down her neck, and she leaned back so I could take her nipple in my mouth as I continued my slow pace. Her nails dug into my shoulders as her head fell back and a long, loud moan ripped from her throat.

“Jacobi,” she cried. “Gods. You keep hitting just the right spot. Please don’t stop.”

I sucked harder at her nipple, and she came with a scream of my name. Fuck. She felt so damn good clenching around me like that. But I wanted her to come completely undone. I stood, not letting her slip off my cock as I braced her against the wall next to the balcony doors. My arms moved to take her legs up over my shoulders, and I slid further into her. She whispered my name like a prayer.

I could feel more than her lust as I opened to her. Our mate bond flared, her love and affection flowed with it, and my hips jerked in response. I could also feel Malachi, who was now awake and fisting himself in Ashera’s room as our pleasure flooded down the bond to him. Ashera was nearly mindless with her desire for me, and a sense of purely male satisfaction had me preening.

“More. Gods, Jacobi. More.” So I gave her more. But I kept my pace slow, making sure to angle my hips just right so I was brushing both her clit and g-spot with each thrust. She came twice more before I finally started thrusting harder, faster. Her moans of pleasure rang out in the night around us.

“Do you like how I fill you, love?”

“Yes!” she screamed. “Gods, I love it.”

She came one last time, sobbing out my name with her release. I shouted out my own release moments later, my hips jerking against hers as she clenched so tight around me, I was sure we’d never be parted.

We stayed like that, spent and connected, staring into each other’s eyes. Her hands tangled in my hair as she dragged me down for another searing kiss. She pulled away only slightly to murmur, “Come back to my bed.”

“Of course.”

* * *


Back in my chambers, I was plastered between two hard male bodies as the sun started to crest the horizon. Jacobi had brought me back to my room, where Malachi had greeted us with heated, hungry eyes. Unfortunately, I was too exhausted to engage in a round with both of them. I’d fallen asleep almost instantly when Jacobi had delicately laid me on the bed.

Malachi was on his back, sound asleep, and I had one leg up and over his hips. His hand rested possessively on my thigh and our faces were so close I wouldn’t be surprised if we had been kissing in our sleep. One of my hands rested low on his stomach. The other was clutching Jacobi’s wrist.

My head was resting on Jacobi’s bicep as he spooned behind me. He had his arm curled up and around my shoulder clutching me tightly to his chest. It was his other hand, however, that had me fighting the urge to move against the two of them. He had two of his fingers buried in my pussy as though the thought of not being inside me — even to sleep, offended him.

I could tell by their breathing that they were still asleep. But Jacobi’s fingers had me drenched in seconds. I bit my lip as my core fluttered around the digits. Oh, gods. My mind flooded with images from last night. For a man who had never touched a woman before last night, Jacobi had amazing stamina, and he knew instinctively where to touch me to have me melting into a puddle at his feet.

Both men were hard against me, and I couldn’t be sure if they were awake and waiting to see what I would do, or if just the scent of my arousal in their sleep had them ready. I released a low moan at the thought of both of them filling me. My heart rate picked up, and I knew I was getting wetter at the thought.

Jacobi started to move his fingers inside me, rubbing his thumb lightly against my clit. My breath hitched in my lungs, and I started to grind my hips against his fingers. Malachi trailed his fingers down my leg. Shit, they’re awake.

“Jacobi is going to make you come on his fingers before we fill you up because you’re a greedy slut aren’t you, Sher?” Malachi’s sleep-laced voice had me shuddering against both of them. The thought of both of them inside of me at the same time was almost too much, and all I could do was nod.

Jacobi trailed his lips down my neck, and Malachi found my nipple with his fingers. I clenched around the angel king’s fingers in response, causing him to groan. “She’s so damn wet.” He pressed his smirk against my neck and started to move his fingers faster. They crooked at just the right angle to rub against my g-spot.

I’m not entirely sure what I screamed as I came around those thick digits. Neither male stopped touching me, and my orgasm dragged out longer than normal. Malachi released a dark chuckle as they both moved away from me a bit to position our bodies in a manner that allowed them both to take me at the same time.

“I’m going to let Jacobi take your pert little ass, Sher,” Malachi rumbled as he reached into my nightstand. “I think the good king has earned the right to claim that first considering he wasn’t a complete fucking moron by ignoring the bond.”

I could feel the excitement radiating off Jacobi as Malachi leaned back against the pillows and pulled me on top of him. He handed Jacobi the small bottle he had found in my nightstand. “Lube up, champ. If you think her pussy is tight, you haven’t felt anything yet.”

I slapped his chest. “How the hell would you know what my ass feels like?” A rogue grin spread across Mal’s face, and he simply pulled me down for a searing kiss.

Malachi didn’t bother answering me, instead, he moved me into position and slid into me to the hilt. He kept my hips trapped against his as he looked over my shoulder at my angel. Jacobi moved in close, toying with my ass, preparing me for that heavenly cock of his before he started to work his way inside me too.

“Gods,” we both moaned out in unison. I felt so full. Jacobi leaned down until I was pressed against both of them. Every breath I took had me shuddering. It was too much.

“Now, Your Majesty,” Malachi addressed Jacobi. “We’re going to fuck our queen senseless. Do not hold back.”

They moved in unison as though they’d been fucking me together for centuries. I whimpered as they picked up the pace, both of them thrusting hard and fast inside me. Jacobi eased up slightly, just enough that my nipples dragged against Malachi’s chest with each thrust. My clit bumped against the incubus’s hips as they continued their assault.

“You were right.” Jacobi’s low growl rumbled against my back. “But while her ass is damn tight, I much prefer her pink little pussy gripping my cock. But gods, she feels amazing no matter where I’m inside her.”

“Do you hear that, my queen?” Malachi sounded so damn pleased. “You have the King of Malak claiming your ass as I fuck your perfect wet pussy. A king and an assassin. Do you feel worshiped?”

My head fell against Mal’s chest as I sighed out my answer. I felt worshiped, full, and so overwhelmed with pleasure. Our bonds shimmered brightly between us, and I could feel their pleasure as well. It was too much.

I shattered. My scream echoed in the chamber around us as both men roared their releases at the same time. Jacobi collapsed on top of me, squeezing me in the best possible way between the two of them. I felt loved, protected, safe.

“You’re ours, my queen,” Mal rumbled.

“Yours,” I agreed. “Always.”


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