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Blood Crown: Chapter 17


Once we’d settled everyone in the city, we’d made our way back to the palace. I hadn’t let Caspian out of my sight the entire time. I couldn’t. While I’d assured myself, he was physically fine when I found him, I was still shaken. Our bond was so new, and knowing that I’d almost lost it… I shuddered.

“Dick slayer?” We were all in my large shower, standing under the spray and attempting to wash the day from our bodies. Caspian moved to slide his arms around me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder.

I placed my hands on his and looked at my other mates. I couldn’t lose them. I wouldn’t. I would burn the whole fucking world for them. My grip on Caspian’s hands tightened slightly. I wasn’t fighting the resistance just for my people; I was fighting them for my mates too.

“Talk to us, Sher,” Malachi rumbled, dipping his head so our eyes were level. “We can feel all your emotions churning in you.”

I sighed and tipped my head back against Caspian. “I’ll kill them all. They hurt Caspian.”

Caspian stiffened behind me, his grip tightening around me. “Let’s not forget they hurt you too, dick slayer.”

I scoffed. “I don’t give a fuck about that.” I spun in his arms so I could stare into his eyes. “You’re mine. They need to learn what happens when they fuck with those I love.”

A predatory gleam flashed in Caspian’s gaze as he stilled against me, and a low growl rumbled from his chest. “You love me?”

“Of course I do, you idiot. You’re an asshole, but you’re still mine.” My tone was firm, leaving no room for argument.

Caspian slammed his lips against mine, his hands coming to tangle in my hair as he ground his hips against me. He pulled back just enough to whisper against my lips, “I’m going to fuck this up, but you’re my fucking mate, and I won’t let anyone change that.” His lips crashed to mine again.

“Fuck,” Ambrose muttered behind us. “The rest of you walk around hard as a rock all day too, right?”

I pulled back from Caspian and giggled. All three of my other mates voiced their confirmation of Ambrose’s assumption. I knew their… issue had nothing to do with the fact that I was a succubus and everything to do with the fact that we were mates. Gods knew I walked around wet all the time now.

“I think we should move to the bedroom,” Jacobi chimed in. “As much as shower sex appeals to me, I think five of us slipping around in here is asking for someone to get hurt.”

The others chuckled, and I let out another giggle. He was right, shower sex with the four of them would be a bit too much. That’s when it hit me. My lips parted in surprise as I turned to stare at my angel. He was suggesting the five of us have sex all together. I shouldn’t be surprised considering Mal had fucked him while he fucked me… But that had been my idea.

“I can feel how turned on our little mate is by the thought of all of us fucking her at once,” Malachi growled low, causing the other three to release rumbling growls of their own. “Tell us what you want, my queen.”

My gaze met his as images of all of us sliding against one another played in my mind. My chest rose and fell sharply the more I thought about it.

“Come on, little queen. We know you’re thinking about it. Tell us how you want us.” Ambrose moved closer to me, sliding his fingers against one of my nipples. I moaned.

“Dick slayer, you know we wouldn’t deny you. Just tell us.” Caspian nipped my neck, and I shuddered.

My mouth worked, but I was too overwhelmed to form any words. Ambrose continued to play with both of my nipples as Caspian’s hand moved to my clit. He didn’t touch it, merely circled around it in a manner that made me want to scream. My hands moved to tangle in Ambrose’s hair.

“Bed.” It wasn’t eloquent, but at least I got it out. Fingers removed themselves from my body, causing me to whimper, and my mates chuckled.

“To bed it is.” Malachi swooped in and picked me up. I let out a startled squeal which only caused them to chuckle louder. He tossed me on the bed as they moved to surround me, two standing on either side of my now too small bed. “Tell us, Sher.”

I looked them over, each one taking their cock in hand before giving themselves a few quick pumps. My legs fell open as I propped myself up on my elbows.

“I want Caspian to eat me out.” I finally decided. “While I suck on Malachi.” My gaze slid to Ambrose and Jacobi. “I want you two to touch each other as you see fit.”

Low, hungry growls met my request before all four of my mates burst into action. Caspian flipped me onto my hands and knees in front of him, spreading my legs wide at the edge of the bed. Malachi slid under me until his cock was in the perfect spot for me to bend my head and wrap my lips around his cock. Ambrose and Jacobi stood on the other side of the bed, each one sizing up the other.

I felt my pussy clench at the thought of them wrestling like Malachi and Jacobi had. The thought of their hard bodies coming together as they battled for dominance was such a damn turn-on. I was so caught up staring at my vampire and angel, I didn’t sense my fae move until I felt him slowly lick from one end of my slit to the other.

I shuddered with a groan. He started to lazily tease me with his mouth, clearly in no hurry to have me coming on his face. Mal lifted his hips in invitation. My gaze dropped to him to see a wide smirk spread across his features.

His hand came up to grasp me possessively by the back of the neck. “I suggest you wrap those pretty lips around my cock, my queen. I can’t come down your throat unless you do.”

Caspian purred behind me. “Our mate certainly loves dirty talk.” He continued with his lazy exploration.

“Now, Sher,” Mal demanded. “Before I make you do it, and you miss out on watching your other mates play with each other.”

My breath hitched as another shudder ran through me. Caspian was still running lazy licks against my clit with an occasional dip into my pussy. And I did not want to miss out on how things played out between Jacobi and Ambrose. My mouth lowered until I sucked the head of Mal’s cock between my lips, a deep groan leaving him.

Ambrose leaned over and fished around in my nightstand. He pulled out the bottle of lube we always kept on hand and waved it at the angel king, a sly grin spreading across his face. Jacobi tensed and scowled, his body shifting into a fighting stance. He’d already lost the dominance dance to Malachi, I doubted he wanted to lose to the princess.

Caspian slowly slid a finger into my pussy, pushing down on my g-spot as he started applying more pressure with his tongue against my clit. My hips bucked back against him of their own accord, and I sucked harder on Malachi. His fist tightened against the back of my neck as he bucked his hips up, trying to get me to take more of him. I resisted, shooting him a sultry look before returning my gaze to my vampire and my angel.

Suddenly, Ambrose threw the bottle of lube at Jacobi, surprising the king who reached out to try to catch it. While he was distracted, Ambrose tackled him to the floor, his legs on either side of Jacobi’s body and both of his fists on his chest. The angel king appeared to be effectively pinned. At least for now.

“Listen you feathered fuck.” Jacobi growled at Ambrose’s nickname. “I’m going to call a truce because I want to tease our lovely little queen over there.” Jacobi turned his head to lock eyes with me. That was when I rocked forward, sliding Malachi’s cock entirely down my throat and swallowing around him.

“Holy fucking shit,” Mal moaned, arching his back, and his eyes fluttering closed.

Jacobi returned his attention to the vampire pinning him to the ground, a brow raised in question. Ambrose turned to smirk at me, and I knew whatever he had planned, I was going to love and hate it.

“I suggest we blow each other at the same time.”

I whimpered around Mal and thrust my hips back against Caspian. The fae chuckled. “I suggest you do it. She’s soaked at just the thought. And fuck me, she’s clenching so hard around just one of my fingers right now.”

I started to rock my hips gently against Caspian’s face and finger, allowing the motion to rock my mouth along Malachi’s cock, making sure to swallow each time he bottomed out.

My two mates on the floor shared a wicked grin and a nod before Ambrose repositioned himself. I watched, completely enthralled as they both wrapped their lips around the other’s cock. Ambrose went — pun intended — balls to the walls and roughly thrust his hips against Jacobi’s mouth, choking the angel king with his cock.

“Whatever the fuck you just did, do it again,” Caspian groaned as he slid a second finger into me.

Jacobi decided it was his turn and thrust up into Ambrose’s mouth, but Ambrose was already ahead of he and met the king’s hips with his face. Fuck me. Ambrose didn’t have a gag reflex either.

I came.

Screaming around Mal’s cock, I exploded. Malachi groaned roughly, holding my head down against him. Caspian sped up his fingers, drinking me down as he attacked my clit with his tongue.

Jacobi and Ambrose both set a harsh pace for the other, and it was all I could focus on. I sucked on Mal harder. He ripped my mouth from his cock before he could come, and Caspian moved away from my core, leaving me feeling cold and empty. Jacobi and Ambrose broke apart before either of them finished, Mal and Jacobi switching places.

Jacobi spread himself across my bed so his legs, bent at the knee, hung over the side, lube bottle back in hand. He squirted some into his palm and worked it over himself as Caspian moved me over him.

“I’m going to fuck your ass again, my love.” I shuddered. Together, my fae and angel moved me, so I was facing away from Jacobi, sliding me slowly down his cock. Caspian stood between Jacobi’s spread legs, his hand pumping his hard dick as he watched me adjust to my angel king.

“I’m not going to be gentle, dick slayer,” he rumbled. I smiled up at him.

His hand closed around my throat, effectively holding me in place as he stepped closer, slamming his cock to the hilt. My head flung back as I cried out. Jacobi took my hips to keep me steady as the two men locked eyes.

“Make it hard and fast, angel,” the fae growled. Jacobi chuckled and did as instructed.

His grip on my hips would probably leave marks, but I didn’t care. All I could think about was how they both roughly thrust up each time Jacobi slammed my hips down. I leaned back slightly, placing my hands on either side of my king. Malachi and Ambrose appeared on either side of me, both sucking a nipple into their mouths. Ambrose trailed a hand down until he could play with my clit.

My brain short circuited. The sound of flesh slapping together filled the room as my hips were continuously slammed down onto my mates’. Both men’s groans were peppered into the mix. I could feel Malachi feeding off the energy in the room, and I decided to do the same. I released my pheromones as well, all four of my mates turning rougher, touching me harder. Yes.

“I’m going to fill up this pretty little pussy, dick slayer.” Caspian’s low growl had my eyes flicking to him. I hadn’t even realized I’d closed them. “I want to watch our release drip out of you.” I clenched around him, causing him to moan. “That’s it. That’s a good queen. Grip my dick just like that.”

I clenched around him again. This time both him and Jacobi moaned. Malachi leaned into my ear at the same time Ambrose’s fangs sank into the skin around my nipple, to whisper, “Be a good little queen and come around your mates.”

Pleasure, unlike anything I’d ever felt before flooded through every cell of my being. My mouth dropped open in a silent scream as wave after wave rocked my body. Jacobi and Caspian joined me, each of them roaring out my name as they came, hips jerking against mine. My arms gave out as I came down from my high. Caspian and Jacobi held me up and helped me off both of them, gently placing me on the bed.

My chest heaved as I tried to pull much-needed oxygen into my lungs. Malachi moved to take me on top of him, my face tucking into his neck. Ambrose moved behind me, licking and nipping his way up my back.

Malachi’s breath against my ear had my nipples tightening painfully. “We let you come all over your other mates. Now you’re going to work our cocks like a good slut.” I pushed myself up, plastering my back against Ambrose’s chest, and nodded. I was so drunk off all the sexual energy in the room he could literally ask for anything and I would do it.

Ambrose let out a dark chuckle. Both men helped to guide me down Mal’s cock before Ambrose slid into me as well. I felt so damn full. They both started to gently rock against me, Mal’s fingers now working my nipples as Ambrose ran his fangs over every square inch of my skin he could get.

“Whose little slut are you?” Malachi demanded as both of my mates started to thrust faster and harder into me. “Whose cocks do you crave?”

I moaned; not sure I could form the words. But Malachi pinched my nipples, hard. I jolted a bit, liking the touch of pain amongst the sea of pleasure. I almost didn’t want to answer him to see if he would do it again.

“Yours,” I murmured.

“That’s right,” he confirmed. “Ours.”

“Our little queen only submits to us.” Ambrose nicked the skin on my shoulder, and I clenched around them both. “She likes it when we use her. Fuck her raw. Mark her.” He chuckled when I nodded.

“Now clench tighter around our cocks, my queen. Make us come inside of you.” Malachi pinched my nipples again. One of Ambrose’s hands wrapped around my waist to start gliding against my clit. I could feel myself almost painfully clenching down on both of them as I rocketed towards oblivion again.

“What. A. Good. Girl.” Each word gritted out of Mal’s mouth was punctuated with a thrust.

Ambrose once again sank his fangs into me. I ascended into pleasure as the three of us came together, all of us crying out. And then everything went dark.

When I came to, Jacobi was washing between my legs with a damp cloth, a smug smile spreading across his handsome face. I blinked a bit and then turned my head to find my other mates were once again in the bathroom, cleaning themselves off.

“We weren’t sure how long you’d be out,” Jacobi said with that damn smirk still in place. “And we didn’t want to wake up after you’d fed that much. Malachi said that you sort of overate.”

I groaned. That was putting it mildly. I could practically feel myself bursting at the seams. But damn if it didn’t feel fantastic.

* * *


I stood rigid in front of Ashera, every fiber of my being attuned to her and her safety. The resistance was getting bolder. We figured that they’d have more than just vampires in their midst, and we’d gotten confirmation of that during the attack on Cresta City. But we needed more information, so we were now down in the dungeons staring down the single prisoner we’d allowed to live…for now.

I could feel the tension radiating off the other males, knowing they didn’t want our mate anywhere near this asshole. But we didn’t have any other choice. We needed information. And we were going to get it. I didn’t care what I had to do.

The vampire in front of us looked at each of us with wild, frantic eyes. He knew he was fucked. At least he wasn’t stupid like the last bunch we’d dealt with. I slid a glance over to Ambrose. “Do you mind if I take him? I know he technically falls under your jurisdiction…”

Ambrose propped himself casually against the wall opposite the cell, his arms folded across his chest in a way that highlighted his mating mark. “Be my guest, Mal. His name is Johan.”

I heard one of the others pull Ashera back to the wall too but didn’t bother looking behind me. My gaze had once again zeroed in on the vampire locked in one of our smallest cells. I rested my forearm against the bars so I could lean in close.

“Why don’t you make this easy for yourself?” I asked. “Tell us about the resistance. Everything you know. Then I’ll make sure that you die nice and quick. How does that sound?”

The vampire’s eyes narrowed, and a look of stubborn determination crossed his face. Thank fuck. He was going to make this fun. I fought to suppress a pleased grin.

“Just as those who took that slut of yours said nothing, I too will say nothing.” I raised a brow at him. The way he spoke suggested he was of noble birth, which would explain how Ambrose knew his name.

“Now, Johan.” I sighed. “You really should reconsider. Remember, your little group tortured our mate, and frankly, we won’t hesitate to do everything you did to her and more. I know I, personally, would love to spend a few days locked down here with you.” I shot a look over my shoulder. “What about you three?”

Ashera — a pleased and slightly sadistic grin plastered on her face — was leaning against both Jacobi and Caspian as they stood behind her, each with an arm wrapped possessively and protectively around her. All three of her other mates rumbled their agreement. I allowed a broad grin to stretch across my features as I turned back to the vampire.

He spat in my face.

Ambrose tsked, shaking his head. Jacobi and Caspian chuckled. I grabbed the end of my shirt to wipe my face. My gaze narrowed, and the vampire went pale.

“Now Johan, that wasn’t very nice,” I chastised. “But since you insist on doing this the hard way…”

I straightened, turning to nod in Caspian’s direction. With a tilt of his head, the iron bars of the cell wrapped tightly around the vampire’s wrists and ankles before thrusting him flush against the stone wall behind him. He let out a small yelp of surprise, and his eyes darted around in panic. But there was no one here to save him. No one who gave a fuck whether he lived or died. I personally would’ve liked to see him ripped into tiny little pieces.

I sauntered into the cell while the others remained outside. Johan was breathing in quick, uneven pants, clearly panicking about being restrained. The fact that I’m sure my expression screamed he was in for a world of pain surely didn’t help either.

“Now, why don’t we get started, hmm?” I smiled at him as I flashed a dagger in his face — my skinning dagger. I kept it sharp enough that I was able to slice off thin layers of skin with ease.

I decided to start with a small section of his arm. In a flash, a rectangular portion of his bicep plopped in a bloody heap on the floor. The vampire screamed. “Anytime you want to give us answers…”

“T-there ar-are me-members every…everywhere,” Johan gritted out after I’d sliced another section of skin off his other bicep.

“Well, we figured that much. Come on, give us something more than that.” I scoffed at him. “Maybe you need a little more incentive.” I cut the vampire’s pants from his body. He started begging, pleading with me to stop.

“Did you know that this blade is sharp enough to cut small sections off a dick?” I asked, my gaze locked on the panicked vampire’s eyes. “I can slowly take piece by piece until you tell me what you fucking know.”

I could see the indecision in Johan’s eyes. His nostrils flared as his wide, frantic eyes took in the blade as it moved ever closer to his cock. He opened his mouth but quickly closed it, shaking his head.

“Too bad.” The edge of my blade dug into the sensitive tip of his cock, and the scream he released would haunt a lesser man.

“Y-Your father! Your father!” Johan screamed, his eyes open and pinned on Ambrose. My hand stilled; the blade still buried in the flesh of this pathetic creature’s dick. “H-he has been the one to lead the vampires. We have moved on his order.”

I turned my head to glance at Ambrose. He’d gone unnaturally still, and his eyes started to glow a bright ruby red. A low vicious snarl built in the vampire prince’s chest as he stalked into the cell to stand beside me. “My father,” he spat, “is too sick and out of his fucking mind to lead something this elaborate.”

Johan started to laugh, a crazed sound that told us Ambrose was very much mistaken. “Your father is healthy. Strong.” — he sneered at Ambrose — “And a far better leader than you will ever be. You’re weak! Siding with that slut. You would have us give up our blood slaves and kneel down to her pussy.”

Ambrose lifted a brow as a sneer of his own crossed his features. “The only people who will get on their knees for that pussy are the four of us. Everyone else only needs to bow before her. It’s really not that hard.”

While the vampire was distracted by Ambrose, I sliced the tip of his cock off. He really needed to stop calling my mate names. He didn’t mean it with love and affection like I did, turning the slur on its head. She was our slut, and no one else’s. My little slut. I shook my head free of my thoughts as the vampire screeched.

“Do you have anything else to add?” I slid the dagger along what was left of the now useless lump of flesh between his legs.

“The other kingdoms will make her kneel before them. They will make her suck their cocks and beg for them to fuck her. She will be nothing more than a sex slave to the whims of the other kings.” He surprisingly didn’t stutter through that. There was a look of pure hatred on his face as he looked at Ashera. “They will break your pussy over and over again, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

He went limp as a fresh spray of blood spattered my face. I looked down to find that his still beating heart was in my hand. I couldn’t say I was sorry. I turned to look at Sher. Jacobi and Caspian had her sandwiched between them, both of them murmuring soothingly in her ears. Her eyes were locked on me and Ambrose, her eyes glittered. I hadn’t seen this look since the end of our rebellion.

Ambrose stalked back out of the cell, running a hand through his hair. “There is no fucking way, no fucking way, my father is leading those vampires. When I left to come here he could hardly get out of bed.”

Ashera stepped from between Caspian and Jacobi and placed her hands on his chest. “Why don’t we go find out what’s really going on?”

“Little queen, if we go to Masas, I’m not sure how welcome you’ll be.” He sounded tortured at the thought of his people being less than welcoming to Ashera. He’d come a long way from the vampire he’d been when he first arrived. It surprised me how much he’d embraced Ashera’s views — and her — so quickly.

“We’ll all be there to keep her safe,” Caspian cut in. “She’s right. We need to find out the truth.”

I looked at the fae with surprise. He was always the one shouting about never putting Ashera in danger. “I’m surprised you want to go,” I said frankly.

He glowered at me. “I don’t like the idea of dick slayer in danger. But I’ve also acknowledged that she’s safer if she’s with all of us. So if we’re going to go, all of us are going.”

Ashera beamed over at him, and I just rolled my eyes. Jacobi studied us for a minute. “I agree with Ashera and Caspian. It’s best to get straight answers, which means going right to the source.”

I nodded, grinning when Ambrose let out a loud groan. “Fine. We’ll go. But if I go rabid, it is not my fault,” he huffed. Ashera giggled and pressed a light kiss to his cheek.

“Let’s go pack and plan. It’s going to take us a while to get to Masas.” Ambrose nodded in agreement. “Sher, I would suggest wearing your battle leathers. Although packing a few dresses for easy access is also a good call.” I waggled my brows at her.

She rolled her eyes at me. “I can’t believe that you’re thinking with your cock right now.”

“When the hell aren’t we thinking with our cocks?” Ambrose asked. “You breathe, and our cocks are hard. So you might as well just accept it.”

“I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I’m a succubus getting fucked by four men. Living the dream right here.” She laughed as she walked out of the dungeon, the four of us following her.


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