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Blood Crown: Chapter 12


Ashera, Jacobi, and I were in the throne room, trying to decide on the best location for the little queen to be kidnapped.

“But if I’m up on the throne, it’ll be much more public,” Ashera mused, tapping a finger against her full lip. Those magical lips that had been wrapped around my cock only a few hours ago, sucking on me like I was the cure to everything wrong in the world. How long until I could get her on her knees again? I adjusted myself, and Jacobi rolled his eyes. Like he wasn’t thinking of it…

Jacobi turned his attention to Ashera. “Too public. We need something that will make them think they’ve gotten away with grabbing you, but where we will be able to see where they’re going.”

Ashera nodded, turning around the throne room in a graceful circle. Her dress today was a rich forest green, accentuating her bright eyes. She wore the silk and chiffon of her clothes with the same boldness that she had donned the fighting leathers that day in the courtyard, and always with the bright red war bands. She hadn’t put the glamor back up after she had taken it off, her horns and wings proudly on display, glittering in the soft daylight. Yes, my little queen was not someone to be messed with, whether the crown was on her head or not.

Behind us, the door slammed open, and Malachi stormed in, with Caspian close at his heels. “I thought that assassins were supposed to be quiet,” I said.

Malachi glared at me. “Not you too.” What the hell? He turned towards Ashera. “Prince Caspian has something he’d like to talk to you about.”

Hopefully, it was that he was taking his pitiful little army and his tiny little cock and fucking off back to Juniya. Ashera shot me a look as if she could hear what I was thinking, smiling as she made her way over to Caspian. To anyone else, the smile would look like the sweetest of honey, the welcoming grin of a succubus designed to seduce. But I knew my little queen now, and I was well aware that sickly sweet smile was laced with poison.

Caspian looked at all of us. “Alone.”

I growled, and Jacobi’s wings fluttered in irritation. “That’s not going to happen.”

Ashera turned to give us a look, but we didn’t back down. “Why don’t you three go to the other end of the room then? Caspian and I can talk over here.”

I huffed, but at least we’d be able to keep an eye on the fae. If he was going to push to finalize the mate bond, we sure as shit weren’t going to make it easy for him. The three of us moved to the far end of the room to watch. Not that the distance did much, we could still see them well enough and hear them without any difficulty.

Caspian sighed. “Dick slayer…”

Ashera’s laugh caused all four of us to look at her as though she was the brightest star in the sky. Caspian looked as though he’d been given the most precious gift before his face settled into its usual scowl. He wasn’t going to make this easier on himself with an attitude like that.

“I like that nickname,” Ashera’s husky voice told us just how much she truly did enjoy the nickname. If Caspian wasn’t as hard as the rest of us, then he was a fucking idiot. He looked at a loss for what to say in response before he coughed in an attempt to recover.

“It’s come to my attention that you believe we’re mates, despite the fact that you already have three annoying ones.” My lips twitched. Ashera threw a death glare over her shoulder at Malachi and mouthed “traitor” before turning back to Caspian.

“I don’t believe it, Caspian. I know it. And as for already having three, you know full well the females of all species typically take multiple mates. Royals are the exception but only because the men keep consorts, typically against their will I might add.” Caspian glowered, not liking her response. “Men outnumber females in all species, not only that, but it also ensures the survival of offspring since there are multiple males to guard the children. It’s a natural way of life.”

Caspian opened his mouth to argue, closed it, and then tried again. “I am well aware of how those of you who are not born of a superior lineage do things.” Malachi coughed loudly, which caused Caspian to glare at him.

Ashera’s entire body stiffened at the remark. Her hands clenched at her sides. We could all sense how angry and upset his comment made her. It had the three of us growling.

“Caspian.” Her voice was quiet. “I understand I’m not royal by blood. And I’m well aware that being a woman on the throne causes…issues. But denying the mate bond will cause pain for both of us. We’ll both suffer from it. Is that what you want?”

His face softened and he let out a heavy sigh. “No. But how can you truly be sure that we’re mates?”

* * *


He wanted to know how I was sure? How could he even doubt it? He was a dick, but I could still feel the pull to him. I slid my hands up his chest. He stiffened, but I was undeterred. I clasped my fingers behind his neck and leaned into him. Everywhere our skin touched felt as though it had caught on fire. Judging by his now ragged breathing, he felt it too.

“Kiss me,” I murmured, pulling his face down to mine. “That’s how you’ll know.”

I could feel the indecision in his stiff body as he fought against the pull of the bond. I licked my lips, and his gaze tracked the movement like I’d dangled a steak in front of a starving man. The groan he released when he finally met my lips would echo in the hall forever.

One taste was all it took. He wrapped his hands around me, one hand angling my head to where he wanted it, the other grabbing my ass and pulling me flush against his erection. Our mouths battled just as our wills did, neither of us giving in.

His hands weren’t content to stay in one place for long and were soon moving hungrily over my body. Each touch seared into my skin causing need to pulse through every nerve ending. I buried my hands in his hair as I tried to pull him even closer to me. His dark chuckle had my thighs rubbing together to try to ease the ache that was now painful there.

A cleared throat had us slowly pulling away from one another. Caspian’s eyes were dark with a possessive hunger, and his hands refused to let me pull too far away from him. He growled loudly at the interruption, and his gaze swung to my mates.

“What?” The lash of his voice had the other three males chuckling.

“Do you believe her?” Malachi asked as he crossed his arms over his broad, delicious chest. They had come to stand closer to us as we kissed. Gods, I hadn’t even noticed.

“If you don’t, we can just take her from you.” Ambrose’s tone was teasing and wicked.

Caspian let loose a feral, violent snarl. “You take her, and I’ll fucking rip you all the shreds.” That answer had my three mates grinning broadly. They may not be pleased that Caspian was my mate, but they didn’t want me to suffer. “She’s mine.”

“Not yet you fucker,” Ambrose gently tugged me from Caspian’s arms despite the still feral sounding snarl he was making. “You need to earn your place with us.”

Caspian stiffened. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You heard him,” Jacobi responded. “You need to earn your place here. We won’t deny Ashera a mate, but you sure as fuck better believe that after the way you acted, we aren’t going to just allow you to waltz into our pack.”

“Your pack?” Caspian lifted a brow. “So am I going to have to fight you assholes or something?”

Ambrose chuckled and the other two just grinned. Gods, what did they have planned? In a flash, Ambrose had the fae by the throat and pulled him closer. “We’ll certainly kick your ass at a later time, but right now, if you want Ashera, you’re going to have to prove it.”

Caspian’s eyes narrowed on the vampire prince.

“You’re going to suck my cock, Fae Fuck.” Caspian stiffened but not in disgust as I would’ve thought. He stiffened in resolve.

“Drop your damn pants, blood sucker.” My breath caught at the demand.

Ambrose released Caspian’s throat with a smug smirk spread across his arrogant face. I still wanted to punch him sometimes, especially when he had that damn look on his face. His pants fell to his knees, and he braced his hands on his hips as his cock jutted proudly towards Caspian.

The fae prince knelt, and his gaze flicked to mine. He moved slowly so I wouldn’t miss anything. His lips wrapped around the head of the vampire’s cock. Ambrose let out a soft groan. As he stared intently at me, Caspian started to work the other man’s cock into his mouth and partially down his throat.

Ambrose’s knuckles whitened, and he let out a low growl filled with heat. Caspian picked up the pace, and my hands drifted down my body. I flicked my nipples before moving the skirt of my dress out of the way and sliding my fingers through my damp folds. Malachi and Jacobi instantly moved. Jacobi stood behind me, kneading my breasts with his hands. Malachi tore the skirt of my dress clean off before he replaced my hand with his own.

My moan had Caspian groaning around Ambrose’s cock, which only served to have the vampire release a moan of his own. Caspian worked that cock in his mouth harder, faster, like a damn cock sucking champion. It had me panting and crying out. Malachi slid a finger deep into my pussy, rubbing solidly on my g-spot. We were both feeding off the sexual energy in the room, and it was delicious.

Ambrose fisted his hands in the fae prince’s hair and started to fuck his face with abandon, all of us groaning when it caused my pussy to pulse around Malachi’s finger.

“I’m going to come, little queen. Come with me.” I made a helpless sound in the back of my throat in agreement. “Come. Now!”

We both cried out as we came. Caspian — much to my shock — swallowed every drop Ambrose gave him, his lust-filled eyes never leaving me. I was still so aroused I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe without the need to have Caspian bury himself in me burning painfully through my body.

* * *


I had never wanted another as badly as I wanted to possess Ashera at this moment. Every fiber of my being was alive with desire for this little queen, and from the way her gaze had locked onto mine while I sucked Ambrose’s cock… fuck. Her bright green eyes were so dark with lust, I could’ve come in my pants again just watching her moan and writhe in the arms of the other two assholes.

Mates. I was going to have to get used to that idea. But to feel Ashera’s creamy skin underneath my hands, and to hear her cry out my name as she came around my cock… yeah. It’d be worth the trouble.

I got up from the floor, ready to claim my prize — Ashera, stripped bare and panting heavily as I stalked closer. If needed, I would fight off Malachi and Jacobi to get to her. But to my surprise, they took a step back, thick erections visible in both of their pants. Unfortunately for them, it was my turn with our queen, and I wasn’t quite ready to share just yet.

“Caspian,” Ashera breathed, and my cock hardened painfully with the sound of my name on her lips. I wanted her to beg.

I dropped to my knees in front of her, a reflection of the position I’d been in in front of the blood sucker only moments before. I pushed her legs apart, pressing my face closer to her perfect pussy. “I’m going to taste you, dick slayer. I want you coming apart on my tongue exactly like your vamp mate just did. I want you begging to feel me inside of you, stretching you with my thick cock.”

She whimpered, staring down at me with her thickly lashed gaze. I kept my eyes locked on her as I licked her wet folds, groaning with the taste of the most delicious honey. Ashera was decedent, addictive, and if I wasn’t careful, she was going to be downright dangerous to my carefully leashed control.

Her fingers came down, tangling in my hair and tugging me closer as I swirled my tongue around her throbbing bundle of nerves, sucking on her clit hard enough to draw out a deep moan. The other men were still in the room, watching, but I couldn’t see them. The only thing I was focused on was this stunning creature in front of me and making her come in a way she never had before. I tugged gently on her clit with my teeth, Ashera crying out above me in response. I slid my hand between her legs, slipping a finger inside of her and curling it in a way I knew would make her scream. But I didn’t want her falling apart just yet. I wanted to drag this out.

“Beg, Ashera. Beg for me to fuck you,” I commanded, letting my fingers take over where my mouth had left off. She was close, I could feel her body straining for release, feel the energy she was radiating into the air.

She laughed hoarsely, tossing her golden locks over her shoulder. “I don’t beg.”

“You will.” I brought my mouth back to her clit, working my hand and tongue in time together until she was rolling her hips against my mouth.

“Caspian, please.” Her legs were beginning to tremble with the effort it was taking to hold herself up.

“Not good enough, dick slayer,” I murmured. I wasn’t planning on entering her until she was an absolute mess. The tight walls of her pussy clamped around my fingers, desperate for friction. So I slowed my stroking, licking and teasing with my tongue instead. The scent of Ashera’s desire was thick in the air, and I could hear her other mates growling with need around us.

Slow. Gentle. Tease. I ignored my own achingly hard cock, wanting to take the little queen right to the brink of ecstasy.

“Caspian. Caspian, please… oh, fuck.” Ashera’s breath was coming in quiet pants, and I knew I had her where I wanted her.

“Please, what? Tell me what you need.” I knew what she needed. She needed me. Her mate.

She twisted her fingers in my hair, pulling my face up to look at her, desperate with need. “Fuck me. Please.”

I licked my lips of her sweet juices. “Anything for you.” I tugged her down to her knees in front of me, turning her so that she faced her other mates. Ashera groaned as I ran my fingers through her soaking pussy, ready and waiting for me. “Such a good girl,” I crooned. “So eager for my cock.”

I looked up, meeting the hungry gazes of the other men for the first time since I had dropped to my knees in front of the blood sucker. None of this was for them. It was for her. I was put on this earth to pleasure Ashera, and my gods I was going to make sure I did that to the best of my abilities.

I fisted my heavy cock in my hand before sliding it through the little queen’s folds. I addressed the others, a reflection of how they had tormented me that day in my chambers. “Pay attention. This is how true royalty fucks a queen.”

The moment I started easing myself inside her molten heat, I nearly lost control altogether. A fierce growl overtook me, frantic to lay claim to this wonderful creature beneath me. Ashera fit me like no other had, and my soul felt complete for the first time in my life. Desire washed over my body, flooding my veins as I set a desperate pace pushing deeper, harder. I needed more. Ashera arched her back, meeting me thrust for thrust. She was perfect. How could I have ever denied the craving between us? I ran my hand down her taut stomach, coming to swirl lazy circles around her clit. I leaned forward, whispering in her ear. “I know you’re desperate for release, dick slayer. I know you’re imagining what it would feel like to come all over my cock.”

Ashera moaned in response, and I knew I had her where I wanted her. I thrust harder, pressing my finger into her throbbing clit. “Come for me. Look your other mates in the eyes and come for me.” I drove into her, watching her head raise to meet the gazes of her other mates as she screamed out my name. Her pussy tightened around me like sheer perfection, and I continued the pace to draw out every bit of her orgasm before I caved to my own release, calling her name as I fell forward.

I pulled her down onto my lap, stroking her golden hair off her damp neck. She laughed, the sound reverberating through my chest, and I looked down at my little mate. “What’s so funny, dick slayer?” I murmured against her neck.

“I just never took you for the cuddling type.” Ashera gave me a sly grin, knowing she was pushing my buttons.

I scowled, glaring at the guys smirking down at us before they could join in with any funny remarks. “Yeah, well, first time for everything.” I nipped at her neck, before soothing my bite with a kiss. “Huh.”

Behind the curve of Ashera’s ear, nestled at the base of her hairline was a tiny, delicate star. My mark, a reflection of the elemental magic I used as a fae. It wasn’t bold, and it wasn’t upfront, but it was perfect. She snatched my hand away, trying to see what I was admiring. “It’s my mark, dick slayer.” I trailed my finger across the marking, watching her body react to my touch with a gentle shiver.

“Mine’s appearing too,” Ashera replied. This time it was my turn to grab my hand back from her, examining the skin she had been looking at. Across the back of my hand, sprawling across my knuckles was the crown marking I had noticed on the men, most obviously across Ambrose’s chest. The prick insisted on being shirtless to show it off. Asshole. He was going to be pissed because I wouldn’t even need to try to show mine off, it was just there. Ashera was mine. I growled low, the feral need to possess her growing inside of me again, along with my hardening cock.

Ashera laughed again, easing into my touch. “I think you’ll find you’re not the only one.”

I glanced up to look at the other three, all hard as rocks, eyeing Ashera with gazes dark with lust. Fuck.

This was going to take some getting used to.


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