Black Wings & Stolen Things: Chapter 9


One second I’m on my hands and knees, the next my world is spinning at a speed my brain can’t keep up with. My back has barely collided with the silk sheets when his lips close over my clit. And just like that, my world is spinning again, but this time for a completely different reason.

My spine bows and my neck hurts from the force in which I throw my head back in a silent gasp. Emeric’s arms hook around my thighs, his unyielding muscles forcing me to keep them open for him so he can lick and bite at my pussy with unrestricted access.

At the first long swipe of his tongue through my slick center, I realize the two other men—boys, really—who’ve touched me had no idea what they were doing. With each passing second the miniscule amount of sexual pleasure I’ve had before Emeric instantly become a lackluster and distant memory.

I’m going to savor each and every one of these stolen moments with Banes. After tonight, I know something like this can never happen again. The fact that I’ve allowed it to go this far already… the last and only man to actually fuck me didn’t walk away alive. While I highly doubt my father can take on Banes and live, it’s still unbelievably foolish of me to rock the boat like I am. Right now, I’m struggling to care what the aftermath of this will look like. I know it’s selfish of me, but I just want to let go and live. For these few stolen moments, I want to live.

I’ll deal with the consequences if or when they come.

The fact that there are patrons standing just ten feet away from us, watching as he devours me, only adds fuel to the fire. The adrenaline is shooting through every inch of me like fucking lightning, waking up a side of me I didn’t even know existed.

I don’t know when he took it off or where it ended up, but I’m thankful his horned mask has disappeared as I sink my fingers into his black hair that is just long enough to curl around his ears and the nape of his neck. After he’d been shot, the dark strands had fallen into his face. I remember thinking that the unruly look only added to that dark presence of his.

I can’t keep still when his tongue pushes inside of me. I twist and writhe, my body gliding easily against the silk sheets. It’s as if I can’t decide if I’m trying to escape his relentless attack on my pussy or if I’m searching for a more delectable pressure. Maybe both.

The growl that comes from deep in his chest vibrates against my clit and has my eyes rolling back in my head.

“Stay fucking still.”

“No.” My response is immediate, like a knee-jerk reaction.

This has him stopping and lifting his head between my thighs. “No?”

The part of me that seeks out fear whispers darkly, Stand your ground. Let’s see what he’ll do.

“I can move as I fucking please,” I grit out. “And you can’t stop me.”

His teeth sink into the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. The clear warning makes me jump. “You don’t think I can make you do exactly what I want when I fucking want?”

That is precisely what I crave for him to do. I want him to try and make me his whore. I want him angry. I want to fight him until I’m not sure if he’s going to fuck me or kill me. That’s the line I want to carefully tiptoe until he’s made me come so hard my vision goes white and all I can feel is him.

“No, because I won’t just lie here like a thing to be used by you. I’ll fight you.”

This has the storms that reside in his eyes growing violent and his eyebrows rising in challenge. “Is that so?” His arms unhook from around my thighs, and he slowly rises to sit on his heels. “Okay, love, show me what you got. Fight me.”

It’s like a gun being fired at the start of a race. Adrenaline going into overdrive, my foot rears back before shoving into the middle of his chest. The blow causes him to fall to his ass and while he’s off-kilter, I take the opportunity to scurry away.

We both know this is nothing more than a game. We’re locked in a cage that is no more than ten feet wide. Even if I really wanted to flee, there’s nowhere for me to go. He’s going to catch me and I’m going to fucking like it when he does, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make him work for it.

The snarl that comes from him is one of rage and the sound of it goes right to my throbbing core. He lunges at me, his fingers trying to wrap around one of my limbs, but all of my thrashing means he’s only able to grab my dress. When I pull away from his grip, the thin fabric rips and falls away from my body. Completely bare since the dress’s style required that I go braless, I backpedal away from the man most of New York is terrified of.

It’s not that I don’t understand their fear, it’s just that at this moment I can’t seem to give a fuck. His dangerous aura exhilarates me.

I’m sure psychiatric professionals would have a field day trying to figure that one out. It’d go something like this: “So you got locked in a cage with the most dangerous man in the city and instead of complying, you basically poked him with a stick just to see what would happen? And you thought this was a wise decision because…?”

“I dunno. For the plot?”

I make it several feet before his hand ensnares my ankle and I’m harshly pulled back. My hands try to reach for something to hold on to so I can better fight back, but my bare skin against the silk is working against me.

My leg flies out to kick him again. This time it’s futile. He’s expecting it and his hand captures my other ankle.

Emeric pulls me across the bed on my stomach, and once I’m close enough, he uses the weight of his larger frame to pin my legs beneath him. With nothing for my hands to grab, my struggling attempt to free myself is laughable at best. At least, it’s funny until the unmistakable sound of his zipper lowering fills my ears.

Just like that, all the humor leaves my body, and in its place, I’m flooded by a wave of immense need. His big hands grip my hips and pull them back so my exposed ass is once again perfectly on display for him.

Through the eye holes of my now crooked mask, I watch as more heads begin to turn in our direction. It’s as if they’re watching a film and have finally gotten to the exciting part, and I couldn’t agree more.

Time slows to a crawl. It feels like it’s been minutes since he’s trapped me, but I know it’s only been mere seconds.

Emeric’s hand smooths down my spine as he growls, “What? Is that all you got?”

This taunt sends another wave of combativeness through me, and just as I begin to battle his hold again, the head of his cock slicing inside of me in one harsh, unforgiving thrust has all the newfound fight leaving me in one choked breath.

Emeric gets his wish.

The cry that comes from my lips echoes loudly above any of the other noises in this place, drawing even more eyes our way. The multiplying stares makes my skin grow hot while my body trembles as it tries to adjust to his intrusion.

“Where’s your fight now, princess?” he snarls as a hand wraps around the messy strands of my long hair. My scalp pricks when he yanks my head violently back, and a hiss escapes through my clenched teeth. “Or do you not want to fight now that you’ve gotten what you want? Me balls deep in your greedy cunt.”

To really drive his point home, his hips snap back until only his tip remains before thrusting so deep, I feel him against my cervix. It’s a unique kind of pain that I can’t say I hate.

“You wanted this too,” I manage to pant. Never in my life have I felt so full, so completely taken by someone. There is no doubt that this night will have a lasting effect on me. Whether a good or bad one is yet to be decided.

“You’re fucking right I did.”

One hand on my hip and the other twisted in my auburn hair, Emeric pounds relentlessly into me. I take everything he gives me happily and ravenously, throwing my hips back to meet his when I need it harder. Rougher.

The thought that I’ll feel him when I move for days to come is one I’ll embrace with open arms. The bruises he’s leaving on my fair skin as we speak will be battle scars, proof that I laid with the devil and made it out alive. Never in my years of fear-seeking have I come close to finding something that makes me feel as alive as I do right now with Emeric inside my pussy. All those reckless things pale in comparison and seem like child’s play now. For the rest of my days, I will be searching for the same kind of high he creates within me.

Friction builds in my core and the sound of the club around us dissipates as a rushing sound replaces it. My fingers dig into the slick fabric below me as my limbs begin to shake.

His hand leaves my hair and becomes a necklace around my throat. The knowledge that he holds my life in his hands has my pussy fluttering, and the warm fuzzy feeling as my oxygen continues to be restricted adds to the storm building in my core.

“Give in to me, Rionach.” His words wash over me and with them come waves of sheer bliss.


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