Black Wings & Stolen Things: Chapter 16


“While I know you have a knack for biting lips, I’d hate for you to make yourself bleed.”

Rionach doesn’t fight me when I pull her bottom lip free from her teeth. She’s trying so hard to not make a noise as the vibrator I’ve placed inside her weeping cunt drives her wild. I know what angle she’s playing here. She thinks if she doesn’t show how much she’s enjoying every second of this she’ll remain on her moral high ground. That she isn’t giving and accepting this situation as her reality.

I’m not so far gone I can’t understand her reasoning for being angry at me. The problem is, I just can’t bring myself to care. Not when I got precisely what I wanted: her, with my last name, writhing and shaking in my bed on the brink of an orgasm. Rionach doesn’t see it now, the red haze of fury is obstructing it, but one day she’ll understand.

I haven’t just stolen her and made her mine. I’ve freed her.

The restraints her family have placed on her are gone. Now we need to work on removing the ones she’s locked around herself in a desperate act of self-preservation. There’s no need for her to pretend to be something she isn’t. Not anymore. Not with me.

It will take time for her to see that. In the meantime, I’m going to have fun teaching her what freedom tastes like.

“Oh, God…” she cries, thrashing back and forth on the black silk pillow beneath her head.

Seeing her like this, restrained to the four posts of my king-sized bed with her red locks splayed out around her in a fiery halo, makes my cock hard to the point of pain.

With the toy in place, I crawl up the length of her body, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses as I go.

“Still don’t have my hands on you,” I tell her before biting down on her nipple. The gasp that comes from her parted lips goes straight to my dick. “Can’t say I’m not a man of my word, princess.”

Her chest heaves as she takes in shorter and more rapid breaths. I have no doubt the vibrator has her dangling on the edge of combustion, and I for one can’t wait to watch her fall apart under me.

Rionach’s squirming freezes when I come to a stop and straddle her chest. Not wanting to crush her much smaller body with my weight, I stay on my knees. The angle and position have my cock parallel with her chin, which is perfect for what I have planned.

Wanting to see those pretty eyes of hers look up at me while she sucks me off, I pull the black blindfold from her face. The mixture of heated arousal and ire in those green orbs instantly has a smile growing on my lips.

“Hello, my wife,” I greet. “Don’t you just look beautiful beneath me like this.”

The makeup that had been perfectly applied to her face for our ceremony has turned to black smudges around and below her eyes. The red lipstick was first smudged during our first kiss as husband and wife earlier, and I only made a bigger mess of the pigment when I smeared her arousal over her lips.

She’s a mess, but what a striking sight she is.

Her attention darts between my face and the head of my cock that sits directly in front of her face. “What do you plan to do with that?” Even on the cusp of orgasm, Rionach’s insolence is strong as ever.

“First, I plan on fucking your mouth while you ride out a couple orgasms with that toy buried in your cunt, and then I’m going to fuck my bride.” She bares her teeth at me when I drag the crown of dick across her bottom lip. “It’s our wedding night, Rionach. Consummating the marriage is part of the tradition, isn’t it?”

She tries to seem put off by my plans, but the dilation of her pupils gives her away. My dirty girl is more than enthralled by the idea of sucking my cock.

“What’s stopping me from biting your dick right off if you try to stick that in my mouth?”

“You know what happens to people who displease me. That’s what’s going to stop you from biting me.” Hands gripping the top of the headboard, I lower my head so I’m hovering over her. “You either open your mouth and swallow me down like a good girl, or I will force your lips apart, and I will fuck your throat like you’re a whore for me to use and not my wife. I’m okay with either. The choice is yours.”

“Fuck you,” she snarls at the same time her hips roll and her fingers ball into small little fists. My wife is fighting for her life against an impending orgasm beneath me and I fucking love the view.

“Yes, my love,” I coo. “I’ll fuck you soon. All in due time.”

This time when the head of my dick glides across her bottom lip, her tongue darts out, licking up the droplet of precum that had formed. I’m not even sure she realizes she’d done it. The sharp hiss of breath that slips from my clenched teeth has her eyes darkening and her jaw loosening.

For the rest of my life, I’m not sure if I’ll ever find anything more beautiful than the sight of my wife’s lips wrapping around my cock. We groan at the same time as I feed her inch after inch of me. She gags and her eyes widen with fear when I nudge the back of her throat. She tries to pull away, but with her restraints, she has nowhere to go.

She coughs and pants for breath as I pull out of her hot-as-sin mouth.

“You’re doing so good.” I wipe away the tears falling from her big eyes. “Have you done this before?”

That stubborn look crosses her face again. I knew Rionach’s experience wasn’t vast. The way she was raised didn’t allow for much opportunity to explore her sexuality.

“I don’t care if you don’t know how to do this,” I find myself reassuring her, “I like the idea of being the first and only man to fuck your mouth. Make sure you breathe through your nose. You have to relax your jaw and try your best to open your throat.”

When I offer her my dick again, she doesn’t hesitate to take me into her mouth. Her hot tongue licks and swirls as she explores and learns. For a few minutes, I keep my thrusts shallow, allowing her time to adjust to the intrusion.

Behind me, her hips rock and sway, and below me her chest heaves. She’s so close.

“That’s it, come for me,” my fingers curl harder into the wood headboard. “Come while I’m fucking your hot little mouth.”

In a display of pure beauty, Rionach succumbs to the roaring bliss. Her back bows and she throws her head back into the silk pillow. Her long, drawn-out moan wraps and vibrates around my leaking cock. As she shakes and writhes below me, she keeps me in her mouth the entire time. Even as she comes down from her high, she sucks on the tip like it’s a fucking pacifier comforting her. This move almost has my eyes rolling back in my head and my cum shooting down her throat.

It’s by sheer will alone I’m able to keep my own orgasm at bay.

Sensitive from her intense release, she lets my cock drop from her swollen lips as a distraught cry comes from her. Trying to evade the onslaught of vibrations between her thighs, her hips and restrained legs shift and kick violently.

“It’s too much,” Rionach whimpers. “I need… I need a break.”

“No, you’re going take it. I want to watch you come again.” I reach behind me and press the toy harder against her overly sensitive clit. “Give me what I want. Give in to it, princess.”

Tears run down her flushed face, further smearing her dark makeup. Trails of black run down her cheeks. Stunning.

She shakes her head violently left to right, and sobs escape her lipstick-smeared mouth. “I can’t,” she pleads, agony all over her face. “No more. Please, no more.”

“Shh, yes, you can. You look so pretty when you beg, wife.” I let go of the toy and guide my cock back between her lips to quiet her. “Suck my cock and come for me. I want to feel you moan around me again.”

I take her mouth harder this time, my thrusts going deeper. Her throat tightens around me as she swallows me down. Her eyes flare when I keep myself buried, depriving her of air. She fights against the restraints at her wrists as panic sets in.

“Your throat. Your cunt. Your oxygen,” I pant. “All of it belongs to me now.”

Her eyes roll back as her second orgasm hits her like a freight train. I pull from the warm depth of her throat and watch her convulse beneath me. She sucks in greedy breath after greedy breath and rides out the waves of ecstasy.

Body spent and slightly dazed, she lazily gazes up at me when she’s reentered her body. The growl that splits my chest when her tongue flicks the slit in my cock’s head borders on primal. In jerky, unsophisticated movements, I move back down her body. The noise that comes out of her when I rip the toy from her soaked pussy is a mouthwatering mixture of a gasp and cry.

I’ve lost the desire to go slow. To draw our fuck out so we can savor each torturous movement. No, I need to be inside her the same way I need my next breath. This will be the first of many times, but I need to pound into her cunt like it’s the last time I’ll bury myself in her and I’m trying to brand her from the inside out. So she’ll never fucking forget who owns her.

With a stifled groan, I slice into Rionach in one brutal thrust. Our muscles lock as we both tense and our breaths stall in our lungs. My teeth are gritted together so hard I wouldn’t be surprised if I cracked a molar. The walls of her tight pussy clench around me, welcoming me home. The act has my body spasming as pleasure washes over me.

“Emeric…” My name is a broken sound that escapes her when she exhales.

“Are you still telling yourself you don’t want this?” My hips draw back and then slam forward. Rionach’s body tries to surge upright from the harsh intrusion, but the cuffs keep her firmly in place. “That you don’t want me pounding into this pussy?”

That obstinate fury pinches her features as she glares at me.

“You want to know what I think?” I take her breast into my palm and squeeze it to the point it’s painful. Her back bows, and she lets loose a wounded mewl. “I think even if you weren’t tied to my bed, you’d be exactly where you are right now. Trapped under me. Your greedy wet pussy wrapped around my cock, your muscles milking every ounce of pleasure out of me.”

“Untie me. Let’s test your theory.”

“No.” I nip her jaw. “I think I’ll keep you at my mercy for a little while longer. I enjoy you like this. Forced to comply to my every want and need.”

Whatever impudent retort she’s no doubt about to fire back is silenced when I shove two fingers between her lips. Her breathing turns into ragged pants as I press my fingers down against her tongue. She gags once, then twice, and that’s why my control truly snaps.

I pound into her. Each thrust is punishing and deeper than the last. My eyes remain locked on where my cock sinks in and out of her drenched pussy, enjoying the visual of being coated with her slick arousal. She’s dripping for me.

Her cries and writhing become frantic beneath me. “I can’t…” she tries to choke out around my fingers. “Not again.”

I remove my hand from her mouth so I can collar her throat. Her walls are already starting to flutter and tighten around me. It’s too late for her. She’s coming whether she wants to or not.

“Yes, you fucking can.”

My own release is barreling toward me. I’ve never come inside a woman. Before the night with Rionach at Tartarus, I’ve never not used a condom. It was a nonnegotiable for me. My brother, Astor, was trapped into marriage by a woman because he was foolish enough to bareback the bitch. Since I was a teenager, I’ve swore I wouldn’t fall victim to the same fate.

But this is different. Rionach is already my wife and coming while buried in her cunt doesn’t feel like a choice anymore. It’s a necessity.

This fuck suddenly isn’t simply about getting off, it’s about claiming her. Marking her as mine. My growl is followed by a violet curse as my mind is taken over by thoughts and urges I’ve never once experienced before. It’s a consuming and primal feeling, bordering on downright animalistic.

What better way to mark my territory than to fill her with my cum? To plant my seed deep inside her where it could take root and grow.

This very visual has me rearing back and a snarl ripping from my throat. Completely taken over by this primal need, I pound brutally into my wife. My hands, both now wrapped around her hips, grip her in a punishing hold as I force her to take every ruthless thrust. Over the thundering pounding in my ears, I think I can hear her strangled cries, but I can’t be sure. I’m too far gone at this point.

White-hot, blinding ecstasy crashes into me like a tidal wave, it’s a fight to keep myself from drowning in the exhilarating rush. My rhythm falters and becomes erratic. Her pussy clamps down on my length like a vise. Balls pulling up tight against my body, Rionach’s muscles milk every ounce of cum from me. She lets out a hoarse moan when she feels me emptying inside her.

I never let up or stop fucking my wife through my climax, greedy for every bit of ecstasy I can get from her. Even completely spent and dick now at half-mast, I thrust shallowly. Each small touch forces a breathy gasp from her. She rears her head back into the pillow, her flushed and sweaty face frozen in a silent scream when I glide my finger through the mess between her thighs. The combination of our joined cum makes her center slippery as I circle her clit and force one last final orgasm out of her.

She explodes, calling my name as she does. It’s a magnificent sound that has newfound blood rushing to my cock. If I wanted to, I could take her again, but my bride has had enough. She has nothing left to give tonight. Even now, while fighting to regain her breath, her eyes are drooping, exhaustion settling in her bones.

I pull myself free from her beckoning core and kneel between her parted legs. The view of my seed leaking from her pink and swollen cunt has me biting back a groan. Rionach jerks, her flesh overly sensitive from the ceaseless attention it’s been receiving as I gather the semen that has trickled out of her and push it back in. I have to ensure none of it goes to waste.

Satisfied she’s been fully and thoroughly claimed by me, I climb from the bed and make quick work of releasing her limbs from their restraints.

Rionach doesn’t stir once. Even when I pull the black sheet over her naked body, she remains deep in her blissful post-fuck slumber. The only noise she makes happens when I climb into bed beside her. I won’t sleep, I rarely do, but that contented sigh of hers makes me want to stay and watch her for a while longer.


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