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Between Love and Loathing: Chapter 25


Dominic: If you’re not in your sleepshirt, get in it now. Nothing else.

I bit my lip, not knowing how far I should take this. I was surrounded by Dominic Hardy. He’d invaded every aspect of my life to the point where even my kittens were meandering around his home.

My suitcase had been packed for me. I ran to it to see if all my bathroom essentials were there, including my vitamins and medication. I caught a sob when I saw them and breathed out once and then twice.

Did he have any idea? Would he have put two and two together? But Dominic was straightforward and would have asked. Most people asked that sort of thing, right? Maybe I shouldn’t have cared, maybe I shouldn’t have cared about him moving me here either. I didn’t know. My mind was still angry, scrambling to take a stand on what he’d done, but my heart kept circling back to him protecting my health—the one thing no one had done for so long. And then he’d said my bakery had flair.

I’d witnessed Dominic in his element now. I knew he didn’t hand out empty compliments. He’d torn down Valentino more than once at the market, told more than one person on his business calls that they were incompetent, and he really wasn’t exaggerating any of his assessments.

He said what he meant to say. Having him seeing even a sliver of my vision had my heart bursting with pride in a way I couldn’t control.

And my body was a complete freaking slut for him. My hand had already slipped under my sleepshirt, whispering over my panty lace to where I was dripping wet for him.

Me: Yes. I’m going to bed after I eat.

Dominic: Want me to eat you out first?

Me: You probably don’t deserve that after what you did today.

I gulped because it felt like he was telling my fingers to slow down, and then he followed up on his last text.

Dominic: Are you touching yourself nice and slow, baby?

I bit my lip. This wasn’t how the texting tonight was supposed to go.

Me: If I said I was?

Dominic: If you did, I’d tell you to slide one finger into that pussy. Feel how wet you get for me. Know I’d drink it all up and then kiss you after, make you taste how sweet you are.

I whimpered at what I was reading because I knew he was only in the other room. We could be doing exactly that instead of this.

I stared at the wall of his room, ran one hand over the white down comforter that pillowed out around me and growled up at his white ceiling. Everything in this room was so clean, so perfect, and somehow so frustrating. I jumped up and messed up the bed, then took some of my clothes and threw them out of the black suitcase they’d been neatly packed into. I wanted me here. My color. My life. My energy. I wanted what was supposed to be my life here in this city.

Maybe my body wanted it even more. To be healthy. To be living my fullest life. To be taking what I wanted without waiting for an okay. Without waiting to see if I’d have a flare up, without tiptoeing through things. It was a confession I’d not even admitted to myself yet. I was trying to hard to hold on to what I was making here that I wouldn’t even call the freaking doctor. I wanted nothing to change which was why I was so mad he’d changed my apartment.

I was just becoming me and he’d disturbed that.

I swung open my door and stomped down the hallway to his study. I didn’t even knock as I pushed through the entrance.

There he sat, Dominic Hardy, glasses and a smirk on his face as he pumped himself once. His cock completely bared to me, long, hard, thick and throbbing. I gulped as I stood there. Seeing Dominic Hardy in the world he’d created for himself, surrounded by beautiful carved white crown moldings, all the books had been turned with the pages facing out too, all white. The black bookcase holding all of the books in their rightful place. His desk was glass, his chair black leather. Everything, black and white, clean, precise.

Dominic Hardy wanted a world devoid of color, and I stood there in the middle of this study bursting with it. “Should I go?” I whispered.

“I don’t know, Clara,” he said pointedly. “Should you?”

He’d instigated me taking more control lately, and I realized I appreciated it. “No. I won’t go.”

“Good. You leave, I’ll drag you right back here anyway.” He looked down and I followed his line of vision, whimpering at the sheer size of him, large and full, completely ready to fuck someone. “See what you do to me, Clara? Even when you’re mad in your room, I’m out here thinking about fucking you. I can’t seem to think about anything else.”

“Then, maybe you should do it.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” he growled, his muscles tense, his eyes so dark and piercing, I should have been scared. “Don’t you see that if I do that, cupcake, I’ll never come back from it?”

I shook my head. “I don’t understand.”

“This isn’t real. I’ll never be able to give you the real damn thing, Clara, but I get a small taste of you, and it’s all I think about.” He shook his head, his forearm flexing as he gripped himself harder. My nipples puckered, and my pussy clenched just watching. My mind was lost to him. I took another step into the study. “Stay where you are,” he commanded, his voice loud enough that it bounced around the room. “You stay right there, and you watch. Watch what you’ve done to me.”

I could see the sheen of sweat forming on his forehead, could see the veins protruding now from his thick, long cock, could see how the pre-cum gathered into a drop that pebbled and dripped from him. My breath came faster as he picked up the pace. “I want to touch you, Dominic.”

“Come here. Come sit on my desk.” When I listened and then tried to reach for him, he rolled his chair back enough that I couldn’t. “You’ll watch me first, little fighter. Watch and touch yourself for me.”

“What?” I whispered. Gone was my shame or pride. I wanted him and I was going to get him here and now even if it was only once. “You can’t be serious. I want you to fuck me—”

“You know how long it takes to build something to perfection? Years. Took me years to build that resort, years to rebuild this place, and I’m building this between us now. Here, you don’t fight me. You listen.”

I whimpered with his command but obeyed anyway. He was a sight to see, unraveling in a place he’d probably worked so tirelessly to create with control. For Dominic to lose it, that was the true masterpiece that no one, not even me, could pass up.

I’d given up a lot for the sake of others, but here I was going to be greedy. My hand slid up my thigh as I watched his thumb roll over the head of his cock.

“That’s it. Touch yourself for me, Clara. Tell me if my pussy is wet. Lift your shirt.” I lifted it enough for him to see my damp underwear. His jaw tensed and his other hand went to my thigh. He gripped it tight as he murmured, “Push them to the side.”

I was already losing control with him so close, right between my legs. When he shoved my thigh further over, my legs were almost fully spread for him. Then, he rolled his chair between us and I did as I was told because my clit was throbbing, aching, and begging for relief. My fingers brushed over it, and I immediately gasped, my eyes closing.

“Eyes on me, little fighter. Show me how you touch yourself when you’re thinking of me.”

“You don’t know if I always think of—”

“Don’t lie, Clara.” He didn’t even give me time to finish. “Go on. Slide a finger in. Moan my name, baby.”

My eyes were locked on his as I did. My other hand drifted to my breast to squeeze as I arched and moaned his name, rolling my hips to give him the same show he gave me.

He encouraged me. “Look at how you play with your own pussy for me. Such a good girlfriend, aren’t you? That body belongs to me.” I shook my head no and felt the hum of disagreement he let out before he stood from his chair. He hovered over me before he murmured, “You belong to me.”

When I shook my head again, biting my lip to keep from agreeing with him immediately, his eyes darkened with possessiveness, with what I thought might be anger.

“Say it, Clara.” This time one of his hands threaded through my hair and yanked it to turn my gaze up to his. “Say it.”

“I’m yours … only for a little while.” I pushed him because he deserved it. He’d pushed me into his house, and I was going to push all his buttons while I was here.

“Fuck. Don’t goad me right now,” he whispered against my neck before he bit and licked it.

“I’m giving you brutal honesty, like you give everyone else.”

He hummed. “If you want honesty, I’ll give you some. I’m going to fuck that pussy so good you’ll always be mine. You know that, right? Once I have you, you won’t want anybody else.”

I was actually concerned he might be right about that. Still, I wouldn’t admit it. “If you say so, Dominic.”

He must have heard the hitch in my voice, heard that I was concerned about it because he smiled. “Go on, little fighter. Roll those hips a little more. Fuck your hand like you’d fuck my cock. Get my pussy nice and wet.”

His mouth was filthy, and I told him so. Then I said, “And it’s not yours. It’s mine.”

He chuckled as his hand drifted to my neck where he gripped me firmly before shoving me down onto the desk. “Everything of yours is mine, Clara. When will you see? I am taking ownership of you. Now, lift your shirt so I can see everything that’s mine. I want those tits on display.”

His hands went to them immediately when I lifted it. He pinched my sensitive nipples, pulled at them how I liked. He knew my body better than I knew it myself, and I continued to indulge, continued to let him learn more and more because I couldn’t stop myself. Even if I had to remind us that we were limited on time with each other, I was taking every second of it with him that I could at this point. And I wanted him as lost to me as I was to him.

I worked my pussy, feeling my arousal everywhere on my legs, on his desk, on my hand. I moaned his name and let myself indulge in every sensation. My thighs trembled against his, and I watched how the head of his cock swelled, how his forearms tensed, the veins snaking around. He muttered swear after swear with his eyes locked onto my sex. When I was almost there, I grabbed his belt loops and commanded him this time, “Get us there together, Dominic.”

“Clara—” he warned. One of his hands was still at my throat and the other slowed the rhythm of pumping his cock.

I didn’t give him an out. “Please,” I begged. I wanted him lost with me at that moment. “I deserve it.”

His cock throbbed against my clit, and my body moved on its own accord, trying to get closer to him, trying to get him to slide in like he’d give me life, give me ecstasy. It was his turn to lose control, and when I looked into his eyes, they were wild. Gone was the man who didn’t indulge. Here, I saw how he wanted everything.

Dominic Hardy was a taker, vicious in his pursuit of conquering the world, and I wanted him to conquer me now.

“You want this?” he ground out as he squeezed my throat, his other hand moving his cock back and forth over me. Then his thumb brushed my clit, and I wiggled against him faster. I nodded. “Say it, baby. Own it.”

He let go a little on my neck. “I want you, Dominic. I’m on birth control and my tests are clear,” I whispered.

He smiled and leaned close. “Good, because nothing is going to be between us when I fuck you. Ever. You realize that, right?” His statement felt deep, too intimate for what we were doing. “Tell me again. Louder this time, little fighter. What do you want? Own. It.” His voice was full of force, ruthless in his pursuit to make even our fuck perfection.

“I want you to fuck me. I want it now.” I slammed my hand on his desk, frustrated that he didn’t just give me what I wanted.

He let go of my neck to run his thumb up my jaw. I gasped as he slid the head of his dick inside me. My pussy clenched immediately, feeling full already. “Jesus.” I closed my eyes. “You’re bigger than—”

“Big enough to fit you just right, baby. You scared I won’t fit?”

I nibbled at my bottom lip, not sure if I wanted to voice my concern.

He dipped down and licked my breast, bit my nipple, tugged it with his teeth. I whimpered, but my legs spread further as he pushed himself in another inch. “See how your body listens. You’re made just for me.”

For some reason, I wanted it to be true. Even if it was just for a few months. He thrust in and out of me, slow at first, like he was giving me time to adjust as his hands swept over my body, touching all the right places. My walls clenched around him, feeling him everywhere. He was hard, solid, thick, and pulsing just for me. Stretching me. Making everything just right.

He pulled out again, thrust in harder this time, and the pleasure was instant and all consuming. I felt myself shudder as I moaned loud, building toward destruction or salvation, I wasn’t sure which.

Either way, I wanted us to reach it together. I was vulnerable here, baring my soul like a woman who’d finally figured out she was confident enough to do so. And sex with him shouldn’t have been that. Dominic Hardy was becoming my safe place, and I knew that meant he would be my catastrophic disaster too. “I want you like this every time, Dominic,” I blurted out and held his gaze, trying to make it clear. “Show me it’s me you want.”

“I fucking want you spread on my desk every night. I want you screaming my goddamn name and no one else’s ever,” he growled as his cock pumped in me again, the sound of our skin colliding grew louder.

Believing him was ridiculous. A man would say anything after feeling good. Plus, Dominic’s mouth worked in a charming and filthy way. Even still, my legs looped around his backside and held him close for another minute.

I’d indulge in our fake fantasy for a minute longer.

Just another minute was all I wanted.

“Come on me then, Dominic. I want you in me, on me, all around me. Show me.”


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