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Between Love and Loathing: Chapter 20


Clara had unhinged something in me.

Unhinged and unleashed something too possessive and hungry to cage. And it was a deadly combination.

I’d felt it in the club, but here, in her little apartment she had no damn business living in, something in me snapped.

She didn’t take care of herself the way she should. She took care of everyone else, took in goddamn stray cats, said hi to creeps in the hallway, and didn’t complain about the fact that her apartment was barely habitable. The way her ceiling bowed wasn’t right and neither were the leaks in the corner. It didn’t take an engineer to see that.

I was going to rectify some things the next morning, that was fucking for sure. She wouldn’t be living here for another week, even if I had to drag her out. She was too selfless, but I was unbelievably selfish.

Fucking her tonight wouldn’t be good for either of us even though it’s all I wanted. I reminded myself of that over and over again as my hand worked her pussy. “You wanted my cock all night and yet you danced with and for other men for half of it.”

She smirked before she threw out, “Well, Noah is a good dancer.”

Goddamn. I loved to see the challenge in her eyes when she teased me, made me jealous, made me irrationally unstable for no other reason than to irritate me. Somehow, the woman I’d despised just a few weeks prior was the only one I wanted to be around now, the only one I wanted to stare at, listen to, fight with, and fuck.

“Is he good at eating your pussy, too, Clara?”

She frowned as I stopped for a second to see how far she wanted to push this game. “I …” She bit her lip. “He’s good, Dominic. Maybe the best I’ve had.”

So she wanted to fight and to infuriate me. “Careful, little fighter,” I said slowly and then stepped back, breaking off my touch with her. She gasped and then frowned as she tried to hide her rapid breathing. I stared at her. “You don’t want to regret how far you push me tonight.”

She narrowed her eyes and put her hands on the curve of her hips, standing there in lace lingerie, hot as hell. “I think if I’m going to go that far, I might as well go all the way.” Her breath was shaky as she breathed in and out, but still she said the next words slow and clear, so I heard every single one. “He’s given me some of the best orgasms of my life. And I’m not sure anyone will live up to the way he licked me here.” She pointed to her sex.

My whole body shook with her statement, vibrating with a jealousy I wasn’t at all used to. I growled at her boldness, whipped the tie from my neck, and took one step toward her.

“Dominic, okay, actually I was just—”

“You were just what?” I grabbed both of her wrists, and she didn’t fight me at all. I didn’t want her tied up but I did want her blindfolded and at my mercy. I wrapped the fabric around her eyes.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“You think a guy gave you what you wanted, but I bet you’ve never listened to your body properly. I bet you never asked for what you needed.” Clara’s body was already reacting to not seeing and just feeling my touch, my breath on her lips, my body close to hers. Her skin had goose bumps, she was biting her bottom lip, and her sex was dripping through her lingerie.

I walked in front of her, grabbed her thong, and ripped it off fast. She gasped but I wasn’t saying sorry. “Your pussy bare in front of me looks good, Clara.”

I dragged the piece of fabric up her stomach and then roughly over her cleavage before it got to her face. “You smell yourself, baby? How aroused you are?”

She whimpered and said, “please” before I threw the fabric onto the ground and grabbed her thighs to yank her up. Wrapping them both around my head, she scrambled to catch herself. Her fingers threaded through my hair as I licked at her clit fast, wanting to bombard her with the right sensations, wanting her to scream for me and for only me. I turned and walked us over to the bed where I lowered us down, the iron of her headboard clattering against the wall.

“Oh my God. Dominic, hold on. That’s going to be too loud for the—”

I sucked her clit hard and saw her immediately reach above her to grab hold of the bars. I chuckled as I squeezed her ass and then murmured, “Oh you’re going to be loud. Hold that headboard and ride my face, little fighter. I want that iron banging into the wall. Your neighbors are going to know this is the only boyfriend that makes you come like this.”

“I don’t think—”

I smacked the side of her ass. “Don’t think.”

Then, I licked her pussy slow, tasting everything I wanted. She moaned loud and arched off the bed.

“Say what you want, Clara.”

She shook her head and so I licked her even slower, softer this time and only rolled my thumb over her clit once.

“Dominic, please.”

“Please what?” I murmured, “Tell me exactly what you want.”

When she didn’t, I licked and then blew on her clit instead of pinching it and she gasped, wanting to give her the sensation of going from hot to cold instantly.

“I need you, Dominic. Please.”

“Need me to what?”

“Give me an orgasm, asshole. And lick me the right way. Now.”

“That’s it. That’s a good girl, finally telling me what she needs.” I descended on her pussy, sucking on her clit first and then sliding my tongue between her lips to taste her. I took my time, savored her flavor.

When her body started to tremble as she whimpered, I grabbed her ass and flipped her over so that she was straddling me. Then, I said, “You feel how your thighs are shaking for me, baby, how your pussy is dripping down your leg?”

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Focus on what your body wants, on your own pleasure.” I slid a finger in as I looked up at her and watched her arch as her pussy clenched around me. “What do you want, baby? You want to ride?”

She nodded again, her hips rolling over my hand before I slid my finger out. “Then, ride, baby. Hold the headboard tight and ride my face like you want to.”

She ground her hips down and moaned my name over and over, letting me taste how sweet she was as she started to buck over my tongue. Clara needed me to eat her out as much as I wanted to. But I felt how her thighs clenched and knew she was holding back just a bit probably to try and keep her vulnerability or her heart.

I was taking it all from her.

I smacked her ass hard and then gripped her waist. “If you don’t sit all the way down on my face, I’m going to bring you to the brink all night without making you come. Let go, and fuck my mouth like a good girl, baby. Don’t make me tell you twice.”

“Please, just shut up, Dominic.” Her hands were white-knuckling the iron headboard this time when she dropped onto my face, her arousal ran down the side of my jaw as I worked my tongue around her clit and then into her sex, thrusting it in and out, in and out, as she gyrated harder and harder.

The headboard knocked into the wall louder and louder as she screamed my name. Her tits bounced in that lace bra, and her nipples puckered as her whole body tightened on the edge of orgasm. This is how I wanted Clara. I ripped the blindfold from her so I could see her eyes. They burned bright as she watched me sucking on the most sensitive part of her, her skin glistening from the electricity that vibrated between us, and her lips swollen from biting them to keep from screaming. When I curled my tongue in her, that raspy voice of hers belted out my name again, and it was music to my ears, better than winning a fucking award, better than getting a damn resort built, better than most everything I’d done.

Watching Clara unravel on top of me as her pussy clenched hard around my tongue shifted my world. Fake boyfriend or not, I’d make sure she’d forget every man she ever had before me.


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