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Between Commitment and Betrayal: Chapter 16


I COULDN’T STOP PRAISING her, couldn’t get a grip on myself tumbling off the cliff into wanting her for myself. Her body flushed against mine, her pussy wept for me, and the whimpers spilled from her lips like I was torturing her with pleasure.

When she screamed my name, I almost lost it.

“Good girl … good fucking girl. So good. See how you ride out that orgasm like you can’t live without it,” I breathed out, lips against her ear, and she bit her lip. I rubbed a hand over her breast, across her pebbled nipple, to watch how her skin quivered. “Look in that mirror. My wife looks beautiful after I play with her pussy, doesn’t she?”

I didn’t give her time to answer. I turned her around toward me, the bar above her twisting with her wrists restrained to it. I gripped the fabric over ass with each of my hands and yanked her against me.

“Careful, Declan,” she panted. “These are my only expensive ones.”

Didn’t she realize I was past being careful? That we’d stepped into dangerous territory a long time ago. I gripped them tighter as I descended on her mouth, devoured those lips, took what I’d wanted since the moment I’d seen her that morning. She met my tongue with as much vigor as I gave.

My hands let go to dive into the fabric and grab her ass, but as I did, I realized the one thing most men must have that day—there was nothing underneath her pants. “Fuck,” I groaned. “Are you trying to drive me insane, Drop? How are you not wearing anything under this to work?”

“Declan, panty lines with yoga pants are—”

I was done. Done with her in these pants, with thinking about Wes’s eyes on her—any guy’s eyes—when she bent over. I gripped the fabric this time and shredded it at the seam.

She gasped out my name.

I wouldn’t apologize other than to kneel down and pull them off her as I dragged my nose across her pussy. “You smell like you wanted your yoga pants off anyway. Or maybe it’s because that fabric was paper thin.”

“They’re supposed to be that way to contour to my body and be breathable, Declan. You ruined them!”

“Good. Don’t wear anything like it again.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Are you going to try to pick my clothes out for me?”

I caught the hitch in her voice as she asked it. Everly enjoyed someone else thinking for her even if she wouldn’t admit it.

“If I need to, I will. Monday’s red, right? This is a partnership, after all. I can’t have you distracting me all day.”

“Not happening,” she breathed out, then whimpered as I rubbed my hand into her slit.

“Do you make the rules here?” She knew better. I’d smacked her ass for that very reason last time. “Or is it that you want me to punish you tonight too, Drop?”

As I slid one finger in her, I felt how she clenched around me at my words, and I took the opportunity of her gasping at the feeling to slap her ass before gripping her to pull her close enough to my mouth that I could suck on that sensitive clit of hers.

Her hands yanked at the restraints immediately, and she screamed my name again. I pulled one of her thighs up around me and added one more finger for her to ride. I took a moment to pull back and take her in as I told her, “I’m about to have my tongue in your pussy, Drop. I want your legs around me, riding my face, understand?”

“Untie me. I want to touch you, Declan. Please.”

“Love when you beg, baby.” I worked her pussy faster and brushed my thumb over her clit. “It won’t get you what you want, but I still have to tell you.”

She practically started to cry. “Please, please, please.”

“Remember the last time I ate that pussy, Everly?”

She bit her lip and nodded vigorously. “On the hood of your car? I do, and I love running my hands through your hair, Declan.”

I hummed. “You like to rush me, Drop. You don’t need control now though. I know how to eat your pussy without your assistance and guidance. I set the pace, and you take it like the good girl you are, right?”

Everly wanted to be ten steps ahead since she was meticulous and a creature of habit, but she wasn’t going to be that here. She was going to give up control, feel the spontaneity of the moment, and trust me to give her the best fuck of her life.

“Please, just hurry,” she begged.

“We’re going to go nice and slow.” One lick of my tongue had her shivering as her legs wrapped around me tight. Her hanging there, tits out and ass available to grab as I devoured her sex in my gym: it was a new type of sanctuary. I’d found a new religion, a new mantra.

Everly Belafonte, my raindrop, restrained in gym equipment. I’d kneel and praise her any way I knew how.

I lapped at her core leisurely, trying to memorize every hitch in her breath, every purr from her mouth, and every time her legs tightened like I’d done something just right. I kneaded her ass and grazed the hole at her backside. “I think I’m going to want to own and control every part of you, babe.”

“Not possible,” she whispered out, but Everly and I were finding a way to work together and it made me believe we probably got along better than either of us originally thought.

I knew my tongue liked the taste of her pussy, that my eyes couldn’t look away from her, and my damn ears liked the sound of her whimpering as she rode my face. As I sucked on her clit, I knew she was close, so close. I registered the weights holding her immobile clatter as she yanked at her restraints.

“Be good, Everly. Come for me loud now. I want to hear the echoes of you through my gym tomorrow.”

The coiling of a woman’s body, the way their muscles writhed to seek every second of their orgasm was always ravishing. Yet, Everly was the beauty of a gathering storm over the ocean, so quiet and composed until the lightning struck and you saw the clouds and the rain and the waves of emotion creating brilliance. Seeing what I caused in her, the lightning over what I thought was a calm sea, it made me feel godlike.

As she curled over my head, I stood to loosen the restraints, keeping her legs still around my neck, holding my woman against me as I untied the elastic.

My woman. Just mine.

Her hands immediately went to my hair, her stomach against my face, her body clutching mine like she trusted me to take care of her during her aftershocks.

My hands roved over her back before I laid her down on the bench press and dragged my hands up her arms so I could pull away and look at her there. “I don’t think I’ll ever look at my gym the same.”

“Of course you will. This is your gym. I’m sure you’ve done all this before.” One side of her mouth lifted like she didn’t mind if I’d been with other women here.

“You worked in a gym most of your life, Everly. You telling me you’ve fucked around in one too?” I stood over her and undid my trousers, knowing I couldn’t wait much longer for her when she was spread across the bench like this, her wavy hair falling from each side, her tits perky and on display as my gaze dragged over them. I saw how her breath hitched, like she was as sensitive to my eyes on her as she was to my touch.

“No. I wouldn’t,” she pointed out, sitting up on the bench and crossing her arms. “You would though.”

“We’re so different, huh?” I cocked one brow at her, wondering what she really thought.

“Of course. You’re driven, you got into the NFL. And to actually play for a team going to the Super Bowl … That’s like a one-in-a-million shot, right?”

I shrugged, my hand sliding into my briefs to pull my cock out as I answered, “So?”

“So, I’m a grad school dropout. And I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m always at the guesthouse—”

“Your house,” I corrected, pumping once and her eyes skirted over my body. I saw how color flushed her cheeks, how her breathing increased, and she licked those lips.

“Yes, okay. Well, I’m home every night. I work, I keep to myself. I don’t like change or losing control.”

“You love losing it with me. I’ll teach you how much you can love letting go with me, baby.” I walked up to her, grabbed her wrist, and murmured, “Do as I say, and take my cock, Drop.”

Her fingers instantly wrapped around it, her thumb brushing over my piercing. She leaned forward a little and, with her lips so close to the metal, I felt how her breath cooled it. “Did it hurt to get that?”

“In comparison to the amount of pleasure it’s about to bring? No.”

She smiled. “So you’re cocky with your cock then?”

Hearing filth in her mouth made me want to fill it. “Drop, you know better than to question the man who controls you. Now, open your mouth.”

She visibly gulped. “I can’t take all of you.”

I threaded my hands through her hair until I got a good hold. Then I squeezed the curls in my fist, gripping her hard enough that I was able to yank her forward, put her lips on the tip of me, and then ground out, “I decide now what you can and can’t take. Open, Everly.”

Her hips rocked forward on the bench as she did as she was told. Submitting was her kink and telling her what to do was mine. Everly thought she liked control and hated change, but I was about to turn that upside down.

I moved my cock in and out of her mouth, her saliva coating me just enough that I could slide to the back of her throat. She purred liked she loved it, her hands on my ass pulling me forward.

She was too eager, too hurried, and maybe she was right, I was too big for her just yet. When she gagged, tears formed over the midnight blue of her eyes, but my dick loved seeing her there, and I couldn’t stop it from hardening further, thickening in anticipation of fucking her.

I pulled her hair and stepped back, stopping her from rolling her tongue over me again.

“Turn around and get on your knees,” I commanded.

“But I want to finish you—”

“Everly, for the love of God, get on your knees and bend over the bench.”

“You may not look at the gym the same, but I know I’ll never look at this bench the same again,” she smirked.

Her words, although playful, stirred something in me. I’d seen men all over her today, how they flirted with her, how they spotted her, how they wanted her. “I’m going to fuck you here while you stare at all these weights, baby. I’m going to help spot you through a workout of our own so you know how it feels to have me spot you instead of another man.”

“What?” she murmured as she did what I said. I knelt down behind her and pressed her down so her stomach was on the leather of the bench, her ass out for me to adore.

“You want other men here with you throughout the day, helping you lift while I sit up in the damn office having to watch? Every time you bend over, they’re picturing fucking you. You lay on this bench, they want to lay on top of you. Downward dog and they’re imagining grabbing your hips.”

“Declan, it’s my job,” she whimpered as I stroked her pussy again, losing myself in the jealousy of the day.

I smacked her ass once. “And my job is to remind you that I own this gym, that I see everything in it, and that I know when men are eyeing up my wife.”

“It’s supposed to be fine if they eye me up, this is a marriage of convenience—”

Another smack. “It’s not convenient to watch men stare at your ass when all I want to do is redden it, Drop. It’s not convenient to picture fucking you on the bench press all day either. Yet, here we are.” I pushed her chest further onto the bench, then grabbed her hair to pull her close as I leaned in. “Is this convenient for you?” I wanted her composure gone again, her reasoning out the window.

“We’ll get through it,” she murmured, and her logic drove me insane.

I growled as I flipped her around so her back laid on the bench. Then I yanked her hips close so her pussy was right on my dick, dripping on me. I rubbed my thumb over her clit, and she shook her head. “I can’t again, Declan.”

Didn’t she realize I was learning her limits here? That I was going to be the one to make the rules, tell her what boundaries she could cross, and what ones she couldn’t. She was going to learn to let go of that control from now on. I was taking over. “I know your safe word, and you haven’t used it. That means I tell you the line, baby. You’ll take another orgasm. And you’ll enjoy it.”

I slid two fingers inside her, and she arched as she screamed and clawed at my wrist. That’s what I wanted. Her not knowing whether she was fighting for it or against it at this point.

“Say my name when you come, Everly.”

She did. She cried it over and over.

I only gave her a second before I filled her in one fast thrust. I needed her pussy to consume me then, to fit tightly over me with those soft walls and squeeze me like she didn’t want to let me go.

I needed her to want me just as much as I wanted her.

I hadn’t wanted anything so bad in a long damn time. It made her dangerous and a challenge, but that made her mine all the same. I’d never backed away from that.

Even if I wasn’t sure how to keep her yet.

Two months were already gone from us committing.

I realized I wasn’t counting down until the end anymore.


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